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Podcast #1 : thematic mixes

Paris DJs Podcast Mix

You can get heard by the people who like and play your kind of music !

It took us years to slowly, gradually, build up an audience. Of course you can use free services such as soundcloud or mixcloud. But that doesn't give you access to specialized listeners. it only gives you the possibilty of reaching out to people already looking for you. What about new converts? What about spreading your gospel to Paris DJs' niche (but vast) audience?

Guaranteed Airplay / Thousands of listeners
Each episode of our mixes podcast is downloaded by thousands of listeners who're avid consumers of independant & quality music.
You might consider being a part of this show for yourself, your label or your artist.

Full Design, Linking and Complementary Content
Each new mix on comes with an original artwork, in-depth episode description with full tracklisting, info and links for each track played, and of course info & links pointing to your own activity. Check our mixes section for examples.

Professional Audio Mastering before Encoding
We also do what we feel is a high standard that isn't often taken into consideration : the audio mastering of your mix. Our sound engineer Grant Phabao has done the mastering on 99% of Paris DJs mixes, sometimes even doing his magic on crackling old dusty African vinyl selections.

We prepare your mix's sound with extreme care and you probably haven't sounded that good yet.

"I like it when people do things so carefully and thoroughly - all properly referenced - there is less and less of that these days" - Stephen Coates / The Real Tuesday Weld / UK

Free Promotion
Paris DJs is not just a website, but also social networks, with 2200+ fans of Paris DJs, 1300+ friends of Djouls (mostly music professionals and activists) and 1300+ followers on Twitter. When we post a new mix for you, we also relay the information to those networks, and our active fans and collaborators relay this same information to their own networks. Also, you may post your mix on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, RapidShare, and other sharing services, on your own blog or wherever you feel it should be offered. You may use the artwork we've done, the mastered file we've put up and spread it everywhere else. The Internet is not about exclusivity, it's about sharing and spreading radially.

About us
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