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Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia - out on Mais Um Discos

Lucas Santtana Sem Nostalgia
Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia
(CD/Download) Mais Um Disco, 2011-08-29

Brazilian singer/guitarist Lucas Santtana is a kind of 21st Century Tom Zé meets Seu Jorge meets Rodrigo Y Gabriela meets El Guincho. He blends together Brazilian guitar, dub, acoustic samba, electronica, bossa and quirky samples, with an innovative & laid-back approach to things... The sunshine experimental spirit of the Tropicalia movement is gloriously revived by what is already one of the latin music albums of the year! The album is released on the Mais Um Discos label, a new UK based Brazilian label which might get his guest invitation on Paris DJs soon...

Lucas Santtana Sem Nostalgia
Lucas Santtana - Sem Nostalgia
(CD/Download) Mais Um Disco, 2011-08-29

Lucas Santtana - Super violão mashup by Maisumdiscos

Lucas Santtana - Cira Regina e Nana by Maisumdiscos

Tracklisting :
01. Super Violão Mashup
02. Who Can Say Which Way
03. Night Time In The Backyard
04. Cira Regina E Nana
05. Recado Para Pio Lobato
06. Hold Me In
07. Amor Em Jacumã
08. I Can't Live Far From My Music
09. Cá Pra Nós
10. O Violão De Mario Bros
11. Ripple Of The Water
12. Natureza Nº 1 Em Mi Maior

Links :
Lucas Santtana : official (br)official (uk)discogs | facebookmyspace | twitter | wikipedia
Mais Um Discos : officialdiscogsfacebooksoundcloud | twitter | youtube

The debut single from Lucas Santanna, taken from the stunning new LP 'Sem Nostalgia', coming soon on Mais Um Discos - Super Violão Mashup LTD Edition 7" vinyl & digital

Info from the Mais Um Discos label :
We are proud to announce our debut artist album - Lucas Santtana's 'Sem Nostalgia' - released in the UK on 29th August.

Describing by The Wire magazine as an artist characterised by his "restless cosmopolitanism", Lucas Santtana is one of the most interesting, dynamic and experimental singer-songwriter-producers from the 'new generation' of South American electro-acoustic musicians.

On 'Sem Nostalgia' Lucas has used only guitars, voices and ambient sound processed via samplers, pedals, filters and non-conventional recording techniques to re-imagine the sonic possibilities of these instruments and create a haunting, disorientating and forward thinking modern electro-acoustic masterpiece.

Partly inspired by João Gilberto's 'Chega De Saudade' - an album that laid down the foundation for bossa nova on its release in 1959 - with 'Sem Nostalgia' Lucas has torn up the bossa nova rulebook to bring this tradition slap bang into the 21st century. 'Sem Nostalgia' is available to buy from our store now - initial copies come with a bonus "Voices and Guitars" mix featuring tracks that influenced the album.

Equal parts Thom Yorke and Tom Zé, Lucas was discovered by Tropicalistas and fellow Bahians Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso in his early twenties, he toured with them both in the mid 90s, and their eclectic style is also one of Santtana's trademarks. He subsequently worked with musical mavericks Chico Science (Nação Zumbi) and Arto Lindsay (his current song-writing partner), and at the turn of the century released his debut album 'Eletro Ben Dodô', followed in 2003 by 'Parada de Lucas'. Both these albums saw Lucas successfully experiment with Brazilian styles via mainly electronic processes and were warmly received in and outside of Brazil. In 2006 he released '3 Sessions In A Greenhouse'; a fusion of Afro-Brazilian rhythms, samba, rock, funk and dub it saw him come to the fore as a songwriter, crafting memorable hooks within an experimental framework - a sound he has perfected on 'Sem Nostalgia'.

Lucas will tour Europe this October and November - dates to be announced soon...

"Sonic provocateur Santtana subjects (bossa nova) to an adventurous, discordant deconstruction, employing every acoustic and electronic means at his disposal..." The Telegraph, August 2011

"Sambas laced with samples, a reggae-tinged instrumental, droll songs in English, dub-trickery... Santtana's innovative approach makes for a refreshing excursion" The Observer, August 2011

Lucas Santtana - Cira Regina E Nana (Studio - live)

Lucas Santtana - Who Can Say Which Way (Live studio performance)

Press Release :
Since the times of Dorival Caymmi and João Gilberto, the celebrated voz e violão (voice and acoustic guitar) it's more than a format, it is practically a genre of music in Brazil. It is such strong tradition that it made it stand still, frozen in time, simply repeating itself without changing too much.

In "Sem Nostalgia", his forth álbum, Lucas Santtana bends the so called rules and conventions of the style, showing that it is possible to go well beyond simply sitting down on a stool, strum the strings and sing.

All the sounds in "Sem Nostalgia" (with the exception of the insect sounds, sampled and orchestrated by Lucas) were produced using only acoustic guitars and voices. This is not to say that the recordings were limited to two channels, or even that the use of other equipments - softwares, pedals, filters, different mics and techniques - could not be applied to create the arrangements.

The same way he did with baile funk (in "Parada de Lucas") and dub (in "3 Sessions In A Green House"), Lucas Santtana defied this Brazilian music institution, expanding its limits from within it's own structure. If you didn't know it would not say to be a record of voice and acoustic guitar.

Exploring the technology and tools available, this is an album based on "voice, acoustic guitar and ambiance", as Lucas likes to put it. This approach that opened the horizons. The musicians and producers invited experimented with this concept in a variety of ways.

Curumin extracted percussive sounds from a acoustic guitar, sampled and loaded them into a MPC to play the drums of "Cira, Regina e Nana" e "Amor em Jacumã" (Dom Romão e Luiz Ramalho). The band Do Amor condensed their own sound into just one intrument and made the acoustic guitar sound like a whole band in "Who Can Say Which Way".

Kabo Duca played percussion on the acoustic guitar's body in "I Can't Live Far From My Music" and Regis "Mr. Spaceman" Damasceno played 12 string acoustic guitar and co-wrote "Recado Pro Pio Lobato" ("Message To Pio Lobato"), a response do Pio's own "Recado Pra Lúcio Maia", directed to Nação Zumbi's guitarist.

To reach different sonic results, the tracks were co-produced by Lucas and many collaborators. Whit Berna Ceppas is responsible for the atmospheric and minimalists mood of "Nature #1 In Mi Maior" and "Hold Me In", where the noise of a missed note echoes through the space, as if was on purpose. "Who Can Say Which Way" was produced by Chico Neves, and so was "Ripple Of The Water", recorded late at night, inside forest at Rio's Bothanical Garden.
With Gustavo Lenza and Lucas Martins produced the sound collages of "Super Violão Mashup" and with João Brasil did "Violão de Mario Bros". Both were constructed exclusively from acoustic guitar samples from Caymmi, Jorge Ben, Tom Zé, Novos Baianos, Gilberto Gil, Baden Powell and many others. Even if some parts are easily recognizable, the end result is very original.

Buguinha Dub his own particular effects in "Amor em Jacumã" and "Cira, Regina e Nana", and so did Rica Amábis in "Recado pro Pio Lobato".
Arto Lindsay, Lucas Santtana's usual partner, co-wrote "Hold Me In", "I Can't Live Far From My Music" and the beautiful, seventies infused "Nighttime in the backyard". In this last one, Gil Monte delicate production left the mics at their most sensitive, allowing the listener to hear Lucas taking the air in and the tiny snaps provoked his lips as he whispers de lyrics.

With these songs, the record ended up having more lyrics in English than Portuguese, a first for Lucas. Out of a new partnership with fellow Bahia's young musician Ronei Jorge, emerged "Cá pra nós".

When the concept overtakes the music, a conceptual record is in danger of needing a instruction booklet in order to make any sense. This is definitely not a threat here. Filled with great songs, "Sem Nostalgia" stands on it's own, independent from the concept that builds it.
Bruno Natal / July 2009


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