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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Malcolm Catto & The Heliocentrics

Malcolm Catto Heliocentrics
Paris DJs Soundstem presents Malcolm Catto & The Heliocentrics
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2008-11-30

Maybe you've never heard of Malcolm Catto or his band The Heliocentrics... and maybe you did. Anyway since Malcolm Catto is one of the best funk drummers in the world today and since he'll be playing in Paris at the next Stone Throw Party on December 6th, the Paris DJs Soundsystem has decided to cook up a special mix about the man, completed with a full story and discography. It's the New Deep Psyched Heavy Fuzz Hip Ethio Thing!

I had the chance to meet Malcolm Catto right before a Quantic Soul Orchestra show in Paris last year. I was proud to tell him that I loved the MRR-ADM limited edition 10 inch on which he was featured, a rare and expensive EP I had bought a few days earlier. The man was really nice and humble, I didn't get into the whole "I got your Mo' Wax records, your Stones Throw stuff, your Jazzman releases and your DJ Shadow collabs" thing, I didn't even start with "You stole DJ Shadow's show with your 10mn live drums thing on his tour (for The Private Press album)". I left him to the pre-gig concentration thing he was getting into... The QSO show was mind-blowing and Malcolm banged and funked like hell!
I thought at the time that we should do a Malcolm Catto special on There aren't that many drummers that I trust to blow your mind (and the place) up everytime with incredible skills: Jon Fishman (Phish), Stanton Moore (Galactic), Billy Martin (Medeski, Martin & Wood) and Malcolm Catto are the first one of the current generation I can think of!

After a few seven inches with Sharon Jackson and The Soul Destroyers, at the beginning of the century, in 2001 Malcolm Catto started releasing some solo stuff on the famous Mo' Wax label. It was already all about the heavy funky drums, psyched-out guitars and tripping keyboards - which Trip Hop headz couldn't really appreciate at the time...
Things started really happening in 2003, with recordings for Egon (Stones Throw's honcho) solo album ("Curse of The Evil Badger"), for Madlib's Blue Note project ("Shades of Blue") and jazz collective (Sound Directions "Skyscrapers"), and the first 12 inch with The Keystones ("Selections From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Blood's Haul"). In 2004 Malcolm appeared on DJ Shadow's DVD ("Live! In Tune And On Time") and on the Connie Price & The Keystones album ("Wildflowers"). In 2005 he was to be found on the new Sound Directions compilation/album produced by Madlib ("The Funky Side Of Life") and started working with the Poet of Rhythm guys, recording some deep folk-funk as Das Goldenes Zeitalter. They were then backing a incredible new jazz/folk female singer called Bajka - but that's a story for another mix - which is already cooked so stay tuned!...

In 2006 Malcolm Catto launched with his long-time collaborator Mike Burnham the Heliocentrics project, with a rare 45 on Jazzman Records ("Winter Song/Dance Of The Dogon") and appearances on the new DJ Shadow album ("The Outsider"). The next year saw Malcolm Catto playing on 3 tracks from Quantic Soul Orchestra's second album ("Tropidelico") and on the tour which followed. You don't know what you should regret if you missed this show... But 2007 is also essential is our story, with the release of The Heliocentrics' album, "Out There". No one could give this one a more proper name. Singles followed, with featurings from hi-grade rappers (Doom, Percee P, Guilty Simpson), but that's more marketing to get to the b-boys rather than the real thing IMHO.

2008 is another big year in Malcolm Catto and The Heliocentrics' book. An appearance on the limited and obscure 10 inch from MRR-ADM (formerly known as MHE, notably on Sound & Vision records) was perfect for maintaining the buzz. Playing on Mr Chop's heavily psychedelic new releases on Jazz&Milk ("Sounds From The Cave") and Now-Again ("Lightworlds") helps too. But playing with Mulatu Astatke at Cargo in London last April - now that's what I call a performance! A collaboration is supposed to be planned for release in February 2009 on Strut Records.... We'll publish info on this as soon as possible. Also on the news tip, Mr. Melvin Van Peebles had just finished a ten minute opus with the Heliocentrics to be released on their forthcoming "Sirius B" EP on Now-Again.

Hoping that all the jazz & funk heads following us on will appreciate this mix of Sun Ra-inspired out-there Jazz, Hip-Hop, Deep Funk, Psychedelic Rock, Electronics and more HEAVY TRIPPIN' FUNK!!....

Djouls (T.I.M.E.C./PARIS DJS)

PS (1) I forgot to mention that Malcolm is a funk 45 addict, and helped research & compile the "Spiritual Jazz", "Texas Funk", "Carolina Funk", "Midwest Funk", "The World Rarest Funk 45s Vol.1" & "The World Rarest Funk 45s Vol.2" compilations on Jazzman Records!!!
PS (2) I don't know if it's either 'Malcom' or 'Malcolm' - both names have appeared on record covers...

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Tracklisting :
01. DJ Shadow - This Time I'm Gonna DUB It My Way feat. The Heliocentrics
(from 'This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)' single, 2006 / Island)
02. DJ Shadow - Skullfuckery feat. The Heliocentrics
(from 'This Outsider' album, 2006 / Island)
03. The Heliocentrics - Before I Die
(from 'Before I Die' 12 inch, 2007 / Now-Again)
04. Mr Chop - The Red Baron feat. Malcolm Catto & Mike Burnham (The Heliocentrics)
(from 'Sounds From The Cave' EP, 2008 / Jazz&Milk)
05. Connie Price & The Keystones - Fuzz and Them
(from 'Wildflowers' album, 2004 / Now-Again)
06. The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Melodious Wayfarer
(from 'Tropidélico' album, 2007 / Tru Thoughts)
07. The Heliocentrics - Distant Star (Strange Version) feat. DOOM and Percee P
(from 'Distant Star' 12 inch, 2008 / Now-Again)
08. Malcom Catto - Eastern Excursion
(from 'Popcorn Bubble Fish' album, 2001 / Mo' Wax)
09. MRR-ADM - 012 feat. Malcolm Catto
(from 'Platinum' 10 inch, 2008 / self-released)
10. The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling (The Heliocentrics Remix)
(from 'Can't Help This Feeling' 12 inch, 2008 /!K7)
11. Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Yègellé Tezeta (Live)
(from 'Live At Cargo, London, 17 April 2008')
12. The Heliocentrics - Return Journey
(from 'Out There' album, 2007 / Now-Again)

Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Grant Phabao & Djouls from the Paris DJs Soundsystem (
Artwork by Djouls (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (

The Heliocentrics - Discogs Profile :
The Heliocentrics are led by the drummer Malcolm Catto. As he is constantly in demand, this is one of the reasons the debut album took four years to finally complete. As The Heliocentrics, the collective's objectives in a Sun Ra inspired alternative galaxy, where the orbits of Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Psychedelic, Electronic, Avante-Garde and Ethnic music all revolve around "The One".

The Heliocentrics - Band Members :
Malcolm Catto - drums & piano
Jake Ferguson - bass & thai guitar
Mike Burnham - modular synthesizer & effects
Jack Yglesias - flutes, percussion & santur
Adrian Owusu - guitars, oud & percussion
James Arben - clarinet, tenor & baritone saxophones
Ray Carless - alto, tenor & baritone saxophones
Max Weissenfeldt - vibraphone & percussion

Links :

Malcolm Catto extended discography :

2000 Malcom Catto 'Rock Out 2' on 'The Art Of War: Who Dare Wins' (2xCD/2xLP compilation) Toy's Factory []
2000 The Soul Destroyers Blow Your Top (7") Stark Reality []
2001 The Soul Destroyers Armadillo / Bird Man (7") Stark Reality []
2001 Malcom Catto Rock (7"/12") Mo' Wax []
2001 Malcom Catto Copter (7") Mo' Wax []
2001 Malcom Catto Popcorn Bubble Fish (10"/CD) Mo' Wax []
2002 Malcom Catto Bubblefish Breaks (LP) Mo' Wax []
2002 The Soul Destroyers feat. Sharon Jackson (CD) Stark Reality []
2002 Sharon Jackson & The Soul Destroyers Keep On / Fakin' It (7") Stark Reality []
2003 The Keystones featuring Malcolm Catto Selections From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Blood's Haul (12") Now-Again []
2003 Egon 'Malcolm's Beat' (featuring Malcolm Catto) on 'Curse Of The Evil Badger' (LP) Stones Throw []
2003 Morgan Adams Quartet Plus Two 'Funky Blue Note' (featuring Malcolm Catto) on Madlib 'Shades Of Blue' (CD) Blue Note []
2003 Sound Directions (featuring Malcolm Catto) - Skyscrapers (7") Stones Throw []
2004 Malcolm Catto 'Malcolm On Drums' on DJ Shadow 'Live! In Tune And On Time' (CD+DVD) Universal []
2004 Connie Price & The Keystones - Wildflowers (CD/2xLP featuring Malcolm Catto on 'The Shadows Of Leaves', 'Fuzz And Them' and 'Double Dutch') Now-Again []
2005 Sound Directions 'The Funky Side Of Life' (featuring Malcolm Catto) on 'The Funky Side Of Life' (CD/LP) Stones Throw []
2006 Bajka (with Das Goldenes Zeitalter) - I Can No Poet Be / Love’s Serenity (12") Jazzman []
2006 Das Goldenes Zeitalter - A Vision (12") Jazzman []
2006 The Heliocentrics - Winter Song / Dance Of The Dogon (7") Jazzman []
2006 DJ Shadow - 'Skullfuckery' and 'This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)' (featuring The Heliocentrics) on 'The Outsider' (CD/2xLP) Island2006 DJ Shadow & The Heliocentrics - This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) / This Time (I'm Gonna dub It My Way) (7") Island
2006 DJ Shadow & The Heliocentrics - This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) / This Time (I'm Gonna Dub It My Way) (7") Island
2006 DJ Shadow & The Heliocentrics - This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) / Love, Love (CDS) Island
2007 The Heliocentrics - Out There (CD/2xLP) Now-Again []
2007 The Heliocentrics - Dance Of The Dogons (Part Two) / Noise (7", Single, Promo) Now-Again []
2007 The Heliocentrics - Before I Die (12") Now-Again []
2007 The Heliocentrics - 'Before I Die (Edit Instrumental)' on 'Now-Again Re:Sounds Vol.1' (CD/7x7" compilation) Now-Again []
2007 The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Tropidélico (CD/2xLP feat. Malcolm Catto on 'Tropidélico', 'Melodious Wayfarer', 'Lead Us To The End', 'San Sebastian Strut' and 'Father') Tru Thoughts []
2008 The Heliocentrics - Distant Star (12" ) Now-Again []
2008 MHE (MRR-ADM) Featuring Malcolm Catto - Untitled (10") []
2008 Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Live At Cargo, London 17 April 2008 [Videos on, MP3s on]
2008 Mr Chop - Sound From The Cave (12", feat. Malcolm Catto on 'The Red Baron' and 'Metropolis Del Ferro', featuring The Heliocentrics on 'Trip Through The Water Door') Jazz&Milk []
2008 The Gaslamp Killer vs The Heliocentrics - Stones Throw Podcast #37 (Limited MP3 mix) Stones Throw []
2008 The Herbaliser - Can't Help This Feeling (12" feat. The Heliocentrics Remix) !K7 []
2009 Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Inspiration/Information (album in preparation) Strut []

Malcolm Catto also worked/helped on research and selection for the following INCREDIBLE compilations :

2002 Various - Texas Funk (Jazzman Records) [] *
2003 Various - Midwest Funk (Jazzman Records) [] *
2005 The Soul Toronadoes - The Complete Recordings (Jazzman Records)
2006 Various - The World Rarest Funk 45s Vol.1 (Jazzman Records) []
2007 Various - Good Things The Story Of Saadia Records (Jazzman Records) []
2007 Various - The World Rarest Funk 45s Vol.2 (Jazzman Records) []
2007 Various - Carolina Funk (Jazzman Records) *
2007 Various - Florida Funk (Jazzman Records) *
2008 Various - Spiritual Jazz (Jazzman Records) []
2008 Various - Dance The Latin... Soul Jazz Funk (Jazzman Records) []

* also released by Now-Again in the USA with a different artwork

Thanks to Egon, Alex & Jerome @ Stones Throw, Dusty @ Jazz&Milk, Rob @ Tru Thoughts


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Dave Dave ·  02 December 2008, 03:03

Apparemment ce n'est pas juste Malcolm Catto qui vient jouer à Paris Samedi soir (6 Decembre), mais les Heliocentrics - bon à priori ça veut dire Malcolm Catto à la batterie + Mike Burnham aux claviers et des DJs par-dessus le tout, où l'inverse...

Dave Dave ·  02 December 2008, 11:16

Malcom Catto : batteur pour Quantic Soul Orchestra, dj Shadow, the Herbaliser, occupera la batterie de droite dans le cadre de la jam session qui aura lieu pendant une partie de la nuit.
Jake Ferguson & Adrian Owusu sont respectivement les guitaristes et bassistes de The Heliocentrics et completeront la jam session.

eardrummer eardrummer ·  03 December 2008, 00:18

Thanks for the quick shout-out, guys. Makes me feel like I'm special. (o;
I don't know if you've seen it, but by now I've also uploaded The Heliocentrics' solo session from their gig at Cargo. You can grab that right here...
That'd be another one for the "extended discography" up there in your post.

About the spelling of Catto's first name: "Malcom" is his real name, that's the spelling you can see on "Popcorn Bubble Fish," for example. "Malcolm" is more of a stage name that he has been using consistently for a few years. So in a sense, both are correct. "Malcom" is the early Catto, and "Malcolm" is the more recent one.

"Double Dutch" on the fake "Blood's Haul" soundtrack is such a hard banger. Love that track.


Djouls Djouls ·  04 December 2008, 13:08

I add the info on this page - thanx ;)

The Heliocentrics – Live At Broad Casting, Cargo, London. 17 April 2008 (2008) @ 192 kbps

01. Haunted House (Live) - 6:13
02. Collateral Damage (Live) - 7:00
03. String Solo (Live) - 3:16
04. Second Chance (K2’s Prayer) (Live) - 6:45
05. A World Of Masks (Live) - 8:56
06. Sirius B (Live) - 6:26
07. Calabash (Live) - 7:12
08. Shish Kebab (Live) - 6:45
09. Age Of The Sun (Live) - 7:21

Personnel :
Keyboard: Ollie Parfitt
Cello: Danny Keane
Violin: Antonio Campbell
Bass clarinet: Adam Bishop
Baritone sax: James Arben
Vocals: Khadijatou, Asli, and Anthony Joseph
Drums: Malcolm Catto
Electronics and other oddities in the corner: Tom Hodges
Guitar: Adrian Owusu
Bass: Jake Ferguson

sooze sooze ·  19 December 2008, 00:18

hi guys - here are some facts. the heliocentrics first release started with jake and malc using a track that had been on tv which was extended and featured on the big daddy magazine cd sampler. the track then evolved over time into the one you can hear now on their myspace. 'winter song' which should actually be called 'it was a pleasure then' featured nico on vocals and 'dance of the dogons', jessica lauren doing the aaahs...

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