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Mr J Medeiros - Friends Enemies Apples Apples

Mr J Medeiros Friends Enemies Apples Apples
Mr J Medeiros - Friends Enemies Apples Apples
(CD) De Medeiros, LLC / Quannum Projects, 2009-09-20

Mr. J. Medeiros (of the Procussions) will release in 2009 his sophomore album "Friends, Enemies, Apples, Apples" on Quannum Projects to follow up his first release "Of gods and girls" released on Rawkus Records. Digital EP "The Art of Broken Glass" is available. The record was formerly known as "Last Stars". Production by Stro the 89th Key. Co-production by Mr.J. Medeiros.

Mr J Medeiros Friends Enemies Apples Apples
Mr J Medeiros - Friends Enemies Apples Apples
(CD) De Medeiros, LLC / Quannum Projects, 2009-09-20

Tracklisting :
01. Children feat. Tara Ellis
02. Last Stars
03. My Own
04. Target Market
05. Holding On feat. Tara Ellis | MP3
06. K38
07. Apples Apples
08. W.A.N.T.S. feat. Tara Ellis
09. Smile
10. Left Me feat. Tara Ellis
11. Brutus
12. The Balance feat. Tara Ellis

Links :
Buy it now on
Download "W.A.N.T.S." on

Press Release :
Not since the emergence of Mos Def has there been an independent artist this deep, introspective, and provocative. This is the future of Hip Hop - soulful and intelligent lyrics rapidly delivered through complex yet smooth rhyme schemes.

Mr. J. Medeiros was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado to two East Coast parents. His father (Portuguese) is an ex-Marine who ran and owned a pizza parlor, and his mother (of Scottish descent) is a waitress at a local piano pub. Medeiros was first introduced to Hip Hop while living on the East Coast (Warwick, R.I.). He recalls being "… 7 years old, learning to windmill, carrying a boombox my grandmother bought me, rocking a RUN DMC tape my mom got me, and wearing a knock off "Dookie" gold rope to school." Mr. J. Medeiros spent time writing Graffiti, concerts, B-Boying at national events, and competing in the M.C. battle scene. However, it wasn't until he began producing and writing his own tracks that Medeiros's true talent began to emerge.

In 1997, Mr. J. Medeiros co-founded an underdog Hip Hop group, The Procussions, launching their 10-year journey to indie success; touring the globe three times over and receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Billboard, URB, and Complex. Following his move to LA, Mr. J. Medeiros released three albums with the Procussions, including their independent releases "As Iron Sharpens Iron" and "Up All Night." The Procussions's sophomore album, "5 Sparrows for 2 Cents," was picked up by Rawkus Records, and was Rawkus's first release following their re-emergence. "5 Sparrows for 2 Cents" featured collaborations with Talib Kweli on the single "Miss January," and Afrobots and Ahmad Jones on the song "Fight Here."

Medeiros made his solo-debut in 2007 with "Of gods and girls" on Rawkus Records. He handled the bulk of the production himself, including "Constance," "Keep Pace," "Silent Earth," and "Call You." Although complimented by outstanding guest producers, Mr. J. Medeiros carried the weight of this album, delivering stimulating dialogue from track to track that displayed a restless intelligence amidst an honest, sober and at times dark dose of reality. The album's single "Constance" is a tragic expose on human trafficking and internet pornography. Mr. J. Medeiros ran a campaign against sexual abuse and human trafficking called that partnered with and to shed light on an industry that affects over 30 million people. "Constance" was featured on CBS Evening News, and Medeiros appeared on Miami Ink in support of this campaign and his solo-debut.

Mr. J. Medeiros's commitment to social activism is rooted in years of public service. Medeiros served in AmeriCorps, worked with Habitat for Humanity, the Salvation Army, Good Will, the Special Olympics, volunteered with developmentally disabled persons through an organization called Community Outreach, and served as a volunteer firefighter. These years of public service fuel Medeiros's unrelenting dedication to social activism and inform his often rebellious lyrics. As Mr. J. Medeiros explains, he wants his music "to speak with dignity and inspire social change."

Medeiros has performed around the world with a long list of Hip Hop artists including Run-DMC, De La Soul, Common, The Roots, Digable Planets, Blackalicious, Mos Def, and was invited by Ali Shaheed Muhammad as one of two acts to perform on Tribe Called Quest's first reunion tour. He has worked with Randy Jackson, Talib Kweli, Dave Navarro, Ahmad Jones, Afrobots, Marty James of One Block Radius, Terra Ellis, Benny Cassette, Joe Beats, 20Syl, Strange Fruit Project, Ohmega Watts, Pigeon John, Illmind of G-Unit, Crown City Rockers, Stro the 89th key, and the French hip hop group Hocus Pocus.

In 2009, Mr. J. Medeiros formed De Medeiros, LLC on which he released the EP "The Art of Broken Glass." He is set to release his sophomore album, "Friends Enemies Apples Apples," in the summer of 2009. Mr. J. Medeiros is continually redefining his sound and his place in the music scene, striving to solidify Hip Hop as a strong and positive cultural force – a force that acts as a vehicle for social change.

"In terms of content and artistry, Mr J. ranks among the top artists I have had the pleasure of working with. But, what separates Mr J. as an individual is an unrelenting DIY punk spirit. He is definitely a career artist who will continue to make a big impact on music and culture." -Rawkus Records Co-founder: Jarret Meyer
"Mr. J displays veteran emcee versatility, substance and style, as he really opens up to discuss topics few artists have the depth to talk about." -
"Combining the talent and sensibilities of indie staples with the versatility and charisma of major label acts, Mr. J brings the best of both worlds." -
"Mr. J. Medeiros' sound is a pulp-fiction, sternum demolishing, torpedo-like adrenaline shot that has zeroed in on hip-hop's Grinch-esque shrunken heart." - Vapors Magazine
"Rare is it when an artist, especially in the overly macho realm of Hip Hop music, can convey a variety of emotions and ideas that don't border on the line of becoming mawkish. This elusive accomplishment was flawlessly demonstrated by Mr. J Medeiros on his stellar solo debut Of God and Girls. With a high level of compassion and an alarmingly intense focus, Mr. J expanded the limits of what the often maligned genre can achieve by sheer willpower alone." -
"Explicitly political art (including much conscious rap) fails when it resorts to vague platitudes instead of addressing specific situations. Mr. J. Medeiros, first with his hip-hop group the Procussions and now on his own, has always recognized this trap and avoided it by relating stories and problems with a remarkable attention to detail." -
"Mr. J has this seemingly effortless way of creating such real-life emotion behind the music and far beyond just the beats and rhymes." -
"Mr. J Medeiros is the true and ultimate antidote to what has become of mainstream rap."
"Bigger then Hip Hop or Oprah." -


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