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Special vinyles NINJA TUNE & BIG DADA at Superfly Records

Ninja Tune Big Dada Vinyls

En parallèle de nos selections Rare Groove dans tous les sens du terme, et de nouveautés sur quelques références et labels triés sur le volet, Superfly Records vous concocte aussi quelques Specials sur des thématiques récentes, avec cette semaine un focus sur les labels anglais Ninja Tune et Big Dada (plutôt Hip Hop, Electronic, Jazz), en commençant par le format vinyle, avec une centaine d'albums, maxis et 45t...

Déjà ajouté dans les bacs :
- special Warp Records (Electronic, Sheffield, UK)
- special Speech Defect (funky hip hop de Suède!)
- special Royal Potato Family (parmi le meilleur du jazz américains actuel et pourtant uniquement des artistes des inconnus en France)
- special Soundway (dont le nouveau coffret 5 vinyles Ghana Special!)

A venir prochainement :
- special Mo' Wax (label culte de trip hop 90s)
- special Jazz & Milk (jazzbreaks d'Allemagne actuels)
- special Stones Throw (une sélection de quelques raretés Hip Hop)
- special Unique (toutes les dernières sorties du label funk/soul/afro Allemand)
- special Kindred Spirits (spiritual jazz - le nouvel Build An Ark est superbe!)
- special Heavenly Sweetness (LE label jazz Français actuel!)
- special Cast-A-Blast (grooves de Grèce!!)
- special Tramp (nouveautés et rééditions funk/jazz du label de Tobias Kirmayer / Allemagne)
- et puis aussi Mind Service (le label de Doctor L et Manu Boubli), T.I.M.E.C. (le label de Djouls et Grant Phabao), Em Records... et bien d'autres - restez connectés!!

La liste des vinyles ajoutés dans le magasin à Paris :

Alpha Prhyme - Misanthropic (12"/Big Dada) 6€
1997 Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ/Plug) production

Amon Tobin - Mission (12"/Ninja Tune) 12€
3rd EP from 2007 on Ninja Tune from the James Bond of the jungle generation!

Amon Tobin - Slowly (10"/Ninja Tune) 10€
A single from Supermodified, with a mostly-exclusive B-side feat. Chris Morris, 'Bad Sex'

Animals On Wheels (Andrew Coleman) - Nuvol I Cadira (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 12€
Un ovni jungle/ambient!

Asylum - Gemini Twins (12"/Big Dada) 6€
1997 Luke Vibert (Wagon Christ/Plug) production

Bangers And Cash (Spank Rock & Benny Blanco) - B-O-O-T-A-Y (12"/Downtown) 10€
Featuring Santogold, Black Betty - Philly/Baltimore booty rhymer Spank Rock's teamed with producer Benny Bianco to do some potty-mouthed 2 Live Crew homaging as Bangers & Cash

Bangers And Cash (Spank Rock & Benny Blanco) - Shake That (12"/Downtown) 10€
Hypersexual lyrical content based on 2 Live Crew samples

Bauchlang - Rhythm of Time (12"/Klein) 6€
Feat. DJ Vadim & I-Wolf (Sofa Surfers) remixes

Bogus Order (Coldcut) - Da Sound Of Zen (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
First release ever on Ninja Tune (ZEN1201)!!

Bogus Order (Coldcut) - Return Of Brother Zen (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
2nd Ep from Coldcut on their own Ninja Tune imprint

Chris Bowden - Mothers and Daughters Now Mothers (12"/Soul Jazz) 8€
Second single from 1996 from the member of the Big Cheese All Stars, and the Herbaliser Band - Abstract, Downtempo, Contemporary Jazz - Numbered, Seam split on top

Chris Bowden / Sand / Yossarian / Karamasov - Satellite Quartet (2x12"/Satellite) 8€
"Two seperate 12"" records in special plastic sleeve."

Chris Bowden with 4-Hero - Hero / Lullaby (12"/Satellite) 6€
Chris Bowden was a member of the Big Cheese All Stars, and the Herbaliser Band. This 1997 release was limited to 650 copies.

cLOUDDEAD - The Peel Session (12"/Big Dada) 15€
Doseone, Why? And Odd Nosdam, over a weekend at Doseone's apartment in the Bay and with help from many of their fellow Anticon brethren (particularly Jel), pieced together their session - a miniature epic full of Pythonesque screaming, Blair Witch interludes, bicycles with cardboard syncopating the spokes, electro-nonsense etc

Coldcut - Cold-Cut-Outs (LP / A Momemt Of Our Time) 12€
Incl. 'Say Kids (What Time Is It?)' - boot release due to the amount of samples included - in the vein of M/A/R/S/S of KLF…

Coldcut - Let Us Play (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 20€
4th album from Coldcut and the first on Ninja tune - pushing forward every aspect of breakbeat

Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
1997 breakbeat, downtempo, jungle track from Coldcut, Incl. Q-Bert remix

Coldcut - Revolution (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
2001 politically charged EP from Ninja Tune's founders

Coldcut - Sound Mirrors (CD / Ninja Tune) 12€
Limited, individually numbered promo with different track order. Tracks 4 & 11 are spelled differently from the official release. Housed in seven-inch size cardboard sleeve with a silhoutte image of Jonathan Moore and Matt Black carved out on the front side. The CD is attached to a separate inlay.

Cujo - Adventures In Foam (2LP / Ninja Tune) 20€
Drum & bass & classic old skool jazz breaks in the unmistakeable Amon Tobin style - reissue of his first recordings from 1996 on Ninebar Records

Cybophonia - Azona Pop (12"/Irma) 8€
With 9 Lazy 9 (Ninja Tune) remix

Daedelus - Invention (LP / Plug Research) 20€
Accessible and fun electronic music album. Daedelus is one of the most creative samplers since DJ Shadow - something of a genius at taking old recordings and finding fascinating ways to put them together

Daedelus - The Household EP (12"/Eastern Developments) 15€
Folk, breakbeat, pop, hip hop, samples and fun uniquely produced on this rare EP on Prefuse 73's label

Diplodocus (Diplo) - Epistemology Suite (12"/Big Dada) 8€
5-track instrumental hip hop EP from 2003 from Diplo, released before his first and classic album 'Florida'. DJ Shadow-influenced b ut more melodic.

DJ Food - A Recipe For Disaster (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 14€
Coldcut spiced up with PC and Strictly Kev!

DJ Food - Jazz Brakes Volume 4 (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 14€
An alias for Coldcut doing stripped-down breaks records designed for deck use

DJ Food - Kaleidoscope (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 14€
Downtempo, breakbeat and soundtrack jazz by Strictly Kev & PC

DJ Food - Quadraplex EP (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Follow-up EP to 'Kaleidoscope', dark and powerful jazz-infused electronica

DJ Food & DK - Solid Steel Presents (12"/Ninja Tune) 15€
Solid Steel theme promotional tool - Sampler EP for release ZENCD 55

DJ Kentaro - Free (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Feat. Spank Rock! Low-slung funk classic from the MDC champion from Japan. Giant handclaps, lascivious bass, backing vox, it's all there + XXXchange heavy remix!

DJ Kentaro - Trust (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Japanese turnatable legend DJ Kentaro returns with a pair of remixes by Le Jad & Qemists, re-establishing his impeccable drum'n'bass credentials

DJ Vadim - Friction / Raps Don't Grow On Trees (12"/Ninja Tune) 12€
Rare 1999 EP from the famous Russian DJ, feat. Iriscience (Dilated Peoples), Task Force, Primecuts & Mr. Thing (Scratch Perverts)

DJ Vadim - It's Obvious (12"/Ninja Tune) 25€
Rare EP from 1999, feat. Blu Rum 13 & Moshun Man - This record was made famous by DJ CRAZE using it in his 1st DMC world championship victory. The track he used is the''TERRORIST' (instrumental version).

DJ Vadim - USSR Reconstruction (Theories Explained) (2LP / Ninja Tune) 20€
First part, inclus. DJ Krush, The Prunes, Herbaliser and Kid Koala remixes!!

DJ Vadim - Your Revolution (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
9 tracks EP - Sarah Jones is killing it, ranting on Hip Hop culture on 'Your Revolution'!

Drome (Burnt Friedman) - Hypnoblank (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Abstract ambient techno - Single from the album 'The Final Corporate Remix Of The Unconscious'

Drome (Burnt Friedman) - Party In The Woods (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Downtempo electronics - first EP from 1994 on Ninja Tune

Drome (Burnt Friedman) - The Final Corporate Colonization of the Unconscious (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 25€
Downtempo/Ambient stuff from Burnt Friedman way back in 1994 on Ninja Tune under the 'Drome' moniker

DSP (Dynamic Syncopation) - Trife-A-Saurus Rex (12"/Dynamic Syncopation Productions) 10€
The Dynamic Syncopation crew trade punchline battle rhymes with Apathy, part of New York's illest crew the Demigodz - limited to 150 copies only!

Dynamic Syncopation - Dedicated / The Plan (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Feat. Mass Influence & Juice Aleem - incl. Ollie Teeba from The Herbaliser remix

Dynamic Syncopation - Ground Zero (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Second single from 1999 - mix of 'true-school' hip-hop & heavy instrumental beats

East Flatbush Project - Tried By 12 (2x12"/Ninja Tune) 12€
Classic hip hop track with 12 remixes including DJ Craze, Squarepusher, Autechre, Herbaliser, Funkstorung

Fog - Loss Leader (10"/Lex) 6€
Delicate mix of skewed acoustic songs and clever production, check the b-side, a killer continuation of the album with '10th Avenue Freakout Pt. 2' and a gorgeous electronic instrumental 'Shdws/Scrns'.

Fog - Pneumonia (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Amazingly unique pop/hip hop hybrid music - incl. Coldcut's Uptight Duck Mix

Fog - Same (LP / Ninja Tune) 15€
Classy downbeat and uplifting album, as influenced by post-rock, folk and blues as much as hip hop!!

Fog - What A Day Day (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Leftfield rock/hip hop/electro single from the 'Ether Teeth' album, with a remix from Why? of Oakland-based Anticon collective - amazing contemporary music!!

Frank Chickens - We Are Ninja (Not Geisha) (12"/Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier) 6€
"Versions of the track produced by Fink, Yasuharu Konishi and Neotropic amongst others appeared on a Ninja Tune 12"" in 2000"

Funki Porcini - Rockit Soul (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Sweet jazz, dubbed-out breaks and fluid horns

Funki Porcini - Suck Acid, Pearl and Dean / Hyde Park (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Combination of Downtempo, Breakbeat and Jazz, with elements of Hip hop, Drum and bass, sampling and time-stretched vocals.

Funki Porcini - The Great Drive By (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Cinematic smooth ride - Remixes come from Bent, Flying Fish and Funki himself

Funki Porcini - vs Jerry Van Rooyen (12"/Crippled Dick Hot Wax) 6€
Remixes of Jerry Van Rooyen by Funki Porcini

Gamma - Black Atlantian (12"/Big Dada) 6€
Original, intelligent, straight up hip hop sounds from the UK, Gamma is three vocalists with three distinctive styles and flows: Juice Aleem, Blackitude, Lord Redeem

Hexstatic - Ninja Tune (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Cut-up of films and TV sound-effects, 'Ninja Tune' is fun & funky hip hop, 'The Horn' funky porn-jazz, 'Auto' shows off crashing beats combined with a big bend in the road bass line to make the perfect driving tune

Hexstatic - Rewind (2LP / Ninja Tune) 20€
Instrumental hip hop breakbeat dub and electro - between London Funk Allstars and Kid Koala - a stormer if you take the time to listen to it!

Hexstatic - Telemetron (10"/Ninja Tune) 12€
Rare 10 inch on a clear vinyl!

Hexstatic - Vector (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Growling robotic b-lines, exquisite synth-strings, vocoded vocals and warped arcade effects dance a digitised tribal war dance on top of crisp breakbeats - Seam split on top

Hextstatic feat. Juice Aleem - Distorted Minds (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Incl. Zero dB remix & instrumental remix

Infinite Livez - Sumfink 4 Nafink (12"/Big Dada) 6€
The one man wrecking crew returns to the fray with this grand perversion of the traditional hip hop boast tune. Over a low-slung, squelching beat from the man Blufoot, Mr Livez drops the kind of rhymes that could get you a bad reputation.

Jaga Jazzist - A Livingroom Hush (LP / ) 20€
Great album in the same vein as Tortoise (but from Norway). Really solid jazz on top of interesting electronic textures.

Jaga Jazzist - Day / Another Day (12"/Smalltown Supersound) 8€
Includes Herbert remix

John Arnold - Inside / Cabin Fever (12"/Ubiquity) 6€
With Mr Scruff (Ninja Tune) remix

Loka - Beginningless (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Loka is one third of psychedelic banc Super Numeri, best band on the label!

Lotek Hi-Fi - What You See / I Can't Believe (12"/Big Dada) 6€
White label / Promo, scratches by Deejay A La Fu

Mr Scruff - Keep It Unreal (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 20€
Second album of cheeky breakbeat noodlings from Mr Scruff - incl. 'Get A Move On'

Mr Scruff - Mrs Cruff (2LP / Pleasure) 20€
Mr Scruff's first album on Pleasure Records in 1997 is a compilation of his first Eps on Rob's Records - incl. Nightmares on Wax remix

Mr Scruff - Sweetsmoke Remixes (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Ashley Beedle & Manitoba remixes

New Flesh - Understanding (2LP / Big Dada) 12€
This is a state-of-the-art beatmaking 'no loop' hip hop album, with guest appearances from Roots Manuva, Beans (Anti-Pop Consortium), Gift of Gab (Blackalicious), Ramm:Ell:Zee, Gwen Esty, Robotic E.B.U. (Gamma) and Ty.

New Flesh For Old - Equilibrium (2LP / Big Dada) 12€
Abstract hardcore hip hop and free-jazz decknology, with production by Part 2 and featuring the sheer rhythmic invention and abstracted wordplay of Juice Aleem. A dark, brooding, almost violent affair.

New Flesh For Old - Eye Of The Hurricane (12"/Big Dada) 6€
Includes Divine Styler (Mo' Wax) Remix

Pop Levi - The Return To Form Black Magick Party (CD / Ninja Tune) 10€
"Promo only - Comes in a 7"" cardboard sleeve"

T-Love - Witch-Bitch? (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Underground hip hop legend and one the finest female MCs

The Cinematic Orchestra - All That You Give (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Superb - feat. Fontella Bass!! With Herbert remixes!!! Seam split on top

The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite (12"/Ninja Tune) 15€
Rare EP from 1999, incl. Hefner remix - Seam split on top

The Cinematic Orchestra - Diabolus EP (12"/Form & Function) 10€
The first release before signing to Ninja Tune

The Cinematic Orchestra - Remixes 98-2000 (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 20€
Includes remixes for Faze action, DJ Krust, Nils Petter Molvaer, Piero Umiliani…

The Herbaliser - Something Wicked This Way Comes (12"/Ninja Tune) 10€
Incl. superb Bossa remix!

The Irresistible Force - It's Tomorrow Already (2xLP / Ninja Tune) 20€
Uplifting ambient breakbeat jungle record from 1998 by Mixmaster Morris

The Qemists - Stompbox (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Heavy rock meets drum'n'bass for dancefloor action!

TTC - Ceci n'est pas un Disque (2LP / Big Dada) 20€
Fresh hip hop from France. The beats and crazed vocal deliveries make it a unique and unmissable listening experience.

TTC - Danser EP (12"/Big Dada) 12€
includes the hit '(Je N'Arrive Pas A) Danser' - Artwork by Kid Acne

TTC - Leguman / Subway (12"/Big Dada) 10€
Incl. Instrumental & Acapella for both sides - Artwork By Kid Acne, produced by Mr. Flash, rap by Tékilatex, scratches by Orgasmic

Ty - Awkward (2xLP / Big Dada) 20€
Drawing from classic soul, funk, jazz-vibe and afro-beat, with echos of Pete Rock, De La Soul, Gangstarr's Guru or EPMD. Expect easy flowing R&B and London-centric humour.

Ty - Don't Watch That / What You Want? (12"/Big Dada) 6€
Rare promo EP, includes the acapella used by Grant Phabao for his reggae remix offered on Paris DJs

Ty - Upwards (2xLP / Big Dada) 15€
Modern day UK hip hop classic. Includes 'Groovement' and 'Wait A Minute'.

Ty - We Don't Care (12"/Big Dada) 6€
London MC, poet, dancer and musical maestro Ty's standout track from Big Dada's critically-acclaimed compilation 'Extra Yard' (2002). Over an utterly devastating, squelching funk beat, Ty lays it out straight to all the doubters, wannabes, wankers and doublethinkers.

Up Bustle & Out - Aqui No Ma ! (12"/Ninja Tune) 12€
Rare EP on Ninja Tune

Various - Freezone Seven (2LP / SSR/Crammed) 20€
With exclusive tracks from Kid Koala, Bigga Bush, Detroit Escalator Co., Burnt Friedman…

Various - Ninjalogical - All City (7"/Ninja Tune) 6€
4 track EP, incl. Up Bustle & Out, Coldcut, funki Porcini & DJ Food!

Various - You Don't Know - Ninja Cuts Sampler (12"/Ninja Tune) 8€
Limited 180g vinyl, includes Ghislain Poirier, TTC, Kid Koala, Coldcut, The Death Set, The Cinematic Orchestra!

Zero dB - A Pomba Girou (12"/Ninja Tune) 6€
Rare promo EP - a punishing Braziliano-dub dancefloor filler!


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