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Plug - Back On Time - out on Ninja Tune

Plug Back On Time
Plug - Back On Time
(CD/2xLP/2xLP + Ltd Ed 12"/Digital) Ninja Tune ZEN177, 2012-01-09

The new album & a lost classic from Plug, aka electronic icon Luke Vibert, Back On Time is a collection of unreleased eccentric d'n'b tracks recorded over 15 years ago. Released on Ninja Tune on 9th January 2012 (24th January in N.America), it follows the highly-acclaimed Plug album from 1996, Drum 'n' Bass for Papa which was originally released by Blue Planet Recordings. Sounding brand new as well as being an uncovered gem, Back On Time is a release that anybody interested in the progression of dance music should be very curious to hear and enjoy. We had published a

Plug Back On Time
Plug - Back On Time
(CD/2xLP/2xLP + Ltd Ed 12"/Digital) Ninja Tune ZEN177, 2012-01-09

Plug - 'Scar City' by Ninja Tune

Plug - 'Feeling So Special' by Ninja Tune

Tracklisting :
01. Scar City
02. Feeling So Special | Free MP3 Download
03. Come On My Skeleton
04. No Reality
05. A Quick Plug For A New Slot
06. Mind Bending
07. Back On Time
08. Yes Man
09. Drum N Bass
10. Flight 78

Limited Edition 12" Tracklisting :
A1. Run
B1. Get Out My Face

Links :
Pre-order on the Ninjashop
Plug / Luke Vibert : official | bandcamp | discogs | djouls | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | wikipedia | youtube
Ninja Tune : official | facebook | french promo agency | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

Press Release :
In early 2011 Luke Vibert (who happened to be bringing to Ninja Tune HQ cushions designed like 808 drum machines as a present!) said that he had just found some, long-lost never heard before DATs dated "1995-1998" and entitled "Plug". This we are sure will bring bearded pogoing type excitement for many of you but for those that doesn't happen too here's a quick recap....

In 1996 Blue Angel Recordings (later Blue Planet) an imprint of the legendary Rising High label released the "Drum 'N' Bass for Papa" album by Plug AKA West Country king of kitschtronica Luke Vibert, whom at that time had only released under his Wagon Christ moniker. The album cover was an old picture of his professional magician grandfather Frank which only added to the oddness in the best of ways. The album was largely ignored by the D'n'B purists at the time, however it was hailed by many beyond, and remains to this day one of the acclaimed records to emerge from the buoyant and hugely influential electronic scene of the south-west in the 90's. Alongside people like Aphex Twin, Tom Middleton, Grant Wilson-Claridge and Jeremy Simmonds and away from the lights and police of the big cities they put on club nights, filled cassettes with new tunes, hijacked the pirates and revelled in all that was original, twisted and like nothing else before. And whilst there is no doubting the talent of all these individuals, it has always been Vibert's keen sense of humour and also funk that enabled him to evolve to a stage to make a landmark release such as "Drum 'N' Bass for Papa".

So a few years later and somewhat ahead of the curve, Vibert shook up D'n'B - at that point no album had been released in the genre that departed from the formulaic template. Avant-jungle that wasn't made for the "club", the album was an eccentric bolt from the blue, it shocked many of Vibert's contemporaries but went on to influence many, most notably Squarepusher. At the same time Luke's Wagon Christ project was being snapped up by Chemical Brothers A+R man at Virgin Records for his 3rd album, so a new name was needed for his eccentric d'n'b output, and Plug was born. Until now Plug has yielded just one album - possibly only a humble man like Luke Vibert would have a whole album of top-quality electronic tracks just sat around for over 15 years and not release them. The 10 tracks on offer here include the proto-garage vocal stylings of "Feeling So Special", the demented circus-organs of "No Reality" , the hilariously titled "Come On My Skeleton", the old-skool rinse out of "Mind Bending", the skewed bollywoodisms of "A Quick Plug for A New Shot" and all with impeccably produced jungle credentials as the bed.

Sounding brand new as well as being a lost classic from a electronic icon, "Back On Time" is a release that anybody interested in the progression of dance music should be very curious to hear and enjoy.

Biography :
So, for those of you who don't know the full and unexpurgated Luke Vibert story, it goes a little somethin' like this:

Luke Vibert was born and brought up in Cornwall. His dad was a crazy Jimi Hendrix fan and then got into punk. His mum preferred Yves Montand and the Beatles. He went to school. His favourite subject is unknown.

Young master Vibert started playing in various bands and basically making a bad noise - he puts the oddness of the 'Cornwall Skool' (contemporaries Aphex Twin and Tom Middleton/Global Communications) down to the fact that they were so far from any metropolitan style police that no one really cared what they made or how it sounded or what you called it.

Spurred on by the success of Aphex, Luke began to think about putting out some of his music. A new label called Rising High contacted Luke - they were looking for ambient acts so Luke said he was making ambient music (he wasn't). Wagon Christ was born.

Having convinced the label and many of the people buying his records that he was a new ambient guru, Wagon Christ continued to make sizzling, funky chunks of exotic business culminating in the masterful "Phat Lab Nightmare" and "Throbbing Pouch".

He had also discovered the joys of name-changing. Rephlex actually released his first ever release, the Vibert-Simmonds project (weird and slightly droney collaborations with a man named Simmonds). Blue Planet released his drum 'n' bass numbers under the moniker Plug. Mo' Wax signed him up for an album under the most radical title yet: Luke Vibert. Wagon Christ saw some major label action courtesy of Virgin, while Luke began a collaboration with renowned steel guitar player BJ Cole. And in between he pumped out a host of remixes for, amongst others, Nine Inch Nails, Squarepusher, Tortoise, Lamb, Stereolab and Mike Flowers Pops… (oops).

Finally, Wagon Christ came to Ninja, a match made in some sort of wibbly heaven, and already home, incidentally, to some of his finest remixes and tunes. His album, “Musipal” was so well received that it seemed to spur him on to produce a whole range of records elsewhere, a quest which has occupied him until the present day. In some kind of Roy Castle-inspired quest to hold the world record for punningly-titled album releases on leftfield dance imprints worldwide, Vibert has made records for Warp (“YosepH”), Rephlex (again, this time under the moniker Kerrier District): Lo Recordings (“Moog Acid,” his collaboration with electronic music pioneer Jean-Jacques Perry); Planet Mu (“Lover’s Acid,” “Chicago, Detroit, Redruth” and “We Hear You,” all as Luke Vibert); Rephlex (again again, this time as Amen Andrews vs Spac Hand Luke); First Cask (“Benefist” by Ace of Clubs); Rephlex (again again again, back with his original Vibert/Simmonds combo for “Rodulate”); Sound of Speed (“Rhythm” as ルーク・ヴァイバート); and of course on Ninja Tune for “Sorry I Make You Lush” and now “Toomorrow”.


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