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Rare Moods - Mind Radio Show

Rare Moods Mind Radio Show
Rare Moods - Mind Radio Show
(MP3 Podcast on Mind Service, 2009-03-03

A soul-folk selection by Doctor L and Manu Boubli notably famous for their series of six 'Mind Radio Shows' played all over the world. This one was made in June 2008 but be sure that the Rare Moods duo will be back more often from now on... if you ask them so! (hint: leave them a comment)
PS Don't miss Manu Boubli's DJ set after the Cortex show tonite Wednesday March 4th...

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Tracklisting :
01. Live Intro by Richie Havens
02. Nick Drake - Cello Song (from Island LP 'Five Leaves Left' 1969)
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03. Tim Buckley - Chase The Blues Away (from Straight LP 'Blue Afternoon' 1969)
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04. Live conversation with Jimi Hendrix
05. Tim Buckley - Monterey (from Straight LP 'Starsailor' 1970)
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06. Van Morrison - Streets Of Arklow (from WB LP 'Veedon Fleece' 1974)
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07. Jimi Hendrix - Unknown Acoustic Session (from Bootleg LP)
08. Ellen Mcilwaine - Higher Ground (from Kotai LP 'The Real Ellen Mcilwaine' 1975)
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09. Richie Havens - From The Prison' (from 'Something Else Again' LP 1968)
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10. Love - Signed DC (from Elektra LP 'Love' 1966)
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11. Doctor L feat. Dom Farkas - Acoustic Lane (from Mind CD 'Forgotten Tracks From Da Hard Drive' 1966)
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12. Led Zeppelin - Ramble On (from Atlantic LP 'Led Zeppelin II', 1969)
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13. Doctor L - White Stripes (from Jive CD 'Mountains Will Never Surrender', 2000)
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14. Terry Callier - 900 Miles (from Prestige LP 'The New Folk Sound', 1964)
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15. Piers Faccini - Sharpening Bones (from Dust Devil CD 'Tearing Sky', 2006)
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16. David Bowie - Rock'n'Roll Suicide (from RCA LP 'Ziggy stardust' LP, 1972)
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Original covers :

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Info :
Selected and mixed by Doctor L (Mind) & Manu Boubli (Comet/Mind)
Artwork by Djouls/b> (Djouls) using an image sent by Manu Boubli
Mind Records


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tshiunghan tshiunghan ·  05 March 2009, 10:11

Top marks, fellas,

I really dug the Hendrix bootleg. I haven't heard of Ellen Mcilwaine but I'm gonna look out for her from now on. Loved it!


canada canada ·  05 March 2009, 23:06

Rafraichissant. Encore ^^

ousman ousman ·  05 March 2009, 23:27

merci la team

f-stone f-stone ·  06 March 2009, 16:02

brill-ze-bop! keep on the good work! merci

cheech cheech ·  08 March 2009, 01:24

great selection


dj cheech from brazil !

thedublab thedublab ·  26 March 2009, 23:59

Absolutely brilliant! I *love* the Mind Radio Shows :)

poodlum poodlum ·  29 October 2009, 12:53

greeeeat stuff!! loved it...definitely took me on a trip. but WHEN'S the next one looking forward to it....

Djouls Djouls ·  29 October 2009, 22:35

Rare Moods is Manu Boubli and Doctor L. Manu Boubli is currently hard working with Paulo 'Superfly' and me (Djouls) to launch the Superfly Records store in the center of Paris on November 7th. Doctor L has got live dates coming in Nov/Dec in Paris, and is currently hard working on the upcoming 'Paris DJs Digital labels' section with me so I can't say when they'll do a new mix... But they'll sure be back soon!!

Mixtapes Mixtapes ·  12 November 2009, 11:55

Nice songs on a few of the cuts. If you get time check out my Iron man and Michael Jackson mixtapes at
or at the specific links at:

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