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About Paris DJs

Paris DJs

Paris DJs is an International Music Bureau.

We're a team of creative music strategists monitoring emerging music trends.
Our international network of artists, DJs & labels is growing day after day.
We produce reggae, afro, soul, and more audio goodness, to be released on the newly launched Paris DJs label.
We share exclusive free podcasts delivered to more than 50,000 avid audiophiles each month.
We publish cutting-edge reviews, interviews and music. And finally, we're a worldwide reference site for soul, funk, afrobeat, reggae/dub, latin, alt hip-hop, jazz, jam bands, electronic , soundtrack and library lovers.

"Indexing my content on Paris DJs for a year got me more feedback and work opportunities than releasing music on a label for 5 years" - Franck Biyong / Massak, producer/ France

"I like it when people do things so carefully and thoroughly - all properly referenced - there is less and less of that these days" - Stephen Coates / The Real Tuesday Weld, producer / UK

"I receive every Paris DJs entry into my email, it really helps keeping me updated on all the quality music that gets out there" - Sebastien Lawkyz, A&R for Musicast (Distributor) / France

"It's great to know that a lot of people want to hear the unusual kind of music that we love. You must have worked very hard to build up such a good dedicated following, great work." - DJ Format, DJ/producer / UK

"Love this idea, I must say - of a companion playlist - and REALLY like this cover. Hats off to whom ever is behind it." - Joe Henry, producer / USA

"Our buddies over at Paris DJs are quickly becoming the go-to guys for offering up the next-to-impossible." - Egon / Now-Again Records, artistic director / USA

"I Love what Paris DJs are doing" - Itai Shapira, producer / USA

"One of the 5 good places to download mixes" - Vibrations Magazine / Switzerland

"Paris Local Heroes - A production powerhouse" - Spin Magazine / USA (dec. 2008)

"Toutes les semaines, on récupère gratuitement des morceaux introuvables ou presque, avec un seul mot d'ordre: télécharger fait du bien à la musique" - Le Monde / France (dec. 2006)

Every week we publish two mixes : one from a guest of our choice (usually on tuesdays), and one from members of our crew (usually during the weekend).
At least twice a month we publish an interview or a portrait of a current artist (usually on thursdays).
And every month we publish a playlist of the best records sent to us during the last 30 days, with full reviews and a companion Bag of Goodies mix to go along with our selection.

Our mixes include an original artwork, full credits, a detailed tracklisting with links and art cover for each track played, and a unique pro audio mastering.
We try to cover original themes, 21st century music as well as rare recordings, with mostly music you don't hear on the radio.
We filter the amazing amount of music that's been released each week and try to spread the gospel on what we feel is good for the ears, mind and booty.

It's our job to deliver the experience consumers expect.

Follow us here on, or on our social networks : Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud or Youtube.

The Paris DJs Team


Artistic Director/Editor in chief

Julien 'Djouls' Lakshmanan is no stranger to the music family worldwide. This tireless contemporary gems digger has been an artistic director/webmaster for Universal Music (working with 4,000 artists simultaneously !), a record store owner with Superfly records in Paris, a journalist, and much more. In a nutshell, he's a content manager who co-created the Paris DJs website and who brings art & marketing together with an undisputable flair.

Grant Phabao

Production director

Sound engineer, multi-instrumentalist, he's produced about fifteen albums and almost a hundred remixes, among which The Lone Ranger, Carlton Livingston (Studio One), Antipop Consortium, Nostalgia 77, Alice Russell, Quantic Soul Orchestra (Tru Thoughts), Ty (Big Dada), George Clinton... You inevitably already heard him since David Guetta has been playing his "Tub" for more than 10 years... because each Metropolitan movie starts with a jingle of his... and because he did the audio mastering on nearly all Paris DJs mixes since the beginning in 2005!

Nicolas Ragonneau

Special correspondent

Fell into music since his mother offered him his first vinyl record in 1979 - The Police's "Regatta de Blanc". A book publisher, author and free-lance journalist for more than 15 years now, he's been helping Paris DJs to reach new heights with his network of artists and labels and his taste for numerous musical genres.

Loik Dury

Composer, producer, DJ, Radio Nova programming director between 1987 and 1997, he creates the famous Novamix, and also composes music for fashion shows of creators such as Kenzo, Karl Lagerfeld, etc, as well as movie soundtracks, notably for Cédric Klapisch (L'Auberge Espagnole, Les Poupées Russes, Paris, Ma Part du Gâteau…). He's with Djouls one of Paris DJs' founders.

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