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Stainless Steele - Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels

Stainless Steele Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels
Stainless Steele - Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels
(CD) StainlesS musiC, 2008-07-29

Stainless Steele Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels
Stainless Steele - Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels
(CD) StainlesS musiC, 2008-07-29

Tracklisting :
01. Opening The Treasure Chest
02. The Jewel Of The S
03. Violins and Satellites
05. Deep Sea Creatures
06. Raspberry Sucka Punch
07. Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels
08. Tom and Jerry
09. Neverhome Drops A Jewel
10. Campfire Stories
11. Purple Midnight Soundscape
12. Silver Spider Orchid
13. Glow In The Dark Planets
14. Future Frost
15. The Prezident Of Oz
16. Cowgirl Freestyle
17. Helixir2 Ft The Navigators
18. Drunk Bird Watching (Songs In My Head)
19. New World Outro

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Press Release :
I'm Hearing Colors and Seeing Sounds. Hip - Hop, Psychedelic, Electronica. 90's Golden Era Hip-Hop meets Bjork, Raw lyrics, Keyboards and Boom Bap. The Fresh Bug Out Hybrid.

I started writing verses when school had recess and I was rockin Punky Brewster Converse All-Stars. Started making tracks with classmate Ben Gray (Who’s is now Garfunkle) we called ourselves The Navigators (inspired by the movie The Flight of the Navigator). We did the pass the mic, one take recording sessions in mom and dad’s basement on the tape deck. I started working with a drum machine and keyboard around this time too. This was Hip Hop’s Golden Era (as far as I’m concerned) like ‘93-’94. Nas Illmatic dropped and Common Resurrection. Kept writing all through High School. Hook up with local DJ, Image. Image had the ill MPC beats and was crazy nice with the cuts. We started working on an LP around 2000. Finished the LP 2003, Mind State of the Art. Collaborated with Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood on the track “Salt Water” (also released on Illy B Eats ‘Drop the Needle’ Amulet Records) and Cee Knowledge of the Digable Planets. It’s 2008 and I’m still writing verses making beats (MPC2000) and working with keyboards with DJ Image. We’ve recorded an experimental electronic jazz project with long time friend Garfunkle under the title HeadPiece and also have a lot of different projects currently in the works coming from all angles. This album Chester Copperpot Dropping Jewels is my solo effort completely written and produced by Stainless Steele, excpet for one track by Mensa El. The album encompasses a range of sound but is rooted in the Boom Bap Hip - Hop with a lot of spaced out keyboard sounds, scratches and raw lyrics, this is over three years of hard work, I’m Hearing Colors and Seeing Sounds Don’t Sleep!!


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