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Speech Defect - Happy Hunting

Speech Defect Happy Hunting
Speech Defect - Happy Hunting
(CD) No Cool Music NCMCD003, 2009-02-12

This fan-tas-tic Hip Hop album was released earlier this year... alas not in France! One may wonder why, cos' it's even better than their previous classic Come For Da Funeral!! Tracks like What U Got, Ice Cream Truck, Happy Hunting feat. the Pharcyde, I Want Horror or Ghostin' would please all the funky b-boys, if played on the radio or released on a glorious 12 inch... So don't stop yourself at the stupid-ish cover artwork and grab a copy of this CD, you might not see it again in a long time.
"Speech Defect's 3rd album released in 2009 (European press with 17 tracks). Featuring artists like The Pharcyde, Kissey Asplund and Jid Sames. Singles from the album are Ice Cream Truck and What U Got. Happy Hunting to the people,, now!" -

Speech Defect Happy Hunting
Speech Defect - Happy Hunting
(Japan CD) File Records FRCD-188(IND), 2009-02-12

Tracklisting :
01. Intro
02. Bad vs. Evil
03. Alligator Suede
04. What U Got
05. Ice Cream Truck
06. Happy Hunting feat. The Pharcyde
07. Fast & Wobbly
08. Time's Up (skit)
09. No Bass! No Way!
10. Away With Words
11. I Want Horror! feat. Jid Sames
12. Move Ta Dis feat. Kissey Asplund
13. Ghostin'
14. Rubberband
15. Boom Stuff (skit)
16. No Bears In Heaven (Happy Hunting Remix)


Press Release :
Did all that shit really happen? Naw, it was all just a bad tequila dream, right? Yes, a dream. And I must have bit my tongue in my sleep too, cause I have that metallic taste of blood in my throat. Still, this dream was different. What the fuck happened last night?

It’s still dark outside. Laying on the couch by the open fire, eating what I think is a wild bore steak that miracously turned up on the kitchen table, neatly put on the very top of a massive mountain of…. meat (reminding me of a Christmas tree) – I’m kinda trying to avoid thinking of anything at all. My brain says that I don’t have the killing stuff in me, but my mind says that we are all going to jail. Maybe even to hell. Now it’s all coming back to me. We killed some shit out there and enjoyed ourselves more that ever. I glance out to the recording studio where somebody has put a bullet through the computer’s hard drive. And written ”Happy Hunting” in cold blood on the wall.

Happy Hunting?

The most fucked up thing though is that I don’t even want answers. I just want more sleep. And blood. Mostly more blood.


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