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Parov Stelar - Flame of Fame / Libella Swing

Parov Stelar Flame of FameParov Stelar Libella Swing
Parov Stelar - Flame of Fame / Libella Swing
(2x12") Etage Noir Recordings (Austria), 2008-04/2008-10

Dope dancefloor sillyness! 'Flame of Fame' mixes swing with filtered big beat, before dripping it with electro chunks. 'Hotel Axos' nearly seems to go for balkanese house... and 'Libella Swing' sounds like house music for a black & white Mickey Mouse short. Watch the dancers go crazy in the coconut.

Parov Stelar Flame of Fame
Parov Stelar - Flame of Fame
(2x12") Etage Noir Recordings (Austria) EN17, 2008-04-21

Tracklisting :
A1. The Flame
A2. Fleur De Lille
B1. Spider
B2. Matilda

Press Release :
Parov Stelar comes back with a bomb. After releasing his 3rd album Shine in October 2007 which is defenitely song orientated the "FLAME OF FAME EP" comes to rock the dancefloors. Maybe Parov Stelar's most powerful record ever shows the changeableness of his production skills.

The Flame, The Spider and Fleur De Lille are a mixture of pumping electro-house combined with his unique style of using swing samples. This extraordinary blend of directions creates a wonderful collection of songs or tracks and it should be easy for the DJs to grab the crowd with this record.

The 4th track on the "FLAME OF FAME EP" is a "straight forward" breakbeat tune with a catchy piano line and vocal hooks.

Parov Stelar Libella Swing
Parov Stelar - Libella Swing
(2x12") Etage Noir Recordings (Austria) EN18, 2008-10-13

Tracklisting :
A1. Hotel Axos
A2. Homesick (club version)
B1. Libella Swing
B2. Blind Alley (feat. Sax Max & Lylit)

Press Release :
Welcome back to Parovs world of sampling. 4 brand new tracks straight for the dancfloors in a fabulous mixture of swing, jazz and electrohouse. The opener "Hotel Axos" was tested by big names on many festivals and clubs during this summer and always with an amazing feedback of the crowd. "Hotel Axos" is a hypnotic burner which is at the speed of life. Hip electro sounds combined with punch and a taste of balkan swing.

On A2 you find the long awaited cluberversion of "HOMESICK" in an extended version.

The Flipside starts with "Libella Swing". The titletrack is loaded with the typical Parov Stelar style from his early days. Benny Goodman meets Daft Punk - definitely a swing and dance monster.

Finally you hear "Blind Alley" in the studioversion. Those who know the track already from Parov Stelars liveshows have now the chance to get this Jazz/House Groover for the CD players or DJ sets. With the incredible voice of Lylit aka Eva Klampfer and the crazy saxophone of Sax Max aka Markus Ecklmayr.

And... as a digital-only bonus track, Blind Alley also comes in the Late Night version, joy for your mp3-player.

Links :

About PArov Stelar :
Like life, music must move on and progress. But like life, we must remember to reminisce and recall the past at times. It is the sole reason why we enjoy experiencing new and going back to old music, it is an extension of life.

"Shine" the third artist album by Parov Stelar gratifies life's movements and moods perfectly, the new the old. What we already know about Parov Stelar and what we don't know. This is obvious to Marcus Füreder aka Parov Stelar too. Sampling 'Charleston' and 'Jazz', conjuring up new 'Breakbeat' and 'Pop' into a creation of interesting music is no easy task, but Parov Stelar seems to have a sensibility about what it should sound like. Thankfully his worldwide fans agree as the Cinderella story of a new unheard artist from Austria's third largest city 'Linz' shows no sign of slowing down.

In fact, things can only snow roll more as word gets around of the brilliant new music of Parov Stelar. Fans will enjoy traditional Parov Stelar tracks that offer sexiness and sophistication, these same fans will be delighted that this artist is not standing still and resting on his laurels and just repeating the same sound as he gets a little rougher and dirtier in places. This is not elevator music, this is not lounge, this is simply good music with influences and cognitive factors far and wide. Success in something in this case only encourages Parov Stelar to move forward and not to stand still.

So, who will listen to this CD? Well, we think the world just got a lot smaller for Parov Stelar? He has obviously opened up a lot of new doors with this new work. The jazz is still there, the soul is still there, but you will find new flavours and ingredients in the sound that will be universally appreciated and approved we think.

The guest artists come through with flying colours too. Singers like Kristina Lindberg (Laine), Gabriella Hänninen, Lilja Bloom and Luke (Music for dreams) add much property to the form. The third album brings out not just the best of Parov Stelar to date, but also the guest artists he has graciously asked to appear on "Shine". He gets the very best out of them, and they get the very best out of him it seems.

Even more interesting is that Parov Stelar actually sings on two tracks 'Autumn beasts' and 'Lost in Amsterdam'. "Shine" is the brilliant third album by an artist that simply enjoys to make people happy with his music. No aloofness or emotional distance between the artist and fan. In fact, the key to the success of Parov Stelar has always been this true feeling of being intimate and of belonging together with the music fan and artist. "Shine" is like a good new friend.
Alan Brown (Soulseduction)


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