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Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible - Bulevard 2000 - out on Nacional

Nortec Collective Bostich Fussible Bulevard 2000
Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible - Bulevard 2000
(CD/Digital) Nacional Records (US) / Because Music (France), 2010-01-24

After a decade of having created the sound that defines the border, the Nortec Collective evolves. From this metamorphosis, appears the current production that is Bulevar 2000 which include Bostich + Fussible. When Nortec fused electronica with the popular sounds of northern Mexico, it created that unique sound that has become emblematic not only of the border, but of an entire generation. In Bulevar 2000, Nortec, via the experimentation with new technology and the consolidation of a rhythm, again, reestablishes the well know sounds of Bostich + Fussible. Bulevar 2000, more than a new album, creates a new city, fully created by this pure sounds.

Nortec Collective Bostich Fussible Bulevard 2000
Nortec Collective presents: Bostich + Fussible - Bulevard 2000
(CD/Digital) Nacional Records (US) / Because Music (France), 2010-01-24

Tracklisting :
01. Radio Borderland
02. I Count the Ways
03. Punta Banda
04. We're Too Late
05. Bulevar 2000
06. One Night
07. Must Love
08. Do It
09. Last View from Slussen
10. Centinela
11. Oh Yes!

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Press Release :
Nacional Records is proud to announce the September 14th release of Nortec Collective's new Bostich + Fussible album 'Bulevar 2000.' The album is the follow-up to the duo's GRAMMY-nominated release 'Tijuana Sound Machine.' In the coming months, Bostich + Fussible will play high-profile dates from the Austin City Limits Festival to North Carolina's Moogfest and from Brazil to Shanghai, China.

While 'Tijuana Sound Machine' was a trip around the city, 'Bulevar 2000' follows the car leaving Tijuana on one of its most notorious streets. In fact, the car from 'Tijuana Sound Machine' passed by this place and several of its police check-point recordings were included on the previous album.

"Bulevar 2000 is one of the newest and most important avenues in the urban development of Tijuana," says Ramon Amezcua (Bostich). "It provides the route out of the city. But it is also one of Tijuana's most dangerous avenues, plagued with assaults and accidents due to a lack of vigilance. Hence it is a very symbolic name for everyone in Tijuana."

The new album's lead single is "I Count The Ways," one of the group's most developed songs lyrically and with featured vocals by Kylee Swenson of San Francisco-based indie electro pop act Loquat.

Bulevar 2000: Radioborderland From Nortec Collective Presents:Bostich+Fussible

As 'Tijuana Sound Machine' found Bostich + Fussible collaborating directly with Regional Mexican musicians in the studio, the group's current standard live setup now features their backing band as well. In the past year, they've played major U.S. stages like Bonnaroo, Outside Lands and Central Park SummerStage as well as around the globe from Sweden and Germany to Australia. Following their performance at Treasure Island Music Festival in San Francisco, SF Weekly said that, "The highlight was the Nortec Collective: Bostich + Fussible… the best dance music of all time. It's sexy, suave and has real instruments."

The duo has developed a particularly strong following in Scandanavia, even performing on Norwegian late-night TV. On the new album, Fussible wrote a beautiful, mostly-acoustic track called "Last Night In Slussen," about a neighborhood in Stockholm.

Bostich + Fussible have also recently performed with symphonic orchestras across Mexico. In a landmark concert that celebrated the 10th anniversary of Nortec Collective, Bostich + Fussible rocked a full concert with the Baja California Orchestra for 25,000 ecstatic fans in the streets of Tijuana. While fusing Regional Mexican arrangements with a classic orchestra proved quite complicated at first, the eventual result and crowd response caused the group to enlist the orchestra's conductor Alberto Nunez Palacio for the new album. Nunez-Palacio, an expatriate Argentine who has worked with the great tango-fusionist Astor Piazzolla, wrote string and horn arrangements on the new tracks "I Count The Ways" and "Bulevar 2000," respectively.

Punta Banda Vive2011 Written and Produced by Ramón Amezcua (Bostich / Nortec)

Reed Johnson of the Los Angeles Times explained why the fusion works: "Too often, jam sessions between pop players and black-tied symphonists are pretentious vanity projects that use high-culture appurtenances to mask a paucity of ideas and technique. But unlike many of their pop-techno peers, Mogt [Fussible] and the conservatory-trained Amezcua [Bostich] are longtime students of classical music.... They can rap for hours about the game-changing synthetic sonic architecture of Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side of the Moon,' or about how techno is a rich source of the dissonant sounds and serial sequences of which contemporary classical composers are fond."

Bostich + Fussible have always been early adopters of the most cutting-edge new performance gadgets, such as their incorporation of the Yamaha Tenori-On into the group's live shows for years before indie rockers and electronica groups took them on. Now the duo uses their new iPads as an integral part of their space station-like set. "We've designed a customized interface for the iPad that helps wirelessly control all our computers and synthesizers which are mounted into our live show's control panel," Fussible says.

After a decade of devastation on the Tijuana nightlife, a new independent scene has resurfaced in their city downtown.

"Tijuana is finally reaching a new era," Fussible says. "The Centro Cultural has opened a special hall where we can organize productive workshops. While 6th Street used to only have a couple cantinas and abandoned businesses, those spaces have now been converted into great bars which are being supported by independent promoters with good taste in music. This is giving a real space to local musicians and DJs to expose their work and develop a scene."

Vive latino 2011 con Nortec presenta: Bostich+Fussible

Despite the escalated violence in Tijuana, Nortec still proves to be a positive and proud representation of the city to the rest of the world. The group's commitment to their city is unwavering.

"Tijuana is the city that helped us discover electronic music across the globe in the early 80s. At the beginning of the Nortec movement, it was what helped develop this project, considering Tijuana is the point of inspiration - its people, its spaces, its social problems and its multiculturalism," Fussible says. "We are from Tijuana and if it's more violent now, we have to adapt to it accordingly. If tomorrow it suddenly becomes the most safe city in the world, well then, we will still be here."

Nortec Collective features four artists: Fussible (Pepe Mogt), Bostich (Ramón Amezcua), Clorofila (Jorge Verdín) and Hiperboreal (PG Beas).  These musicians created and perform a style of music that they invented called Nortec - a fusion of Norteño ("from the North") and Techno, documenting the collision between the style and culture of electronica and traditional Mexican music.

Biography (French) :
"Bulevar 2000", le nouvel album de Bostich et Fussible succède à "Tijuana Sound Machine", deux fois nominé aux Grammy Awards en 2006. Alors que ce dernier album racontait un voyage autour de la ville, "Bulevar 2000" suit la voiture qui quitte Tijuana par l'une de ses routes les plus connues. "Bulevar 2000 est une artère centrale dans le développement urbain de Tijuana", affirme Ramon Amezcua (Bostich). "Ce boulevard sort de la ville, mais c'est aussi l'une des avenues les plus dangereuses de Tijuana, au cœur des agressions et accidents dûs à un manque de vigilance. C'est donc un nom très symbolique pour tous ses habitants." Le premier single "I Count The Ways", est une des chansons les plus développées du groupe lyriquement et invite Kylee Swenson du groupe électro pop de San Francisco, Loquat aux voix. Alors que dans "Tijuana Sound Machine" Bostich + Fussible collaboraient avec des musiciens régionaux uniquement en studio, la formation live actuelle du groupe comprend maintenant aussi des musiciens pour les accompagner. Suite à leur performance au Treasure Island Festival de San Francisco, le SF Weekly affirme que "le point culminant a été Nortec Collective: Bostich + Fussible... la meilleure dance musique de tous les temps, sensuelle, qui intègre enfin de vrais instruments." Lors du concert qui marquait les 10 ans de Nortec Collective, Bostich + Fussible ont joué avec le Baja California Orchestra (orchestre symphonique) dans les rues de Tijuana, devant 25 000 fans extatiques. Alors que réunir des arrangements traditionnels mexicains et un orchestre classique paraissait compliqué, le résultat final et les réactions du public ont permis au groupe d'engager le chef d'orchestre Alberto Nunez Palacio pour le nouvel album. Nunez-Palacio, qui avait auparavant travaillé avec le musicien de tango Astor Piazzolla, a créé les arrangements de cordes sur "I Count The Ways" et de cors sur "Bulevar 2000". Reed Johnson, du Los Angeles Times explique pourquoi la fusion fonctionne: "Trop souvent, les séances d'improvisation entre des musiciens pop et des symphonistes aboutissent à des projets prétentieux, cachant un manque d'idées et de technique. Contrairement à une grande partie de leurs pairs, Mogt (Fussible) et Amezcua (Bostich) sont des enfants de longue date de la musique classique... Ils peuvent parler pendant des heures de l'architecture sonore de "Dark Side Of The Moon" des Pink Floyd, ou de la techno qui est une source riche de sons dissonants que les musiciens classiques contemporains adorent." Bostich + Fussible ont toujours intégré des gadgets avant-gardistes à leurs performances, comme le Yamaha Tenori-On dans leurs concerts bien avant que les groupes indie rocks et l'electronica ne l'utilisent. Aujourd'hui, ils utilisent leurs iPads dans leur set live qui leur permet un contrôle sans fil sur tous leurs ordinateurs et synthétiseurs sur scène. Après une décennie de dévastation, une nouvelle scène indépendante a refait surface dans le centre ville. "Tijuana rentre enfin dans une nouvelle ère", dit Fussible. "Le centre culturel a ouvert un hall dans lequel on peut organiser des ateliers productifs. Alors que la 6th street n'avait alors que deux cantines et des entreprises abandonnées, ces espaces ont maintenant été convertis en bars soutenus par des promoteurs indépendants au bon goût. Cela donne un véritable espace aux musiciens et DJs locaux pour présenter leur travail et construire une nouvelle scène". Malgré la violence constamment présente à Tijuana, Nortec prouve une nouvelle fois être une représentation fière et positive de la ville pour le monde entier. La confiance du groupe en leur ville est inébranlable. "Tijuana est la ville qui nous a permis de découvrir la musique électronique du monde entier au début des années 80. Au début du mouvement Nortec, c'est elle qui nous a permis de développer ce projet, et nous considérons Tijuana comme notre source d'inspiration - son peuple, ses lieux, ses problèmes sociaux et son multiculturalisme", dit Fussible. "Nous sommes de Tijuana et si c'est plus violent aujourd'hui, nous devons nous adapter en conséquence. Et si demain cette ville devient la plus sûre du monde, nous serons toujours là".


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