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Mr Chop - Lightworlds

Mr Chop Lightworlds
Mr Chop - Lightworlds
(12"/Download) Now-Again Records NA5040, 2008-12-15 (12") / 2008-10-31 (MP3)

Produced and Recorded by Coz Littler (Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Mellotron, Minimoog, VCS3) at Ape Studios, UK. Featuring The Heliocentrics

Mr Chop Lightworlds
Mr Chop - Lightworlds
(12"/Download) Now-Again Records NA5040, 2008-12-15 (12") / 2008-10-31 (MP3)

Tracklisting :
01. The Infinity Machine (4:22)
02. Transhuman (1:21)
03. Zoid (5:42)
04. Conversations (1:28)
05. Don't Try To Think (2:58)
06. Stark (3:23)
07. Metropoli Del Ferro (6:09)

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Band Members :
Bass - Jake Ferguson
Double Bass - Dave Spencer
Drums - Malcom Catto , Steve Barney
Drums, Percussion - Colin Lamont
Mellotron - Glyn Williams
Producer, Guitar, Bass, Percussion, Mellotron, Minimoog, Vcs3 - Coz Littler
Vcs3 - Dean Williams
Vibraphone - Vidar Norheim

Press Release :
Coz Littler, aka Mr. Chop, has been kicking around for a while now. He's released music on his own A.P.E. imprint, on Gerald "Jazzman" Short's Stark Reality label and most recently on German-based Jazz&Milk Records.

We're not saying that Lightworlds - his Now-Again debut - should make you forget about those records. They're great records. But this is a different Mr. Chop. Let's just say: this EP a helluva introduction, or reintroduction, to this burgeoning talent.

Assisted by Malcolm Catto (drums) and Jake Ferguson (bass) of The Heliocentrics (Out There - NA 5031) amongst a host of other crack UK session musicians, Mr. Chop offers up a futuristic mixture of fuzzy psychedelia, funk, jazz and musique concrete informed by years of record collecting and engineering at his Cheshire-based Ape Studios.

Mr. Chop - Lightworlds, a 7-track EP, is available now at the Stones Throw Store, and will be released on vinyl in December.

Chop's album will be released on Now-Again in 2009.

Mr. Chop Discography :
- Mr Chop - Switched On (Now-Again/Five Day Weekend) 2011
- Mr. Chop - Vitamin C (9" Five Day Weekeend) 2011
- Cherry Ghost - We Sleep On Stones (Mr Chop Instrumental Remix) (12" Heavenly) 2010
- Mr. Chop - Silver Frequencies (CD, Now-Again/Five Day Weekend) 2009
- Mr Chop & C.L. Smooth - Straighten It Out (7", Five Day Weekeend) 2010
- Mr Chop & C.L. Smooth - T.R.O.Y. The Resurrection (7", Five Day Weekeend) 2010
- Mr. Chop - For Pete's Sake (CD, Now-Again/Five Day Weekend) 2009
- Mr. Chop & Friends - Ultimate Breaks & Beats - Instrumentals Vol.2 (CD/2LP, Traffic) 2009
- Doom - Born Like This (Lex Records) 2009
- Mr. Chop - Lightworlds (12", Stones Throw) 2008
- Mr. Chop - Sound From The Cave EP (12", Jazz&Milk) 2008
- The Dead 60's - Receiver Satellite / Remote Dub (production & mix by Mr. Chop, b-sides to 'Stand Up' single, Deltasonic) 2007
- Mr. Chop - Electric Vibes / Breakdown (7", Jazzman) 2002
- Mr. Chop - The Incredible Popcorn Experiment / Contamination (7", Jazzman) 2000
- Mr. Chop - Cowboy Massacre / Wasp In A Jar (12", A.P.E.) 2000
- Precinct 47 - Evidence (Library Style Remix by Mr Chop) (12", A.P.E.) 1999

About Sound From The Cave EP (12", Jazz&Milk) 2008
Full info here :

About Electric Vibes / Breakdown (7", Jazzman) 2002 :
Yes Mr Chop is back. It's been a while since his first outing 'The Incredible Popcorn Experiment', also on a Stark Reality 45, and it's still turning heads. But it takes a while to get together the kind of rare and delicious samples that make the perfect 'Chop' sound. That's what he's has been up to all this time in his secret laboratory 'oop north'. This is a tune that tells you where it's at right from the start. That tortured sax tells you that you're in for a dark and troubled journey into the disturbed mind of a person who has more nightmares than dreams. The sound enters your ears and spirals deep inside your brain along throbbing nerves, across leaking synapses, before becoming lost in the depths of your auditory cranial cavity. Please do not play backwards in front of your children, and do not slaughter goats in a temple while this is playing, otherwise bad things will happen… Idiosyncratic, original - fantastic! (ref. STARK 018)

About The Incredible Popcorn Experiment / Contamination (7", Jazzman) 2000 :
Mr Chop laps up rare records; he loves weird records, strange records, leftfield records; records with big drums, rare psychedelic library records with obscure percussions, moogs and experimental oddities. The music he makes reflects the music he listens and he listens to them doggedly for hours and hours; he cuts all the best bits out for us to savour; he combines and mixes and filters and eventually comes up with a musical menagerie concocted of all manner of molten sounds and twisted grooves that tastes just right. 'The Incredible Popcorn Experiment' is an adventure into Mr Chop's envious studio capabilities with a short circuit into live instrumentation. 'Contamination' on the flip continues in the same theme, reverberating around the idiosyncratic, original and fantastic!'(ref. STARK 006)


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