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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots Vol.2

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots Vol 2
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots Vol.2
(MP3 Podcast on T.I.M.E.C., 2011-02-06

We've introduced Free The Robots, one of the most interesting DJ/beatmakers around, to more than 10.000 people with our first volume of Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Free The Robots. Nearly two years later the man has released his first album, Ctrl Alt Delete, one of the 10 bests of 2010, and he'll be playing at La Bellevilloise in Paris on March 18th. That's good reasons enough for us to come back with a second volume of selected instrumental psychedelic hip hop break bits. We've wrote it already, but then again... This is the new thing!

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Tracklisting :
01. Free the Robots - Wandering Gypsy
(from 'Ctrl Alt Delete' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)
02. Free the Robots - How Is The World?
(from 'The Prototype' promo CD, 2004 / Elsewhere Studios)
03. Mexicans With Guns - Icaros (Free the Robots Remix)
(from 'Friends of Friends Volume 3' album with Robot Koch, 2010 / FoF Music)
04. Mochipet - Complex Players Club (Free The Robots Remix)
(from 'Master P on Atari Transformed Vol.2', 2010 / Daly City)
05. Free the Robots - Clocks and Daggers
(from 'The Killer Robots' digi-EP with The Gaslamp Killer, 2008 / Obey)
06. Free the Robots - Wake Up Or Die feat. The Gaslamp Killer
(from 'Free The Robots' album, 2008 / Easel Records Japan)
07. Busdriver - Least Favorite Rapper feat. Nocando
(from 'Jhelli Beam' album, 2009 / Epitaph)
08. Free the Robots - Jupiter
(from 'Ctrl Alt Delete' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)
09. Free the Robots - Turkish Voodoo
(from 'Ctrl Alt Delete' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)
10. Nocando - DSD2 (feat. Iron Mike Eagle)
(from 'Jimmy the Lock' album, 2010 / Alpha Pup)

Original record covers :

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by the Paris DJs Soundsystem (,
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Djouls (


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