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Ninja Tune XX - 20 Years Of Beats 'n' Pieces - Limited Boxset out on Ninja Tune

Ninja Tune XX
Various - Ninja Tune XX - 20 Years Of Beats 'n' Pieces
(6CD Boxset/2CD/2CD) Ninja Tune ZENCD160X/ZENCD160/ZENC160R, 2010-09-20

Ninja Tune are celebrating this year their 20th anniversary. The event is called Ninja Tune XX and some tasty releases will be coming out this autumn... The boxset is a limited edition thing. The ZENCD160 is a double CD of exclusive new tracks! The ZENCD160R is a double CD of exclusive new remixes!! And there's a 192 pages book called '20 Years of Beats & Pieces' released in August 2010 by Black Dog Publishing, which is in the boxset with 3 double CDs and a bunch of 45s... Check the tracklist!!

Ninja Tune XX
Various - Ninja Tune XX - 20 Years Of Beats 'n' Pieces
(6CD Boxset/2CD/2CD) Ninja Tune ZENCD160X/ZENCD160/ZENC160R, 2010-09-20

The NINJA TUNE XX box-set contains the following stuff which is 100% exclusive to the box-set and unavailable anywhere else in the world:

- 2 x CDs + 6 x 7"s featuring new tracks from Mr Scruff, Toddla T, Kid Koala, Wagon Christ, Jaga Jazzist, King Geedorah, DJ Food, Kyle Hall, The Heavy, The Qemists, King Cannibal, Blockhead and unreleased archive tracks from The Cinematic Orchestra and Roots Manuva AND new remixes from Modeselektor, Cut Chemist, Zomby, Scuba, Dorian Concept, EL-P, The Bug, King Jammy, Matthew Herbert, Rustie, Prefuse 73, cLOUDDEAD, 808 State, The Orb, Tom Middleton, Gold Panda, JME, Alix Perez, Joe Goddard (Hot Chip), Doomed (Richard Russell) and Roots Manuva. See tracklists below.

- Membership of NINJA TUNE VIP which entitles you straight away to 2 FREE 12"s (delivered to your door) which are not for sale and unavailable to non-VIP members containing unreleased tracks (tracklists below) and access to a free download of King Cannibal's landmark mix album 'The Way Of The Ninja' featuring over 250 Ninja Tune tracks. Membership also entitles you to free music and promotional goodness in the future and early bird prices on new releases, gig tickets, merch and all sorts of other Ninja-related stuff.

- Hardback edition of the new Ninja Tune book - "NINJA TUNE - 20 Years Of Beats & Pieces" (Black Dog Publishing, 192 pages)

- Ninja Tune 'Family Tree' poster and Ninja Tune artwork poster

The box-set also contains all the Ninja Tune XX CD releases that are available to the general public:

- 2 x double CD compilations < NINJA TUNE XX Vol.1 'Two Decades and a Mixer' > and < NINJA TUNE XX Vol.2 '20 yrs of Beats and Pieces' > featuring mostly new and all killer music from Amon Tobin, Roots Manuva, Toddla T, Mr Scruff, Dorian Concept, Daedelus, Zomby, The Bug, Floating Points Ensemble, Eskmo, Lorn, Fink, Shuttle, Bonobo, Andreya Triana and more. Remixes from Benga, Seiji, Autechre, Flying Lotus, Four Tet, Mark Pritchard, The Cinematic Orchestra, Micachu, Diplo, Daedelus, Joker, Rustie, Metronomy, Dan Le Sac, Todd Edwards, Hot Chip, Gaslamp Killer Mala, (the) King Jammy, Slugabed

At last count that is 106 tracks in the box-set all housed in limited edition hi-spec packaging designed and conceived by Ninja artwork legend Openmind.

There are only 3500 NINJA TUNE XX box-sets and a lot of them are already sold.

You can order the Box Set from the Ninjashop.

Press Release :
So this is it. You've heard us going on about foiling and seven inch singles and clothbound this and that. Now you have in your hands 4 CDs of new music, blinding remixes and full-on exclusives. But first, a recap.

The Ninja Tune label is twenty years old this September. Yes, it's two whole decades since Matt Black and Jon More (aka Coldcut) first released music under that stealthy imprint. And twenty years on Ninja is still going strong, if not stronger, if not stronger than stronger. What we've put together to celebrate this momentous anniversary is not a retrospective but what we're calling a futurespective (that's the kind of people we are. We make up words and you either buy in or we come round your house and suffocate you with a crisp packet). What we mean is it's a compilation of new stuff, of newness and newly made remixes that are new. What we mean is it's really fucking good, what we mean is... oh, just listen.

So, here we go (this is a fool's game in that one man's monkey is another man's amour). In terms of the four CDs you have, particular moments to look out for include (but aren't limited to): Two Fingers' absolutely pummeling opener "Fools"; Autechre's minimalist remix of The Bug's "Skeng"; Toddla T and Ms Dynamite's new collaboration; the return of Big Dada Sound with the cream of the label's UK MCs riding a Bless Beats rhythm; Micachu's remix of Roots Manuva's "Dub Styles"; new and exclusive tracks from Zomby and Dorian Concept (which are killer, but we would say that) ; the Floating Points Ensemble's epic soul-jazz number "Post Suite"; the exquisite link-up between Lou Rhodes and The Cinematic Orchestra on "One Good Thing"; Diplo remix of his own classic "Summer's Gonna Hurt You"; Todd Edward's twisted hijack of Spank Rock's "What It Look Like"; Gaslamp Killer's vicious re-work of DJ Vadim's classic "Terrorist"; the truly far-out "Foley Room" reinterpretation from the Kronos Quartet; Mark Pritchard's virtuosic take on Poirier's "Get Crazy"; Mala's dubphonic interpretation of Andreya Triana's "A Town Called Obsolete"; or a host of killer tracks from new and up-and-coming artists including Eskmo, Emika, Shuttle, Dark Sky, Offshore and DELS. This four CD promo will be - more or less - the first four CDs in the box set - these CDs will also have a general commercial release as two double packs (are you following?). A few tracks haven't come in on schedule and they'll be added but it should give you an idea.

And remember, while all of this material will be available in two 2CD packs for consumption in your local HMV, the box set will contain two further complete CDs, plus six 7" singles which will NEVER be anywhere other than in that box. Or on your turntable, obviously. Plus box set owners will also be able to download the King Cannibal mix album, "The Way Of The Ninja" and will be sent 2 free exclusive 12"s more details of which below, cos we just can't give you enough...

What you haven't got, but will also be in the box set is further exclusive music and remixes by Coldcut, Roots Manuva, King Geedorah, The Cinematic Orchestra, Zomby, Modeselektor , The Orb, Cut Chemist,Gold Panda, 808 State, Jaga Jazzist, Prefuse 73, Tom Middleton, King Jammy, Dorian Concept, The Heavy, Mr Scruff, EL-P, Kid Koala, Rustie, Doomed (aka Richard Russell of XL Records fame, cLOUDDEAD, The Amorphous Androgynous, Matthew Herbert and many more... (phew)

And, even though by now you are completely exhausted and intimidated by the sheer MAGNIFICENCE of the package we have placed on the table in front of you, its weight, its depth, the circumference of that bad boy, despite all that we still have more to say.

There are 12"s. There are lots of 12"s. (vinyl is not dead, merely resting)

Ninja Tune XX

Tracklists: * = New + Exclusive

Exclusive box set 12"s (only buyers of box set get these, by way of a digital code with the box set for FREE - cos we're like that)

Tracklisting 12" ZEN160XX1 :
A1. Roots Manuva - Witness (Modeselektor Remix)
A2. Coldcut - True Skool (Zomby Remix)
A3. Stateless - Ariel (Rustie's Pentagram Remake)
B1. DJ Food - Dark Lady (Alix Perez Remix)
B2. The Herbaliser - Something Wicked (Roots Manuva Dub)

Tracklisting 12" ZEN160XX2 :
A1. Pop Levi - Blue Honey (A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Mix by The Amorphous Androgynous)
B1. Coldcut - More Beats & Pieces (United States Of Audio Remix)
B2. Flanger - Psy Sound

To re-emphasise the point here - these are only for people who buy the box set. You'll register with us using your exclusive code and we will send them to you, FOR NOTHING! (I know, I don't understand the economics either. It's generosity-entrepeneurialism, I guess...)

12"s for General Sale to the General Public who didn't buy the Box Set, Poor Lambs...

Tracklisting General Sale 12" ZEN160XX3 :
A1. Two Fingers - Fools Rhythm
A2. The Bug - Tune In (Version)
B1. Zomby - The Forest
B2. Zomby - Orchid

Tracklisting General sale 12" ZEN160XX4 :
A1. Toddla T & Ms Dynamite - Want U Now
A2. Poirier - Get Crazy (Mark Pritchard Vocal)
B1. Big Dada Sound - Signs
B2. Diplo - Summers Gonna Hurt You (2010 Remix)

Tracklisting General Sale 12" ZEN160XX5 :
A1. Amon Tobin - Lost & Found
A2. Amon Tobin - Foley Versions (Kronos Quartet Interpretation)
B1. Roots Manuva - Dub Styles (Micachu Remix)
B2. Dj Vadim - The Terrorist (Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix)
B3. DELS - Eating Clouds

Tracklisting General Sale 12" ZEN160XX6 :
A1. Spank Rock - What It Look Like (Todd Edwards Remix)
A2. Fink - Pretty Little Thing (EL-B's Digital Remix)
B1. Shuttle - Lion
B2. Dark Sky - Leave

Oh, and before you start thinking things don't sound too bad for the Outcasts (otherwise known as the Non-Box-Set-Buyers) there's those six 7"s in the box set. Dunno about you, but I need a little lie down after all that. Tracklists for everything else is below

Ninja Tune XX

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. Two Fingers - Fools *
02. Roots Manuva - Its On *
03. Toddla T - Want U Now (feat. Miss Dynamite) *
04. Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pears *
05. Zomby - The Forest *
06. Offshore - Jen At The Station *
07. Emika - Double Edge
08. Toddla T - Sky Surfing (Benga Remix) *
09. Big Dada Sound - Signs *
10. Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber (Seiji Remix) *
11. Andreya Triana - Lost Where I Belong (Flying Lotus Remix)
12. The Bug - Catch A Fire *
13. Eskmo - Cloudlight *
14. Daedelus - LA Nocturne

Tracklisting CD2 :
01. Roots Manuva - Dub Styles (Micachu Remix) *
02. Diplo - Summers Gonna Hurt You (Diplo 2010 Remix) *
03. The Heavy - How You Like Me Now' (Joker mix)
04. Stateless - Ariel (Rustie Resmak) *
05. Diplo - Newsflash (Metronomy< Remix) *
06. PRDCTV - Metropolis (Dan Le Sac Remix) *
07. Dark Sky - Leave *
08. The Long Lost - Woebegone (Flying Lotus Like Woe Mix)
09. Spank Rock - What It Look Like (Todd Edwards Remix) *
10. Shuttle - Lion *
11. Poirier - Get Crazy (Mark Pritchard Dub) *
12. Jammer - One Over Me *
13. Fink - This Is The Thing (EL-B Digital Edit) *
14. Amon Tobin - Lost & Found *

Ninja Tune XX

Tracklisting CD3 :
01. Lou Rhodes & The Cinematic Orchestra - One Good Thing (The Cinematic Orchestra's New York Quartet Version) *
02. Bonobo & Speech Debelle - Sun Will Rise *
03. Grasscut - Blink In The Night *
04. Bonobo & Andreya Triana - Wonder When
05. Quincy & Xen Cuts Allstars - I Hear The Drummer (Tunng edit) *
06. Yppah - Never Mess With Sunday *
07. Jaga Jazzist - Endless Galaxy *
08. Cougar - $64k Rainbow *
09. Amon Tobin - Eight Sum *
10. DJ Vadim - Terrorist (Gaslamp Computer Killer Remix) *
11. Roots Manuva - Witness (Slugabed Remix) *
12. Andreya Triana - A Town Called Obsolete (Mala Remix) *
13. Coldcut - Man In A Garage (King Jammy Vocal) *
14. Lorn Soft Room *
15. Paris Suit Yourself - I'll Let You Know *
16. Jono McCleery - Tomorrow (edit)
17. Floating Points Ensemble - Post Suite *

Tracklisting CD4 :
01. Eskamon - Fine Objects
02. The Bug - Skeng (Autechre Remix) *
03. Emika - Drop The Other (Daedelus Fragments Into A Thousand Little Pieces) *
04. Amon Tobin - Bloodstone (King Cannibal Remix) *
05. Amon Tobin - Foley Versions (Kronos Quartet Interpretation) *
06. Antipop Consortium - Volcano (Four Tet Remix)
07. Dels - Eating Clouds *
08. Mr Scruff & Kirsty Almeida - Pickled Spider
09. Jaga Jazzist - Toccata (Grasscut Remix) *
10. The Death Set - Impossible (Shuttle Remix)
11. Daedelus - Trouble With A Capital D *
12. Roots Manuva - Let The Spirit (Hot Chip Remix)
13. Mr Scruff - Believe *
14. Bonobo - Eyesdown (Floating Points Remix)
15. Shuttle - Tunnel

Tracklisting CD5 (all music only available in the boxset, except track 1 also on forthcoming 12") :
01. Floating Points Ensemble (Almost In Profile) *
02. The Cinematic Orchestra - Familiar Ground (Solid Steel version) *
03. Bonobo - Stay The Same (Welder Remix) *
04. Bonobo - Eyesdown (feat. Dels) *
05. Coldcut - Sound Mirrors (Grasscut Dub) *
06. Jaga Jazzist - Synchronise Your Watches *
07. Kyle Hall - Golden Moments *
08. Roots Manuva - The Falling (Doomed remix) *
09. The Herbaliser - Something Wicked (Roots Manuva's Haunted House Dub) *
10. Roots Manuva - Shake Your Money Maker *
11. Fink - See It All (Scuba Remix) *
12. DJ Food - African Rhythms (Tom Middleton Remix) *
13. Coldcut - This Island Earth (Joe Goddard Remix)
14. The Qemists - Don't Lose It *

Tracklisting CD6 (all music only available in the boxset) :
01. Roots Manuva - Witness (Modeselektor's Troublemaker Remix) *
02. Coldcut - True Skool (Zomby Remix) *
03. The Bug - Poison Dart (Prefuse 73 Broke Moog Version) *
04. DJ Food - Dark Lady (Alix Perez Remix) *
05. Blockhead - The Music Scene (EL-P Remix) *
06. DJ Food - 20/20 Rhythm *
07. Clifford Gilberto - Deliver The Weird (Dorian Concept Remix) *
08. Shuttle - Rotten Guts (Gold Panda Remix) *
09. DJ Food - Dark Lady (808 State Remix) *
10. Coldcut & Hexstatic - Timber (Super Sargasso Orb Remix) *
11. King Cannibal - The Grind & Crawl *
12. Wiley - My Mistakes (JME Remix) *
13. DJ Vadim - Yea Man They Listening *
14. Roots Manuva - Join The Dots (Cut Chemist Remix) *
15. Blockhead - Ugly Brown *
16. Cedell Davis - Been Through Some Stuff (cLOUDDEAD Remix) *
17. Kid Koala - 3 Bit Blues *
18. The Heavy - What's So Good Bout Goodbye *

Tracklisting 6 x 7" single :
A1. Bogus Order - Chillin With My Zen
A2. Bogus Order - Zen Bones
B1. Kid Koala - Skanky Panky (Wrongtom Dub)*
B2. Coldcut - Boogieman (King Jammy Dub) *
C1. King Geedorah - Snakecharmer (feat. Kurious as Biolante) *
C2. Daedelus - Impending Doom (Rustie Remix) *
D1. Two Fingers - Bad Girl (The Bug Dub) *
D2. Spank Rock - Sweet Talk (Matthew Herbert Remix) *
E1. Mr Scruff - Wriggle *
E2. Toddla T - Pum Pum *
F1. Wagon Christ - Sloth Gets Paid *
F2. Coldcut - Not Paid Enough (DJ Kentaro Turntable Mix) *

Links :

Ninja Tune XX
Ninja Tune XX

The Ninja Tune founders Coldcut will be presenting a massive NINJA TUNE XX event on 2nd Oct in London at the glamorous Ewer Street Car Park with our most ambitious line-up ever. There will also be gigs around the world - line ups and ticket links to be announced soon. Watch the skies.

15th Sept - Paris, Pompidou Centre
17th Sep - Paris, Pompidou Centre (afterparty at Elysee Monmartre)
24th Sep - Berlin, Astra
30th Sept - Brussels, AB
1st Oct - Paris, La Machine
2nd Oct - London, Ewer Street Car Park
Events in Montreal in June & July + New York, LA and Tokyo in October & November to be announced

The paperback edition of "Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats and Pieces" will be available from August through Black Dog Publishing, as part of their acclaimed Labels Unlimited series. The book is written by esteemed music journalist Stevie Chick (a founder of Loose Lips Sinks Ships as well as long term NME scribe and current contributor to the Guardian, Mojo etc and author of books on Black Flag and Sonic Youth, amongst others) and includes exclusive interviews with key artists and label staff. Its 192 pages are also lavishly illustrated with original photographs, illustrations and flyers plundered from the depths of Ninja Tune and their artists' archives.

Ninja Tune, BUG + onedotzero present a Ninja Tune Video Showcase, Friday 12th Nov in NFT 1, London. A selection of our very best and strangest videos, all in the comfort of a national film theatre. Get in the popcorn, the black polo neck sweater, a beret, and join us in this celebration of un certain regard within the fractured narrative of our post-musical music natch. If you just prefer to stay in then please check where we're publishing classic Ninja videos on our channel in never-seen-before HQ or HD.

Ninja Tune XX

Get ready... For each of the 20 weeks leading up to the release date of the box set, we'll be giving away rare material and mixes from our special ninjatunexx site (despite the title, none of it will be porn.). Each item will be available for one week and one week only. In addition, we'll be unveiling brand new videos, running competitions, and announcing more details about NINJA TUNE XX.

The first in our series of 20 exclusive giveaways is a set of two tracks from the very first Ninja Tune recordings, incredibly rare until now. First released in 1990, and bearing the trademark production quality of Coldcut (recording under the moniker Bogus Order), 'Zen Bones' is from the first Ninja Tune album, Zen Brakes Vol.1 and 'Da Sound Of Zen' is from our very first 12". Listen to where it all began. (Twenty fu*kin' years!!)

In addition this week, we have the first ever t-shirt from our exclusive anniversary collaboration with Trainerspotter up for grabs. These aren't out in the shops until September 2010. The design is dated 1990 with the name Bogus Order and emblazoned with Ninja Tune's iconic Ninja logo drawn up in a Trainerspotter style. For a chance to win, simply email your name and t-shirt size to

Remember – in another twenty years time, we will all be wearing silver suits, smoking liquid ultra-meow through an alloy straw, dancing to jizstep, watching 4 dimensional ocelot and will have just elected the first Labour government in a generation. Don't miss out now. It's a fu*k of a long time to wait for another one...

Ninja Tune XX

Press Release of the 192 pages paperback book :
Ninja Tune: 20 Years of Beats & Pieces is the latest in Black Dog Publishing's popular Labels Unlimited series. To mark the 20th anniversary of this truly unique and groundbreaking record label, established by Coldcut's Matt Black and Jonathan More, 20 Years of Beats & Pieces includes exclusive interviews with many of the key artists and label staff from Ninja Tune and its successful subsidaries including Big Dada and Counter.

Ninja Tune's impressive roster of artists includes Coldcut, DJ Food, Amon Tobin, Mr Scruff, Roots Manuva, Cinematic Orchestra, Bonobo, Ty, The Heavy, Speech Debelle, The Herbaliser, Spank Rock, Funki Porcini, DJ Vadim, Daedelus, Kid Koala, The Bug and Wiley. 20 Years of Beats & Pieces is lavishly illustrated with original photographs and illustrations plundered from the deepest depths of Ninja Tune and their artists' archives.

20 Years of Beats & Pieces is a stylish and exhaustive survey telling the story of the record label, the artists themselves, their art and the ways in which their influence was and still is felt in larger culture. A truly inspirational tale, beginning with Black and More crossing paths in the mid-80s and going on to form the chart topping Coldcut. When touring Japan 20 years ago, they grew tired of how the staid, uncomprehending major label was manipulating the group and they had the vision and drive to break free and set up Ninja Tune - a label that remains as innovative today as it was then.

An ecclectic and colourful volume, 20 Years of Beats & Pieces is an indispensable book for anyone with an interest in electronic music, independent labels and the music industry.


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