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Online & Social Release Kit

Paris DJs Online Release Kit

Community Management through Paris DJs networks : an Online & Social Release Kit for releases & catalog content indexing + search engines optimization.

Paris DJs is not just announcing releases, we publish a complete information page, with artwork, formats, release date, catalog number, label, styles, tracklisting, audio and video Streams, press release, biography and discography when possible.

One of the advantages is in the Google indexing (and other search engines too), with a dynamic XML feed that bloggers, radio programmers, promoters and other music people can subscribe to and keep updated on what you do and on what the Paris DJs community is about. And with our in-depth linkage to your own site and social networks, you're also able to index your own pages on Google!

Paris DJs Google Indexing

Also, our content automatically spreads over blogs and music forums which are used to pull the information from Paris DJs as a credible one from a respected brand. You need some kind of brand recognition. it's like everything else. If people don't know you from somewhere, it's very unlikely they're gonna listen to you, whether it's free or not. Indexing your content on Paris DJs gives you access to the Paris DJs brand credibility.

"I receive every Paris DJs entry into my email, it really helps keeping me updated on all the quality music that gets out there" - Sebastien Lawkyz, A&R for Musicast (Distributor, France)

And then we relay the information published on Paris DJs on our active social networks :
- : Djouls' personal network of mostly music professionals
- : fans of parisdjs
- : both fans and music pros

You're getting exposure through our media, and this exposure is relayed on our social networks. But that's not enough for us.
Thanks to the long-term Paris DJs experience and knowledge of our audience, we can find out for you the most essential prescribers, influencers and early adopters who will make the buzz for you.

There's a million friends of our fans out there and we're ready to identify the ones who will effectively be active for you !

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