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Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Incredible & Out-There Covers

Paris DJs Soundsystem Incredible and Out-There Covers

This is the 5th is a series of 10 mixes of thematic covers hosted on 10 different blogs/websites, announcing or celebrating the Paris DJs mix #400 to be aired at right after christmas… and maybe the funnier one! Our friends hosting the mix this time come from Italy, check Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections for some hip hop, reggae, jazz & soul mixtapes and news. This mix, on an 'around the world' tip, might be the most eclectic one of the latest series, with some really surprising re-interpretations. The selections have been prepared by Djouls, mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao, and each mix comes with a unique design from illustrator Ben Hito. It's the same kind of vibe as our 'Molesting Laura' series, but without the 'molesting Laura' in the title... Featuring Al Caiola, Les Baxter, Flames Of Araby, Hijos de Agüeybaná, Juncal y sus Calistros, Little Francisco Greaves, Los Albas, Los Colorados, Malik Adouane, Manny Manuel, Mariachi El Bronx, Mohamed Amer, Sakarin Boonpit, Sroeng Santi, Vanusa

Paris DJs Soundsystem Incredible and Out-There Covers
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Incredible & Out-There Covers
(MP3 download on 2012-12-19

Tracklisting :
01. Les Baxter - Sway (¿Quién será?)
(Pablo Beltrán Ruiz cover, from 'Caribbean Moonlight' album, 1956 / Capitol)
02. George Abdo And His "Flames Of Araby" Orchestra - Misirlou
(Dick Dale cover, from 'The Joy Of Belly Dancing ' album, 1975 / Monitor)
03. Mariachi El Bronx - I Would Die 4 U
(Prince cover, from 'Purplish Rain' compilation, 2009 / Spin Magazine)
04. Little Francisco Greaves - Hiko-Iko
(The Dixie Cups cover, from 'Quantic Presents Tropical Funk Experience' compilation, 2010 / Demon Music Group)
05. Mohamed Amer - Let's Get It On
(Marvin Gaye cover, from 'The Dictator' soundtrack, 2012 / Aladeen)
06. Los Colorados - Let It Be
(The Beatles cover, from 'Move It!' album, 2012 / Motor Music)
07. Vanusa - Hey Joe
(Billy Roberts cover, from 'Vanusa' album, 1969 / RCA)
08. Hijos de Agüeybaná - Te Invito
(inspired by The Dixie Cups song "Iko Iko", from 'Agua Del Sol' album, 2012 / Tumi Music)
09. Sroeng Santi - Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng
(Black Sabbath "Ironman" cover, from 'Thai! Dai!' compilation, 2011 / Finders Keepers)
10. Malik Adouane - Theme From Shaft
(Isaac Hayes cover, from 'Orient Meets Funk Brothers and Soul Sisters' album, 2006 / EMI Arabia)
11. Q.A.S.B. + Ryuhei The Man - The Mexican Part 1
(Babe Ruth cover, from 'The Mexican' 7 inch, 2012 / Soul Garden)
12. Al Caiola - Istanbul
(The Four Lads cover, from 'Have Guitar Will Travel' album, 1965 / United Artists)
13. Juncal y sus Calistros - Tequila
(The Champs cover, released in 1971, from 'Acid Rumba: Spanish Gypsy Grooves 1969-1976' compilation, 2011 / Hundergrum)
14. Manny Manuel - I Want To Hold Your Hand (Dame La Mano Y Ven)
(The Beatles cover, from 'Tropical Tribute To The Beatles' compilation, 1996 / RMM)
15. Los Albas - A Little Bit Hurt
(Julian Covey & The Machine cover, from 'Los Albas' album, 1969 / Vergara)
16. Sakarin Boonpit - Kotmorn Yoop Yap (All Shook Up)
(Elvis Presley cover, from 'สักรินทร์ ปุญญฤทธิ์' album, 1978 / Metro Records Thailand)

Paris DJs Soundsystem Incredible and Out-There Covers

Credits :
Selection by Djouls from the Paris DJs Soundsystem (
Mix and audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork by Ben Hito (

Links :
Mix hosted on Martini & Jopparelli's Music Selections
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

Press Release :

10 different blogs or websites run by people supporting us, collaborating with us or just following us have accepted to host an exclusive thematic mix of covers, in the vein of our cult 'Molesting Laura' series, mixed by Grant Phabao & Djouls from the Paris DJs Soundsystem and illustrated by Ben Hito.

One more mix in this series will be offered on Paris DJs, between dec 25 and dec 31st. This mix will be the 400th one posted on the site and the last one of the Paris DJs podcast. As with the closing part of fireworks, we wanted to do a 'bouquet final', releasing 11 mixes in just a few days...

But this is not the end, Paris DJs is now a label releasing something new every week, with lots of surprises and collaborations to happen in 2013. We intend to keeping on painting the Internet wind in many ways. Thanks for staying connected.

The 10 blogs & websites where you'll find the 10 mixes :


Stay informed of all things Paris DJs and beyond thanks to our Twitter news

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