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Mucca Pazza - Tube Socks (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Remix)

Mucca Pazza Tube Socks Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Remix

Our second free download this month comes from a 30-piece marching band from Chicago, Mucca Pazza! Their Tube Sock Tango track gets the remix treatment by Greenwood Rhythm Coalition, which is under the umbrella of Names You Can Trust, Electric Cowbell label buddies in Brooklyn. Both labels release a lot of wax via the 7 inch format. GRC did a remix of a Roots of Chicha track, Silbando by Los Ribernos, that Electric Cowbell exclusively licensed from the Barbes Records Roots of Chicha 2 compilation. NYC Trust have been fine purveyors of some great new latin grooves via their Colombian/Brooklyn connection, namely releasing some excellent tracks from Bogota's Frente Cumbiero. It's like King Tubby meets Curro Fuentes big band cumbia in a hooka bar in Buenos Aires...

Mucca Pazza Tube Socks Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Remix
Mucca Pazza - Tube Socks (Greenwood Rhythm Coalition Remix)
(Free MP3 download on Electric Cowbell Records, 2012-08-07

too late this mp3 is not available anymore sorry

45 Tracklisting :
A1. Tube Sock Tango (GRC Remix)
B1. Boss Taurus (Jon Kennedy Remix)
B2. Coolashell (K12 Drum Cadence)

45 Info :
Chicago's beloved 30-piece marching band gets tossed in the blender on this special 45RPM 7". Tracks from their latest full-length 'Safety Fifth' on Electric Cowbell Records get the royal treatment by two of the most potent mixalogists on the scene today. Brooklyn's Greenwood Rhythm Coalition puts the original Tube Sock Tango flavor into their signature blender, adding a heavy dose of tropical-inspired percussion, bass, and lo-fi keyboard charm that sits perfectly alongside the deconstructed brass. And side b's 'Boss Taurus' gets a groove-over from the UK's Stockport bred drummer, producer and DJ extraordinare JON KENNEDY (Tru Thoughts Recordings, UK-based Grand Central Records and U.S. based Organik Recordings). This remix was entirely unique in that it had over 20 tracks of brass! Jon Kennedy finds a hook and concentrates it and fatten the track out with a break and bass line. No small feat when there are so many hooks! The results are amazing! Is there such a genre as down-tempo brass band? And an extra bonus at the end of side b. A 32-second drum corp cadence courtesy of Mucca Pazza's esteemed K12 percussion section! Available on 45RPM 7" vinyl August 21, 2012.

Links :
Buy it on Juno
Mucca Pazza : official | bandcamp | facebook | twitter | wikipedia | youtube
Electric Cowbell Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter
Paris DJs : official | myspace | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Artwork by Kathleen Judge


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