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Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin (Grant Phabao Remix)

Michael Jackson Rockin Robin Grant Phabao Remix

Rockin' Robin is a 1958 song by Bobby Day. The single was Day's only hit single, becoming a No. 2 Billboard Hot 100 hit. The song was covered by The Hollies on their first album in 1964 and would be revived as a single again in 1972 by the teenaged Michael Jackson as his second single release on Motown. Jackson took his version to number two on the U.S. pop singles chart that year. The french dubmeister Grant Phabao pays here his due tribute to the king of pop, with a reggae remix of this pop/R&B cover of a fifties song - rockin' the dancehall and burnin' one for the man!

Michael Jackson Rockin Robin Grant Phabao Remix
Michael Jackson - Rockin' Robin (Grant Phabao Remix)
(Exclusive MP3 download on 2009-07-21

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Captain Détendu Captain Détendu ·  22 July 2009, 09:40

Michael Jah-Ckson :-)

ledan ledan ·  23 July 2009, 15:27

on a ecoute ton morceau a fuenji, une grosse biz

Boubliman Boubliman ·  23 July 2009, 16:51

track of the summer...

xtof xtof ·  23 July 2009, 21:12


SELECTA VOYAGER:01 SELECTA VOYAGER:01 ·  23 July 2009, 23:50

YO!! the mj rockin' robin is WICKEEEDD!!! REALLY GOOD REMIX!! I would really appreciate it if you would email me the 256kbps size file!! GIVE THANX!!


Gregsky Gregsky ·  24 July 2009, 09:05

ça démonte grave !!!!
manque de cuivres..peut être...rires...

DJstylus DJstylus ·  24 July 2009, 22:33

One of those "I should have thought of that" ideas, but I couldn't have executed it nearly as well.


Azaxx Azaxx ·  30 July 2009, 22:21

Excellent !!!

Merci !


Amayo Amayo ·  31 July 2009, 10:33

Yeaaaah Yeah! Fab the Gr8! Wha lai, Love it, 4 ever!!
Make Mic Rest Well Well!!!

joe2bad joe2bad ·  01 August 2009, 04:06

can u please send me the high quality version of this song . thanx blessed work !! respect !!!
Is it possible to obtain the high quality versions of all your releases !!

Dj G-LOK Dj G-LOK ·  23 August 2009, 16:02

Great remix king.Could u send me the 256k mp3 please? Thanks in advance.

Robert Robert ·  25 October 2009, 13:10

Great Remix!!! I really enjoy your version of this song! 100% Respect!!!
Could u please send me the high quality version of this song? Thanks in advance.
Is it possible to buy the high quality versions of all your releases?

Michael Jackson Mixtape Michael Jackson Mixtape ·  12 November 2009, 12:06

This mix doesn't really work that well for me, I think it loses to much of the energy from the original song. It's an interesting mix to throw in every once in a while to change things up but personally still prefer the original and really a remix should strive to be at least as good if not better than the original or else what was the point of making a remix in the first place. I think one of the best Michael jackson remixes right now is the Plow tha don remix of "Dancing Machine" that remix is a monster energy banger. A few of my own remixes go hard as well, you can hear some of them at including the Black or White Remix and The Method man PLO Style over BAD and Smooth Criminal. Also The Michael Jackson BADDer Than Bad remix of BAD featured as the starting song for the Badder Than Bad Michael Jackson mixtape CD. available at

jonnylipstick jonnylipstick ·  15 July 2010, 15:54

Not shabby abby. Enjoyable

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