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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents 1976 - Standards, Versions & Revamps Vol.17

Some say that 1976 wasn't the best year for music. They might be forgetting many great recordings from the likes of Marvin Gaye ('I Want You'), Steely Dan ('The Royal Scam'), Grateful Dead ('Steal your Face'), Parliament ('The Clones Of Dr. Funkenstein'), Funkadelic ('Tales of Kidd Funkadelic', 'Hardcore Jollies'), Led Zeppelin ('The Song Remains The Same'), Zappa ('Zoot Allures'), Stevie Wonder ('Songs In The Key Of Life'), Bootsy Collins ('Stretchin Out In Bootsy's Rubber Band')... It was also the year punk incubated and rap was created. Disco was everywhere and not only in clubs anymore, but reggae had also become extremely popular, and many classic records in the genre were released, for example by Burning Spear ('Garvey's Ghost', 'Man In The Hills'), Bob Marley and The Wailers ('Rastaman Vibration'), Bunny Wailer ('Blackheart Man') or Lee Perry and The Upsetters ('Super Ape')... If 1976 wasn't the best, and yes there is a lot to forget, it was still a very cool year to dig for music!

Paris DJs Soundsystem presents 1976 - Standards Versions and Revamps Vol 17
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents 1976 - Standards, Versions and Revamps Vol.17
(MP3 Podcast on 2016-04-05

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Tracklisting :

Dorothy Moore - Misty Blue

01. Dorothy Moore - Dark End of the Street
(from 'Misty Blue' album, 1976 / Malaco)
JAMES CARR cover, more info on wikipedia

Written during the summer of 1966 by Dan Penn and Chips Moman, 'The Dark End of the Street' is one of the classic cheatin' songs. It was first recorded by singer James Carr later the same year, and became his trademark song. Dorothy Moore's version of the song might become your favorite out of the many out there...

Kellee Patterson - Kellee

02. Kellee Patterson - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More, Baby
(from 'Kellee' album, 1976 / Shadydrook)
BARRY WHITE cover, more info on wikipedia

This cover of Barry White's 1973 hit is a classic in Paris DJs book. It was reissued on 45 by Jazzman Records in 2010 and the 7 inch rarely leaves the bag. A pure crowd pleaser!

King Errisson - The Magic Man

03. King Errisson - Sleep Talk
(from 'The Magic Man' album, 1976 / Westbound)
THE OHIO PLAYERS cover, more info on wikipedia

One of the most in-demand percussionists of the 70s, notably with David Axelrod, King Errisson recorded two albums in 1976 and 1977 with the Westbound label, hence the monster funky disco cover of labelmates The Ohio Players in there, originally on their 1973 album 'Ecstasy'.

Esther Phillips - Capricorn Princess

04. Esther Phillips - (Your Love Has Lifted Me) Higher And Higher
(from 'Capricorn Princess' album, 1976 / Kudu)
JACKIE WILSON cover, more info on wikipedia

Produced by Carl Davis, arranged by sonny Sanders, recorded by the Funk Brothers at Columbia's studios in Chicago, this tune was first voiced by The Dells for Chess Records, but wasn't released until Jackie Wilson made it a number 1 hit later the same year. Esther Phillips' version from 1976 is irresistible, with its funky discoïdal bounce, gospel chorus and midtempo groove.

The Button Down Brass - Funk In Hell

05. Ray Davis & The Button Down Brass - Superstition
(from 'Funk In Hell' album, 1976 / DJM)
STEVIE WONDER cover, more info on wikipedia

The Button Down Brass featuring the funky trumpet of Ray Davies is one of England's best kept secrets. Released in 1976 on DJM Records, their album 'Funk In Hell' features some of their finest tracks and some dope covers such as Stevie Wonder's 'Superstition' (played here) or Willie Bobo's 'Evil Ways" (played in this 2012 Paris DJs mix).

Phoebe Snow - It Looks Like Snow

06. Phoebe Snow - Shakey Ground
(from 'It Looks Like Snow' album, 1976 / Columbia)
THE TEMPTATIONS cover, more info on wikipedia

After a million-selling first album in 1974, American singer Phoebe Snow signed up to Columbia and released the jazzier and more introspective 'Second Childhood' in 1976, produced by Phil Ramone. Later the same year she put out the rockier 'It Looks Like Snow', produced by David Rubinson, on which you will find two amazing covers: The Beatles 'Don't Let Me Down' and The Temptations 'Shakey Ground'. We picked the latter for this mix, a song co-written by Eddie Hazel, guitarist for Funkadelic. It was The Temptations' last number 1 hit in 1975.

Jesse Colin Young - On The Road

07. Jesse Colin Young - What's Going On/Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
(from 'On The Road' album, 1976 / Warner Bros.)
MARVIN GAYE cover, more info on wikipedia

Marvin's 1971 classic 'What's Going On' has been covered so many times that's it's hard to find a really interesting interpretation. Jesse Colin Young, former lead singer of The Youngbloods in the 60s, put out a smooth but groovy version on his 1976 self-produced album 'On The Road', actually a medley with another Marvin tune, 'Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)', with some really interesting meddling of the vocals with the flute and soprano sax lines.

The Slickers - Many Rivers To Cross

08. The Slickers - I Shot The Sheriff
(from 'Many Rivers To Cross' album, 1976 / Klik)
BOB MARLEY cover, more info on wikipedia

Two years after Eric Clapton brought Bob Marley's famous song to the number 1 spot, The Slickers recorded this back-to-reggae version, with some very funky guitar playing!

Charles Brimmer - Soulman

09. Charles Brimmer - Your Man's Gonna Be In Trouble
(from 'Soulman' album, 1976 / Chelsea)

Written by one of New Orleans' great soulmen, Tony Owens, this song blatantly rips off the basic structure and groove of Bill Withers' famous 1972 hit, 'Use Me', even though the vocals delivery, arrangement and tight playing make this song first rate stuff. The Charles Brimmer album it was released on didn't sell well so it never became a legal problem anyway.

Harlem Underground Band - Harlem Underground

10. Harlem Underground Band - Ain't No Sunshine
(from 'Harlem Underground' album, 1976 / Paul Winley)
BILL WITHERS cover, more info on wikipedia

Re-released under the name of George Benson with The Harlem Underground Band in 1978 after the success of Benson's albums 'Breezin' and 'In Flight', truth is this George Benson was just a sideman in this Harlem Undergound Band... Check the killer drums on their cover of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine'. Bill Withers originally released his version on 45 as the B-side to another song called 'Harlem'... funny coincidence!

Alfredito Linares - Salsa De Verdad

11. Alfredito Linares - Ain't No Sunshine
(from 'Salsa De Verdad' album, 1976 / Fonodisco)
BILL WITHERS cover, more info on wikipedia

Recruited those last year for Quantic's Combo Bárbaro band, world renown piano master from Peru Alfredito Linares has been recording for more than five decades now. Extracted from his second album released in 1976 (after one with Grupo Mango), 'Salsa de Verdad', his salsa interpretation of Bill Withers' 'Ain't No Sunshine' is the perfect counterpoint to the funky melancolic one played just before in this mix, and closes the program on a very uplifting note.

Total time : 41mn 26s

Credits :
Selected by Djouls (
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

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