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Sandra Nkaké & Jî Dru - Inspirations

Sandra Nkake and Ji Dru Inspirations Mixtape

"It took us a year to conceive, write and produce Nothing For Granted, Sandra Nkaké's new album, home-made songs that tell individual and collective fates that meet. A new album is an instant. It's a new fire to lighten up. We felt the urge to share the ideas, state of mind, direction and energy we express everyday to redefine our destiny. Here's some of the music we listened to between takes, in the car, on holidays, after the mix, in the street. A musical journey through what fed our fire." (Jî Dru & Sandra Nkaké)

Listen to Sandra Nkaké's new album Nothing For Granted on

Sandra Nkake and Ji Dru Inspirations Mixtape
Sandra Nkaké and Jî Dru - Inspirations - "A Travel Inside Nothing For Granted" Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-04-04

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Tracklisting :
01. Intro - (Martin Sheen's monologue from "Badlands" motion picture by Terence Malick) / Fishbone - Chim Chim's Badass Revenge)
02. Cameo - C On The Funk (from "We All Know Who We Are")
03. Nina Simone - Funkier Than A Mosquito's Twitter (from "It's Finished")
04. The Dead Weather - I Cut Like A Buffalo (from "Horehound")
05. Tom Waits - Underground (from "Swordfistrombones")
06. Betty Davis - Anti Love Song (from "Betty Davis")
07. Rose Royce - Put Your Money Where Your Moth Is (from "Car Wash")
08. Leon Thomas - Shape Your Mind To Die (from "Blues And The Soulful Truth")
09. Beck - Que Onda Guero ( from "Guero")
10. Missy Elliott - Slide (from "Under Construction")
11. Martin Sheen (from "Badlands" motion picture by Terence Malick)
12. Me'Shell Ndegéocello - Crazy And Wild (from "Weather")
13. Leonard Cohen - A Singer Must Die (from "New Skin For The Old Ceremony")
14. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - The Rose With The Broken Neck feat. Jack White (from "Rome")
15. Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (from "Young Gifted And Black")
16. Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues (from "Summertime Blues")
17. The Fatback Band - Mister Bass Man (from "Keep On Steppin'")
18. The Specials - Ghost Town (from "More Specials")
19. The Clash - The Guns Of Brixton (from "London Calling")
20. Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down - Nancy Sinatra (from "How Does That Grab You?")
21. Louis Prima - The Lip (from "Just a Gigolo")
22. Horace Andy - Darling Dear
23. Terry Callier - You Goin' Miss Your Candyman (from "What Color is Love")
24. Oumou Sangaré - Saa Magni (from "Oumou")
25. Screaming Jay Hawkins - I Put a Spell On You (from "At home With Screaming Jay Hawkins)
26. The Roots - Sleep (from "Undun")
27. Stevie Wonder - Look Around (from "Where I'm Coming From")
28. Marlon Brando - (monologue from "Apocalypse Now" motion picture)
29. Lyn Collins - Think (from "James Brown's Funky People")
30. Abou Djouba - Jaarou (from "desert Blues - Ambiances Du Sahara)
Total time : 74:40

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Credits :
Designed, selected and mixed by Sandra Nkaké and Jî Dru
Photo by Benjamin Colombel (

Links :
Info on Sandra Nkake's new album "Nothing For Granted" on
Sandra Nkake : official | blogspot | facebook | myspace | twitter | wikipedia | youtube
Jî Dru : facebook | myspace | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : official | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube


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The Funky Dew The Funky Dew ·  05 April 2012, 09:33

Excellente Mixtape !!!!!

Prasky Prasky ·  03 May 2012, 20:19

Just amazing!

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