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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Wearplay LP#20 - Don't Sell Your Soul 45s (T-shirt/Mix bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2017)

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dont Sell Your Soul 45s

In the back of my mind I had this idea for quite some time, of a selection of vinyl we have in stock at the Paris DJs Record Store. In between other projects I finally managed to make it a reality, thanks to Erik Rug and Loik Dury who helped me pick the best tunes from our 45s stocks, thanks to Grant Phabao who carefully mixed the tracks and mastered the whole thing, and thanks to Ben Hito, who draw another one of his superb creative works to illustrate the mix. Expect uplifting soul, cinematic soul, soul ballads, psychedelic soul, chicano soul, soul-jazz, funky soul, balearic soul, soulful breaks, gospel soul, latin soul, yiddish soul and maybe even modern soul… Most of the records played in this mix are still available in our store, but be quick to grab your favorites because quantities are strictly limited, as with all independent vinyl from today. And don't hesitate to get the collector Wearplay made in France T-shirt we've printed thanks to our partner Le T-shirt Français! - (Djouls)


J'avais en tête depuis longtemps de préparer une sélection de vinyles issus du stock de notre boutique de disques Paris DJs. Entre deux projets j'ai finalement réussi à donner corps à cette idée, grâce à Erik Rug et Loik Dury, qui m'ont filé un coup de main pour choisir les meilleurs tracks dans nos stocks de 45 tours, grâce à Grant Phabao, qui a soigneusement mixé et masterisé le tout, et grâce à Ben Hito, qui a dessiné le superbe visuel qui illustre ce mix. Attendez-vous à de la soul sous de nombreuse formes, uplifting, cinematic, ballads, psychedelic, chicano, jazz, funk, balearic, gospel, latin, modern voire même yiddish… La majorité des disques joués dans ce mix sont disponibles dans notre boutique, mais il va falloir vous dépêcher de réserver vos préférés car les quantités sont très limitées, comme pour tous les vinyles indépendants d'aujourd'hui. Et n'hésitez pas à vous dégoter un T-shirt collector made in france imprimé par notre partenaire Le T-shirt Français! - (Djouls)

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Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dont Sell Your Soul 45s
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Dont Sell Your Soul 45s
A selection of soulful 7s from the Paris DJs private record store
(MP3 Podcast on 2017-09-26

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Tracklisting :

01. Willie Dale - Let Your Light Shine
(from 'Let Your Light Shine' 7 inch, 2017 / Athens Of The North)
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02. David Porter - I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over Pt.2
(from 'I'm Afraid The Masquerade Is Over' promo 7 inch, 2017 / Enterprise)
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03. Bobby Oroza - This Love, Part 1
(from 'This Love' 7 inch, 2016 / Timmion)
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04. MNP - Dip Dab
(from 'Heavy Tint' 7 inch, 2017 / Audio Delights)
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05. Cold Diamond & Mink - Queen Of Soul, Part 1
(from 'Queen Of Soul' 7 inch, 2016 / Timmion)
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06. Pratt & Moody With Cold Diamond & Mink - Lost Lost Lost
(from 'Lost Lost Lost' 7 inch, 2017 / Timmion)
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07. Sunny & The Sunliners - Should I Take You Home
(from 'Should I Take You Home' 7 inch, 2017 / Big Crown)
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08. The Headhunters - If You've Got It, You'll Get It
(from 'God Make Me Funky' 7 inch, 2017 / Soul Brother)
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09. East Of Underground - Smiling Faces
(from ' Smiling Faces ' 7 inch, 2017 / Ocean Of Tears)
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10. Wayne McGhie - Love Is The Answer
(from ' Love Is The Answer ' 7 inch, 2017 / Tramp)
buy 45

11. The Rhythm Snipers - Standing Rock
(from 'Standing Rock' 7 inch, 2017 / Mocambo)
buy 45

12. El Michels Affair feat. Lee Fields & The Shacks - Tearz (45 Mix)
(from 'Tearz ' 7 inch, 2017 / Big Crown)
buy 45

13. Eric Boss - Closer To The Spirit (Part 1)
(from 'Closer To The Spirit' 7 inch, 2017 / Mocambo)
buy 45

14. The Willow Band - Willow Man
(from 'Willowman' 7 inch, 2017 / Expansion)
buy 45

15. The Gene Dudley Group - I've Changed (feat. E)
(from 'I've Changed' 7 inch, 2015 / Wah Wah 45s)
buy 45

16. Zebra - Simple Song
(from 'Simple Song' 7 inch, 2017 / Athens Of The North)
buy 45

17. Doulas & Lonero - This Time
(from 'This Time' 7 inch, 2017 / AOE)
buy 45

18. Edith Peters - This Is The Moment
(from 'This Is The Moment' 7 inch, 2017 / Schema)
buy 45

19. Hard Drivers feat. Vivian Lee - Since I Was A Little Girl
(from 'Since I Was A Little Girl' 7 inch, 2017 / Athens Of The North)
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20. The Haggis Horns - Take It Back (feat. Doc Brown)
(from 'Take It Back' 7 inch, 2017 / Haggis)
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21. Maureen Bailey - Takin' My Time with You
(from 'Takin' My Time With You' 7 inch, 2017 / Soul Brother)
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22. Esperanto - Latin Strut
(from 'Futebol De Bar' 7 inch, 2017 / Freestyle)
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23. Babe Wallace - Dizengoff
(from 'Dizengoff' 7 inch, 2017 / Blue Beat)
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24. Reuben Bell - Superjock
(from ' Superjock' 7 inch, 2017 / Alarm)
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25. Ernie Hawks and The Soul Investigators - Scorpio Man Theme
(from 'Scorpio Man Theme' 7 inch, 2017 / Timmion)
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Total time : 81mn 20s

Credits :
Selected by Djouls ( with the help of Loik Dury and Erik Rug
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

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Links :
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Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook


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super article.

renard renard ·  08 October 2017, 17:26

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