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Slakah The Beatchild - Something Forever (special edition) - out on BBE

Slakah The Beatchild Something Forever
Slakah The Beatchild - Something Forever (special edition)
(CD/Digital Single) Barely Breaking Even BBE108, 2011-02-28

This is the Special Edition CD of Slakah The Beatchild's Something Forever that was released recently released in digital format on BBE. Because of the extraordinary high demand, Slakah and BBE decided to release a very special CD that comes with four brand new bonus tracks. In Slakah's own words Something Forever is "the theme that is forever at the forefront of my mind when I create music. We can easily identify music that has that indescribable timeless vibe, music that regardless of the time period in which it was created sounds refreshing and relevant when played."

Slakah The Beatchild Something Forever
Slakah The Beatchild - Something Forever (special edition)
(CD/Digital Single) Barely Breaking Even BBE108, 2011-02-28

Tracklisting :
01. When The Night Stood Still
02. Something Forever
03. Living For The Rush
04. Things I Do (For Her)
05. B-Boy Beef V2
06. Down
07. Illusions
08. This Beautiful Feeling ft Ebrahim
09. The Cure
10. D.A.N.C.E.
11. War Within ft. Ebrahim & Tingsek

Note : This is a special edition released because of the unusually high level of fans asking for Slakah's latest EP "Something Forever" on CD. The CD features four additional brand new tracks.

Links :

Slakah the Beatchild's EPK Documentary - Part 1

Slakah the Beatchild's EPK Documentary - Part 2

Press Release :
The theme that is forever at the forefront of my mind when I create music. We can easily identify music that has that indescribable timeless vibe, music that regardless of the time period in which it was created sounds refreshing and relevant when played.

1) When the Night Stood Still
A warm summer night can evoke a variety of conflicting yet unifying emotions, my love for the starry sky above inspired this piece which takes you on a relaxing journey through the night as it stands still.

2) Something Forever
This piece is based around an entrancing chord progression that could go on and on, hence the title.

3) Living for the Rush
We all have our own ways of escaping and feeling a rush, what ever ones rush is this, piece represents the sound track to the feeling of being in that moment.

4) The Things I Do (For Her)
When you're passionate about someone or in this case something, that love may drive you to do things you would never imagine.

5) Down
A cool groove to make your body rock and forget about the stress of the work week.

6) B-Boy Beef V2
Version 2 to the original version found on critically acclaimed Soul Movement vol.1.

7) Illusions
What your heart feels could often conflict with what your mind feels.

8) This Beautiful Feeling
This song featuring Ebrahim is a reminder for us all to never take "Time" for granted. We can find joy in even bad moments.

9) The Cure
We've all had that one person in our life who like a prescribed drug made everything better in our life. But like any drug, you can get addicted to what makes you feel good.

10) D.A.N.C.E.
Timeless vibes, memories in the making in the company of great friends or the soul synchronization of a stranger, the positive energy exchanged between people when celebrating life, is at the root of what inspired this song.

11) War Within
Collaboration with Swedish soul artist Magnus Tingsek & Canadian artist Ebrahim. War Within was written and recorded while the two were in Toronto for Slakah the Beatchild's Vibe Love Smile Tour. This song relates to the inner wars one goes through when battling addiction.

Slakah the Beatchild ::: B-Boy Beef (Official Video)

The music video of "B-Boy Beef" made its official debut with adds on MuchMusic, PunchMuch, MuchCountdown, MuchMoreMusic, MuchMoreCountdown, MuchLoud, MTV2, MuchVibe and

Director Marc Andre Debruyne ( of The NE Inc. ( brought the unique concept of "B-Boy Beef" to life by embodying the line in the song which declares: "we came here to have a good time, B-Boy Beef ain't on our minds". Set in a club in the late 1970's with B-Boys dressed in button-downs and neckties, and cameos from Canadian R&B talents Divine Brown, Melanie Durrant and Maya Chilton, B-boying is highlighted like never seen before with a phenomenal dance scene featuring B-Boys and B-Girls from crews Ground Illusions and Twisted Ankles. Even Slakah the Beatchild himself gets in on the b-boying action with an incredible move that has to be seen to be believed!

Biography :
Hailing from Canada, with roots in Carriacou, Grenada, Slakah the Beatchild is pure talent personified and the true essence of a jack-of-all-trades. Known amongst the Canadian music scene as the "go-to hit maker" for producing Divine Brown's Juno Award winning, #1 pop single "Sunglasses"; for the #1 College Radio Single "Out of this World" with his group Art of Fresh. For his work with many of Canada's young talent including Ebrahim, Tona, D.O., and Melanie Durrant, Slakah the Beatchild has quietly been making noise worldwide in countries such as the U.K., Sweden, Germany, Japan and Australia.

Last year the Beatchild traveled to Sweden to work with singer Tingsek on his 4th studio album, Restless Soul and is featured on 3 tracks on the CD. Currently he is working with Grammy nominated artist Glenn Lewis to develop tracks for the R&B singer's new CD, performing spot-dates and working on a new album with his group Art of Fresh, and preparing for the release of his EP "Something Forever" on BBE. Recently Beatchild embarked on a 3-city mini-tour with Ebrahim and Tingsek to promote his alter ego, The Slakadeliqs, forthcoming release.

French Info :
"C'est le thème qui est pour toujours au premier rang dans mon esprit quand je crée ma musique. Nous pouvons facilement identifier cette musique chargée de d'une atmosphère éternelle indescriptible, musique qui, indépendamment de la période dans laquelle elle a été créé restera rafraîchissante et appropriée quand jouée" - Benny Tones

1) When the Night Stood Still
Une chaude nuit d'été peut évoquer une variété de conflits d'émotions, mon amour pour le ciel étoilé m'a donné l'inspiration pour ce morceau qui vous fait vivre un voyage relaxant au long de la nuit.
2) Something Forever
Ce morceau est basé autour d'une progression ravissante de corde qui pourrait ne jamais s'arrêter, d'où le titre.
3) Living for the Rush
On a tous notre façon de s'évader et de ressentir les évènements, quelque soit l'évènement de chacun, ce titre représente l'émotion ressentie en ce moment spécial.
4) The Things I Do (For Her)
Lorsque l'on est passionné par quelqu'un ou quelque chose, cet amour peut emmener à faire des choses que l'on n'aurai jamais imaginé.
5) Down
Un bon petit groove, pour vous faire bouger et oublier le stress du travail.
6) B-Boy Beef V2
Version 2 de l'originale sortie dans le très apprécié Soul Movement vol.1.
7) Illusions
Ce que votre Coeur ressent peut très souvent être en conflit avec ce que ressent votre esprit
Le clip video de "B-Boy Beef" a fait son entrée officielle
Le Directeur de The NE Inc, Marc Andre Debruyne ( à fait naître le concept unique de "B-Boy Beef" en apportant la phrase: "nous sommes venus ici pour avoir du bon temps, The B-Boy Beef n'est pas dans nos esprits". La vidéo se déroule dans un club à la fin des années 70 mettant en scène des B-Boys habillés en col à pointes boutonnés et cravates. Featuring Divine Brown, Melanie Durrant et Maya Chilton, le B-boying est mis en evidence comme jamais auparavant avec cette scène de danse phénoménale représentant B-Boys and B-Girls des groupes Ground Illusions et Twisted Ankles. Slakah The Beatchild lui-même y exécute un mouvement incroyable que l'on doit voir pour le croire.


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