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Martin Carr (Brave Captain, Boo Radleys) - Ye Gods (And Little Fishes)

Martin Carr Ye Gods And Little Fishes
Martin Carr - Ye Gods (And Little Fishes)
(MP3/FLAC download) Sonny Boy Records SON0001X, 2009-07-13

Martin's album Ye Gods (and little fishes) was recorded at Music Box Studios in Cardiff, Wales. It was produced by Martin and Charlie Francis who engineered the sessions. Charlie has worked with R.E.M, Robyn Hitchcock and, most importantly, The High Llamas' Gideon Gay which remains one of Martin's favourite albums. The album was mixed by Charlie at his home studio in Cardiff.
After trying to finance the record through fans online, the former Boo Radleys leader (also previously known as Brave Captain) has finally released a digital version of the thing. No CD. No LP. Would love to hear it anyway, he's just one of the finest songwriters out there so if anyone's got it don't hesitate... Martin just nicely sent it me so I'll review it asap!! (thanks Martin!)

Martin Carr Ye Gods And Little Fishes
Martin Carr - Ye Gods (And Little Fishes)
(MP3/FLAC download) Sonny Boy Records SON0001X, 2009-07-13

Tracklisting :
01. The Dead of Winter 3:59
02. Darwin's Tree 3:54
03. Bear lake 4:44
04. Pontcanna Stone 5:00
05. Goldrush '49 6:34
06. Orpheus Lament 3m 25
07. Running 5:31 | MP3
08. Why You Gotta Bring Me all this Rain? 2:50 | MP3
09. Tired, Broke and Black and Blue 4:40
10. The Golden Key 5:13

Links :
Buy it on

Press Release :
"Hello and welcome to something different.

When I recorded this album at the beginning of the year I had no ideas as to how, or in what form, it would appear. I haven't released any music on a label for over four years and enjoy being able to work in a place where I can have full reign over the varying facets of record production, from songwriting to sleeve design. I have no desire to sign to another record label. Creation Records was the only label I ever wanted to be on and I'm proud to have been associated with that name but that was then, this is now and the future is ours to grasp with eager hands.

Now one of the few things that a label was useful for was M.O.N.E.Y. Studios don't pay for themselves, there are press officers, pluggers, accountants, lawyers, managers, agents and musicians, all of them essential, none of them free. I'm not very good at asking for money, Homer Simpson once said 'I lost creative control of the project and I forgot to ask for any money' and that just about sums up my business acumen. I see this as different, this is something new and I'm not asking for handouts, subs, aid, relief, alms, gifts or charity. I'm asking for you to get involved. I'm not going to pretend that you can call me up and demand that I use more sitar on the future recordings or suggest that I should get my bloody hair cut but you will make it possible for me to make music and if that music does well then so will you. At the very least your tenner will buy you a great album working out at one english pound per song. The people involved in this project believe that the artist and the audience are the key and the contract I have signed is a dream. Nobody is getting ripped off and there are no hidden clauses, small print or invisible ink provisos. This is it, the future is ours to create.
(Martin Carr)

July 2009 news :
At some point in the past I wasn't actually sure that this would ever come out but here it is, yo. I could write something moving about the relationship between the artist and his/her audience, the symbiotic line we each have one end of etc But really this is
YOU - 'We like music'
Me - 'I've made a music you might like, would you like to buy one?
You - Hmm, I dunno, what if it's crap..?
It's not crap. It's me doing what it is that I do nowadays but maybe not next time and after that who can really say?
I should never have given records away, I should be proud of what I do. Besides, baby needs records, I mean, clothes.
Much more to come this year.
(Martin Carr)


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