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Lucky Brown - Mystery Road (2LP, Tramp Records, 2015)

After the 'Lucky Brown's Space Dream' CD/LP collection from 2011, American composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Joel Ricci a.k.a. Lucky Brown is back with a new concept: releasing a double vinyl album of deep funk tunes from different recording sessions, various incarnations of the Lucky Brown band, supposed to have been released as very limited self-pressed 45 singles. The sound is purely authentic, real and raw, dirty and soulful with a dusty vibe, just like in those Tramp Records anthologies of old school rhythm & blues, soul & funk we've been talking about those last years. We won't be able to tell you about the players/musicians, recording locations and other credits since only a CD-R version of the double LP record landed at Paris DJs, but we can tell you this is backporch laidback funky grooves that diggers are gonna hunt down in the years to come, at the opposite of the over-boring mainstream music spectrum. Pure, uncut funk & soul like the Poets Of Rhythm used to produce in their early days…

Lucky Brown - Mystery Road
Lucky Brown - Mystery Road
(2LP/Digital) Tramp Records TRLP 9040, 2015-01-19

Tracklisting :
01. Mystery Road
02. Chicken Rock
03. Lookout There's A Freight Train Comin'
04. Argon (Part 1&2)
05. Tibor
06. Negra Modelo
07. Golden Nugget
08. Brown's Bag (Part 1&2)
09. Buddha On The Road
10. Santosa
11. Exquisite Corpse (Part 1)

Note : deluxe double vinyl with old school heavy cardboard cover, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies, includes full album download code.

Links :
Lucky Brown : discogs | discogs | discogs | discogs | discogs
Tramp Records : official | bandcamp | discogs | juno | parisdjs | youtube

Press Release :
Mystery Road pays homage to the great unknown musicians throughout america who, with their self-produced singles, became local and regional hits just around the time that megacorporations began saturating the market and the radio with something that was less like music, and more like a product. They, with profit as their goal, turned the radio into a marketplace, and turned music lovers into consumers. In only a few generations, the violent severance of our ties to the traditions of our ancestors represents a loss of cultural heritage and has thrust us into uncharted waters - a Mystery Road.

For the last 7 years, Lucky Brown has been working with a label in Germany called Tramp. Tramp Records specializes in uncovering some of this great lost music, finding and interviewing the last living founders, and licensing the music in reprints of the 45s or for full-length compilations of never-before-heard studio material. Every other 45 released is an existing band that works within that framework. We are proud to say that Lucky Brown has a reputation worldwide for being one of the roughest.

Today, Lucky Brown, in this follow up to his first Tramp album: "Lucky Brown's Space Dream," is realizing another dream - [releasing an album in the form of a series of singles - each with it's own unique artwork, independent bands and writing and recording sessions.] {a 2 LP set} entitled Mystery Road. The different band names are not intended to mislead, different people play together in each different group. Sometimes Lucky comes in with an idea, other times the group invents the music on the spot to suit the mood. All of this, coupled with Lucky's experimental and vernacular approach toward sound recording and you start to catch the vibe of Mystery Road.


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