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Record stores wanted to carry Paris DJs posters!

The second poster in the "Paris DJs Soundsystem" series by illustrator Ben Hito is on its way to print and should be ready soon… As for the first one it's a limited run and we're looking for record stores willing to have exclusive access to those amazing prints. The deal we're offering is quite a treat, read on for the details!

Paris Djs Soundsystem Posters

Ilustrations by Ben Hito
Size : 62x44cm / 24x17in

Vol.1 : Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dis Is Good For You (Feb. 2013)
Vol.2 : Paris DJs Soundsystem - We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind (Apr. 2013)
Vol.3 : Paris DJs Soundsystem - Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors (May. 2013)

Right now there's only one place in the world you can find those beautiful posters, and that's the BETINO'S RECORD SHOP in the center of Paris. for directions

We're looking for other places all over the world willing to carry our print series.
One store per city max.

How to become a partner store ?
The deal is the following : we'll sell to you 50 copies of each of our posters, for 1€ each. That's a 50€ investment.
We want you to sell the posters for 5€ each, no less.
When you will have sold 10 copies, you'll keep on selling your stock, but you will also have refunded your investment and will be able to give some free posters to your best clients.
The posters are happening on a bi-monthly basis right now but we hope to be able to deliver on a monthly basis in the future.
So the investment is 50€ bi-monthly (soon to be monthly).
You'll get access to our posters, exclusively in your city.
We're only looking for 10 stores worldwide so the places are VERY limited.

Contact us to become a partner store

Paris Djs Soundsystem Dis Is Good For You Posters


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