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Premiere : Brownout - Iron Leg (Mickey & The Soul Generation cover)

Austin-based Level One Sound run by our esteemed collegue Adrian Quesada has been the home to many great recordings, from The Funk Ark, Brownout, David Garza, Deer Tick, Natalia Clavier, The Echocentrics, The Electric Peanut Butter Co., Third Root, Money Chicha, etc. - A full fledged studio/production house where digital meets analog (2" and 1/4" tape machines) and an aesthetic nodding towards the 60s and 70s, Quesada and Level One Sound has been keeping on pushing the envelope of modern music with a timeless sound praised by Paris DJs many times before.

A series of singles, recorded during the last 18 months at Level One Sound, is scheduled for release during the coming weeks, all cool cover songs by a vast array of bands and artists. Expect some live streams appearing one at a time here and there, until the whole collection is made available for free download later on this year.

The Austin 360 blog presented Jazz Mills & Stephanie Hunt hauting take on 'Baby Please Don't Go' by The Ballroom. The San Antonio Current got Third Root's reinvention of Nas' 'Thief Theme'. KUTX 98.9 in Austin hosted local Americana artist Greg Vanderpool's take on Mazzy Star's 'Into Dust'. On Wax Poetics one could discover Money Chicha's cumbia spin on Prince's 'Let’s Go Crazy'.

And for latin-funksters Brownout''s cover of Mickey & The Soul Generation's 1969 single Iron Leg, featuring Anthony Farrell from The Greyhounds on organ, Adrian asked if Paris DJs could do the premiere. We're huge fans of Brownout and we there was no way we could be disappointed in their interpretation of this obscure Texas Funk gem reissued by Dj Shadow at the dawn of the century. Of course we weren't. And you won't either.

PS : After this tasty funk treat, if you want more Brownout go grab thier new 45 out october 12 on Kept Records and then head on to bandcamp to hear a first track from the upcoming 'Brown Sabbath Vol.II' album ;-)

Brownout - Iron Leg
Brownout - Iron Leg (Mickey & The Soul Generation cover)
(exclusive stream/free download coming later on) Level One Sound, 2016-10-05

Press Release :
As a celebration of our first year and a half of being an Austin, TX based production house/recording studio, Level One Sound will be releasing a slew of singles by bands and artists who have graced the studio since it’s opening winter of 2015. The collection of 15+ songs focuses on covers and reinterpretations decided on between the bands and myself, all recorded in a day or less (sometimes in a couple of hours) as live as possible - spontaneous and relaxed. The idea was to have some fun, show off some influences and the aesthetic “vibe” of the studio. You will hear unique takes on Mazzy Star, Marty Robbins, Prince, Bobby Fuller Four, Mulatu Astake, Mickey and the Soul Generation, not one, but TWO song by Nas (because, well, NAS!) and many more! These songs will be rolled out throughout the next couple of months for free stream/download and we know you’ll dig them, there’s something for everybody. Thanks for the support and stay tuned for much more music from us! - Adrian Quesada

Links :
Brownout : official | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Level One Sound : official | discogs | facebook | instagram | soundcloud | tumblr | twitter | vimeo | youtube


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