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Shake-A-Leg Vol.2 - Compiled by Jerker Kluge & Tobias Kirmayer - out on Perfect.Toy

Shake-A-Leg Vol 2 Tobias Kirmayer Jerker Kluge

Take a professional DJ, vinyl digger and label owner, Tobias Kirmayer, add a latin/jazz producer, Jerker Kluge. Have them run together a monthly club-night in Munich, 'Shake-A-Leg'. After a few years, ask them to manifest the concept of the party on a compilation. Enrich the worldwide Funk, Soul and Jazz community with their research work. Does this sound like a formula? Yes it does. Is this volume 2 a killer recipe resulting from this formula? Yes it is!! The musical spectrum is quite large, from Hip Hop (Mighty Mocambos ft. Afrika Bambaataa) to Afrofunk (Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra, Fanga), Heavy Funk (The Qualitons, Tommy Dark) to Nu Soul (Radio Etiopia feaT. Bajka), Latin Jazz (Pucho & his Latin Soul Brothers, Cesar's Salad, Willis Jackson) to Hip Hop/Jazz hybrids (Jacknife Lee, Samp Brothers), Soul (CJ. Leach) to Dancefloor Jazz (Deep Jazz)… The two German selectors are music pros with GREAT taste, there's no filler to be found here - only 74mn of pure communicative grooviness!! So, is this compilation recommended? Heavily.

Shake-A-Leg Vol 2 Tobias Kirmayer Jerker Kluge
Various - Shake-A-Leg Vol.2 - Club Night Compilation
Afro Beat, Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk compiled by Jerker Kluge & Tobias Kirmayer
(CD/2LP/Digital) Perfect Toy Records PT042, 2013-05-13

Tracklisting :
01. Mighty Mocambos ft. Afrika Bambaataa, Charlie Funk and King Kamonzi - Zulu walk
02. Afro Latin Vintage Orchestra - Presentations
03. Qualitons - Rolling the Bones -
04. Radio Utopia feat. Bajka - Get Up, Stand Up
05. Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers - Sunny
06. Cesars Salad - La Serpiente
07. C.J. Leach - Branded
08. Tommy Dark - Wobble Legs
09. Jacknife Lee - Hey Kitty Kitty
10. Samp Brothers & Outbound - Alcoholic Drinks (Whiskey mix)
11. Dizzy Gillespie - Unicorn
12. Fanga - Natural Juice
13. Willis Jackson - Jive Samba
14. Charles Earland - The Mighty Burner
15. Deep Jazz - Coincidence of Circumstance

Links :
Listen & order on, buy on Juno or from the Tramp label through bandcamp
Perfect Toy Records : official | discogs | kudos (UK distribution) | myspace
Tobias Kirmayer's Tramp Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | kudos (UK distribution) | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube

Press Release :
After the great success of the first Shake-A-Leg club-night compilation, Jerker Kluge & Tobias Kirmayer come up with an even more exciting selection on this second volume. Like on its predecessor, there are almost no musical boundaries. The album shows a colorful micture of sounds which represents best the personal taste of the two compilers. Wether it is original stuff from the 1960s or new recordings from the 21st century, it's all about the groove. And this has its good reasons:

Tobias Kirmayer is the man behind the renowned Tramp Records label which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. He is also a professional DJ who tours worldwide.

Jerker Kluge is a professional bassist, composer and producer. He plays in various band projects (Hi-Fly Orchestra, Cesar's Salad, etc) and also leads his own band, Jerker Kluge's Deep Jazz.

Shake-A-Leg Vol.2 contains everythign from soulful Hip Hop (Mighty Mocambos feat. Afrika Bambaataa) to Afro Beat (Fanga), from latin-jazz (Willis Jackson) to Funk (Tommy Dark). Whenever your listen to this album, it makes you get on the dance floor to shake your hips and wobble your legs. Let's party!

Shae-A-Leg Vol.2 will be available on deluxe double-vinyl, CD and digital download. The vinyl version is limited to 555 copies.


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