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Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia EP - out on Mais Um Discos

Nova Tropicalia EP
Various - Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia EP
(Digital EP) Mais Um Discos, 2011-10-16

Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia was compiled by DJ Mais Um Gringo and is the first in the series of download-only EPs from the label, following the critically acclaimed Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira! compilation and the Sem Nostalgia album by Lucas Santtana. It showcases six artists - Catarina Dee Jah, Do Amor, Cerebro Electronico feat. Tulipa, Lucas Santtana, Mini Box Lunar and Diego e O Sindicato - who cannibalize Brazilian and international influences to create a 21st century take on tropicalia. Two further EPs are planned for 2011 - a 6 tracker featuring the heaviest Amazonian 'Tecnobrega' and 'Eletromelody' dancehall sounds plus a look at Northeastern Brazil's folk revival scene.

Nova Tropicalia EP
Various - Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia EP
(Digital EP) Mais Um Discos, 2011-10-16

Tracklisting :
01. Catarina Dee Jah - Sarara 3:41
02. Do Amor - Isso e Carimbo (edit) 5:04
03. Cerebro Electronico - Desquite 3:02
04. Lucas Santtana - Cira, Regina e Nana 4:22
05. Mini Box Lunar - Despertador 07:45 3:53
06. Diego e o Sindicato - Todo Dia 6:05

Links :
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Mais Um Discos : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

Press Release :
Hyped new Brazilian label Mais Um Discos follow the critically acclaimed 'Oi! A Nova Musica Brasileira!' compilation with the first in a series of digital download EPs profiling Brazil's most exciting new artists and musical genres.

'Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia' showcases six artists gleefully cannibalizing Brazilian and international influences to create a 21st century take on tropicalia.

Tropicalia arose in late 60s Brazil as musical mavericks Os Mutantes, Gilberto Gil and Tom Ze mixed psychedelic rock and the avant-garde with samba, funk and soul and today's nova-Tropicalistas mix musical influences and genres with the same disregard and inventive playfulness.

On 'Sarara' Catarina Dee Jah sounds like a tropical Debbie Harry as she fuses Northern Brazilian romantic brega music with ska & punk, 'Isso e Carimbo' is Do Amor's playful tribute to the Amazonian carimbo rhythm and the operatically overblown psych-pop of 'Desquite' by Cerebro Electronico feat. Tulipa conjurs up the theatrical prime of Os Mutantes.

Lucas Santtana is greatly influenced by the Tropicalists and their subversion of popular Brazilian genres, and on 'Cira, Regina e Nana' he spikes the Brazilian tradition of voice and guitars with glitchy beats from an MPC to create a sublime slice of electro-acoustica.

The ever-playful Mini Box Lunar from the Amazonian city of Macapa drop the fairground-boogie-woogie of 'Despertador 7.45' whilst Diego e O Sindicato's epic 'Todo Dia' morphs from a charming nursery rhyme sing-along into a pogo-inducing tropical-freak-out: 'Mais Um Discos presents Nova-Tropicalia' profiles the artists proudly sticking two fingers up to musical purists whilst paying respect to Brazil's colossal musical legacy.

Catarina Dee Jah - Sarara

‪Pinduca e Do Amor - Isso é Carimbó‬

Lucas Santtana - Cira Regina E Nana (Studio - live)

Música de Bolso - Mini Box Lunar - Despertador

Desquite - Cerebro Eletrônico e Tulipa Ruiz

Diego de Moraes - Todo Dia

Artwork from the Nova-Tropicalia EP : image by Derlon Almedia, type by Swifty.


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