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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Sleep

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Sleep
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Sleep of Oldominion
(MP3 Podcast on 2009-06-30

If you were a hip-hop emcee who can spit lightening fast rhymes, would you call yourself Sleep? One of the founding members of the Northwest hip-hop crew Oldominion, Sleep is a Mexican emcee with rapid flows, superb breath control, and introspective rhymes. His name was inspired by a line in a Nas song (I never sleep because sleep is the cousin of death). He's totally one for beat conoisseurs and lyric addicts. His rapping is fast and complex, meter and flow changing mid-phrase, but always on time. If you're into Tonedeff, Hyeroglyphics, Del Da funky Homosapien, The Pharcyde, etc., it should definitively be your thing!

On the news front, Sleep's released today his third album, Hesitation Wounds, on Strange Famous Records, a new one in a series of 'must buy' records for all hip hop lovers, which include the fantastic Christopher from 2005 and the Combination Lock marvel from 2007 with Zelly Rock. And I'm not even talking about his Chicharones project with Josh Martinez here - the latter being the subject of an another special hip hop podcast coming to boom your earphones this summer...

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Tracklisting :
01. Sleep - Skit
(from 'Riot by Candlelight' album, 2002 / Stuck Under The Needle Recordings)
02. Sleep - Intro
(from 'Christopher' album, 2005 / Up Above Records)
03. Sleep - Ginelli
(from 'Hesitation Wounds' album, 2009 / Strange Famous Records)
04. Sleep - Make Yourself Get Up
(from 'Christopher' album, 2005 / Up Above Records)
05. Sleep - Cats Like Y'all
(from 'Riot by Candlelight' album, 2002 / Stuck Under The Needle Recordings)
06. Sleep - Fall Guy
(from 'Christopher' album, 2005 / Up Above Records)
07. Sleep - Dirt
(from 'Christopher' album, 2005 / Up Above Records)
08. Sleep - Lothar (feat. Del Tha Funky Homosapien )
(from 'Hesitation Wounds' album, 2009 / Strange Famous Records)
09. Pale Soul - Out Of The Frame feat. Sleep
(from 'Fear Is The Mind Killer' album; 2003 / Stuck Under The Needle Records)
10. Sleep - Get It
(from 'Hesitation Wounds' album, 2009 / Strange Famous Records)
11. Sleep & Zelly Rock - Weedies
(from 'Combination Lock' album, 2007 / Camobear)
12. Sleep & Zelly Rock - Looker
(from 'Combination Lock' album, 2007 / Camobear)
13. Skratch Bastid / John Smith / Pip Skid - Murphy's Law feat. Sleep
(from 'Taking Care Of Business' album, 2005 / First Things First)
14. Ripynt - Lonely People feat. Sleep
(from 'R.I.P.: Re-Inventing Poetics' album, 2009 / Kaution Entertainment)

Links :
Info about the new album on

Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by the Paris DJs Soundsystem (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( using an Arian Stevens photo


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