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Paris DJs Playlist - December 2012

Before the 2 last mixes, the new year's eve craze and the year-end 'Best Of' list, we're not forgetting our regular readers who follow our monthly selection of records and music sent to us by labels, artists & friends... So here's our latest playlist of the year! Some have been released a few months back already, some have just been out in december 2012, and some are promo copies of records to be released in 2013…

Paris DJs Playlist December 2012

The December 2012 Paris DJs Playlist :

01. Grant Phabao presents The Lone Ranger - The Mobsta (Paris DJs digital single) info | buy
02. Super Hi-Fi - Dub To The Bone (Electric Cowbell LP) info | buy
03. The Frightnrs - 12/21/12 (Self-released digital EP) info | buy
04. The Skints - Part & Parcel (Soulbeats CD/LP) info/buy

First things first, let's start with what's happening on the Jamaican music front. While in Paris, legendary deejay The Lone Ranger keeps on re-inventing his rub-a-dub art every year, and with his partner in crime Grant Phabao on production once again, his latest single might leave you speechless. New York, or more precisely Brooklyn is not to be forgotten, especially the cult Don't Trip Studios from Victor Axelrod a.k.a. Ticklah who never stops producing marvelous roots reggae & dub vibes. His latest recording for The Frightnrs is another must-have of rocksteady coolness. From the same neighborhood you may also find Super Hi-Fi, Brooklyn's premiere two-trombone dub experience, who's LP "Dub To The Bone" released on Electric Cowbell Records might be the best reggae album we've heard this year. We also had a nice surprise coming from London, The Skints, a really fresh second album from the ska quartet, produced by Prince Fatty.

05. Barney Wilen - Moshi Too (Sonorama CD/2LP) info | buy
06. Franck Biyong & The Diamane Bantu Messengers - C.F.A. Music (Paris DJs digital single) info | buy
07. Jettricks presents Karthala 72 - Diable du Feu + Remixes (Electric Cowbell LP) info | buy
08. Various - Afrobeatproject y Enlace Funk presentan La Música Es El Arma Del Futuro (Enlace Funk CD) info | buy

Let's now check what's been rambling on the Afro front. French jazz saxophonist Barney Willen has got some unreleased tapes of psychedelic desert blues and spiritual afrojazz coming out on Sonorama, from his travels through Morocco, Algeria, Niger, Mali, Upper Volta and Senegal to Dakar with a group of musicians and filmmakers in 1969-70. Those who've been entranced by his 'Moshi' album released in 1972 will find a way to get this limited double vinyl treasure. Now back to today and African music happening all over the world, starting with Franck Biyong and Grant Phabao blending afrobeat with ethio jazz and blaxploitation funk with the help of Les Frères Smith on the 'C.F.A. Music' single released on Paris DJs. Definitively one of the afrobeat tracks of the year! We can then travel all the way to Brooklyn and Electric Cowbell Records once again, who've put out a mesmerizing 1970's psychedelic afrorock freakout album from Karthala 72, with its bonus remix album to fill up the plate. And then way back to spain where most of the Spanish afrobeat scene has gathered on a Fela tribute compilation, 'La Música Es El Arma Del Futuro', featuring two of the bands we've been following for some time, Pyramid Blue and the Alma Afrobeat Ensemble… Africa is the music of the future and the future is now and everywhere!

09. Alice Russell - To Dust (Tru Thoughts CD) info | buy
10. Mark de Clive-Lowe & the Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra - Take The Space Trane (Tru Thoughts CD) info | buy
11. The Real Tuesday Weld - Moon Setting (Crammed Discs CD EP) info | buy
12. Tommy Guerrero - No Mans Land (Rush Production Music Japan CD) info | buy

Paris DJs is not only about reggae and afro, and we've heard some very interesting organic soul, jazz or pop music too this month. Alice Russell released a gem of an album with Quantic this year (from which a new single, 'Magadalena' is just out - tip: check out the marvelous acoustic version!), she'll be back with another one in february next year, produced this time with ™ Juke, which gathers at least 5 unmissable singles. Doubtlessly one of the greatest soul singers of our times. Also to be released on Tru Thoughts Recordings, the new Mark de Clive-Lowe album sees the pianist' joining forces with a jazz big band. A neo-classic for all the jazz heads out there that's gonna dust off your speakers! On a lighter note we received a cool holiday present from The Real Tuesday Weld in the form of a CD of bonus tracks and remixes from his recent 'The Last Werewolf' album. The new Puppini Sisters collaboration alone makes it worth hunting for alone. Another one that's going to make big waves on the 21st century swing scene. The rest of the EP is pure Tuesday Weld, antique beats meet pop classicism, addictive as ever. Finally, we wanted to point out that a new Tommy Guerrero album's been released in Japan, and we managed to get our ears on it. The man seems to be keeping on raising the trippy Mo' Wax flag all by himself these days. He might even be Clutchy Hopkins!!

13. Flevans - Take What You Need EP (Jack To Phono digital single) info | buy
14. Fringe Character - Some Thing, Some Thought (Lion Of Istan Music CD) info | buy
15. Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X - I'm New Here (Ninja Tune digital single) info | buy
16. The Olympic Cyclone Band - Season's Greetings (Jalapeno CD) info | buy

Coming out january 7th on Jack To Phono Records, the new Flevans single is another step forward into wobbling post breakbeat club beats. Brighton's finest' electronica with strong hooks that makes us eagerly awaiting the album that's gonna follow. From Madison, USA comes Fringe Character and his second EP of downtempo grooves, expanding his sound with the addition of rappers, and guest horns from members of The Budos Band/Antibalas. A cool neo-chillout soundtrack that lets us hope for the best for the young man's future. On a more urban tip, the new Jesse Boykins III & MeLo-X (aka Zulu Guru) single 'I'm New Here' is another killer 21st century soul piece, deep and uniquely moving. The Jacques Greene remix of 'The Perfect Blues' that's coming next is also quite a treat, in its silky deep house dressing, pure chilled sensuality and grandiose melancholy… And we'll conclude this monthly palylist with the christmas album of the year, concocted by Dr Rubberfunk and Hint under the name Olympic Cyclone Band, a really funky one that's gonna be featured in xmas mixes and compilations for many years.

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