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Los Amigos Invisibles - Comercial

los amigos invisibles comercial
Los Amigos Invisibles - Comercial
(CD) Nacional NCL20027, 2009-06-09

Since their 1995 debut, this mutiple Grammy-nominated group has developed a sound based in the gozadera, an irresistible fusion of Latin rhythms with fiery funk and lounge music. After discovering one of their albums in a record shop, David Byrne signed the band to his label Luaka Bop, which in turned opened international doors for the group, helped them expand their sound, and helped establish them in the dance music scene. On this album, they enlisted a variety of special guests from Jorge Gonzalez (of Chilean rock legends Los Prisioneros) to Mexican songstress Natalia Lafourcade. Their most accessible work yet.

los amigos invisibles comercial
Los Amigos Invisibles - Comercial
(CD) Nacional NCL20027, 2009-06-09

Tracklisting :
01. Fuerza
02. Mentiras
03. Viviré Para Ti
04. Desnudos
05. Sueño Erótico
06. Loco Por Tu Amor
07. Burundanga
08. Plastic Woman
09. In Love With U
10. Romántico Palman Izum
11. Como Sabes Tú
12. Merengue Killa
13. Dubi-Dubi
14. Oyeme Nena
15. Dulce
16. Es La Verdad

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Press Release :
Since their 1995 debut, this mutiple Grammy-nominated Los Amigos Invisibles have developed a sound based in the gozadera, an irresistible fusion of Latin rhythms with fiery funk and lounge music. The band got their first break when David Byrne (Talking Heads) discovered one of their albums by chance in a Manhattan record shop. He immediately called the band up in their native Venezuela and soon after, signed them to his label, Luaka Bop. Byrned opened doors for the band across the globe and Los Amigos Invisibles soon became an international touring machine.

Los Amigos Invisibles moved to New York City from their hometown of Caracas in 2001 and entrenched itself in the local scene. With thei electrifying live show, the group began building a considerable fan-base across the U.S. Collaborating with artists from Louie Vega (Masters At Work) to Dimitri From Paris, they were able to establish themselves in the dance music scene and expand their sound. While raking in Grammy nominations year after year and performing on programs like the Jimmy Kimmel Show, the group continued to establish themselves.

On their new album, 'Comercial', Los Maigos Invisibles enlisted a variety of special guests from Jorge Gonzalez (of Chilean rock legends Los Prisioneros) to Mexican songstress Natalia Lafourcade. As the group tightened their hooks and focused their songs, they managed to record their most accessible work yet. The best example is the infectious anthem "Mentiras", guaranted to be a track that will stick in your head for weeks on end.

Biography :
For Los Amigos Invisibles, it has been over 60 countries visited, 2 Grammy nominations + 2 Latin Grammy nominations, 5 studio albums, 1 live DVD+2CD, 1 record label, 17 years in the music business, and with high hopes to continue to do what they love to do.

2008 They kick off the year with a US west coast tour alongside Si*SE, followed by stops in Mexico and Puerto Rico. On May 12th they publish their first ever DVD, showcasing a live concert at Aula Magna in Caracas, Venezuela; in celebration of their 15 years together as a band. For the release of their DVD + 2CD, "En una noche tan linda como ésta", a live show is broadcast across Venezuela. They continue on a tour, sponsored by Movistar, across the country, making stops in Maracaibo, Valencia, and Caracas. Meahwhile, Los Amigos are wrapping up the post production of their latest album due out at the end of the year.

2007 Los Amigos Invisibles continue to tour non-stop around the United States and Latin America, taking part in important music festivals such as Rock Al Parque in Bogota, Colombia; and Vive Latino in Mexico City. In addition, the band travels to Guatemala and El Salvador to play for the very first time. Joined by the original authors of the songs on "Superpor Venezuela", they perform a show titled "Los Amigos y sus amigos" at the Poliedro de Caracas and the Aula Magna in Maracaibo, Venezuela. They return to New York City to record their sixth studio album.

2006 Los Amigos Invisibles make Gozadera Records USA official by publishing "Superpop Venezuela", their first album under the label. The album, produced by Dimitri from Paris, earned them a Grammy nomination for best urban-latin-alternative album.

2005 For the second time LAI goes to Australia starting the year with the amazing Sydney festival. Follow by tours in USA, Mexico & south America.

The upcoming Release of "Super Pop Venezuela" the 5 th newest Album promises a journey into Venezuelan pop and alternative music from 60s 70s and 80s all with Los amigos invisibles authentic musical style with the help of Dimitri from paris superb taste and production skills.

LAI performs at the "Jimmy Kimmel" show (ABC networks) and does LATV's SHADOWS new show that gives the viewer a behind the scenes from the artist lifestyle through a normal day on their lives.

In September LAI is nominated for the GRAMMY'S

2004 LAI keeps touring USA , UK and Mexico with the success from Venezuelan Zinga Son, with a mayor USA Album Release Show atÊ IRVING PLAZA NYC.

"Chill out Venezuela" the first CD from GOZADERA RECORDS catalog, featuring artist proposing new and original music from Venezuela was also release with grate success and appreciation.

LAI appears in American national TV and Radio PBA, LATV to name a few, also a live internet broadcast show from KCRW Radio studios in California.

2003 Los Amigos Invisibles participate in Louie Vega's Album Elements of Life as well as Dimitri from Paris' Crushing Attitude. Venezuelan Zinga Son is released in Europe and Japan thru Long Lost Brother Records, company responsible for Jamiroquais career, in Venezuela they form Gozadera Records to release their albums and start working on Chill Out Venezuela .

2002 Masters at Work and Los Amigos Invisibles start working together and they record the single "Bruja" on sale as 12 inch through MAW Records, both sides excited decide to start recording Los Amigos Invisibles next production "Venezuelan Zinga Son" which will be out late August this year.

2001 Taking into account the many work opportunities and convenience to travel worldwide, Los Amigos Invisibles decide to move to New York, going back to Venezuela every once in a while to play, promote the album and pay attention to the crowd that made them in the first place. They manage to contact several important personalities of the Dance Music worldwide and start to make remixes for different artists, they meet amongst others "Little" Louie Vega from Masters at Work with whom they become friends and start a strong working relationship.

2000 Maybe the reason why it took so long to produce their third album was the endless touring and the new workpace, but finally feeling comfortable to record again, they decide to try their luck with producer Philip Steir and move for a couple of months to San Francisco to create "Arepa 3000 a Venezuelan journey into space". The fruit of many long arguments between the band and the producer, this LP accomplishes a nomination to the Grammy and another to the Latin Grammy, consolidating the bands name worldwide.

1997 It's time to record "The new sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera." With the help of producer Andres Levin and sound engineer Fernando Aponte, Los Amigos Invisibles record their second album half in Caracas and half in New York. From now on music is now longer a hobby and becomes the profession of the band members, they start to tour around the world and to listen to new acts and new styles of music; in between we find of course Masters at Work's "Newyorican Soul" which becomes a permanent addition to their CD holster.

1996 Thanks to ex President Caldera's economic policies, Los Amigos Invisibles decide to try their luck with 20 CDs under their arms in New York. They manage to book a couple of shows in S.O.B.'s and through their future manager Alberto Cabello they place the 20 copies of their CD in a record shop in New York. Destiny throws the dice and David Byrne decides to buy one of their CDs in that very same store, and noticing a phone number in the back cover of the CD he decides to call and find out what the band is doing. By pure chance the band was out of the record deal with EMI and after a few conversations Los Amigos Invisibles, they become a part of Luaka Bop.

1995 Many hangovers after and with all the band members consolidated, Boris Milan, friend of the band and owner of a recording studio in Caracas persuades Los Amigos Invisibles to start recording their first album. With the intention of releasing it independently, the money needed to record the album is found through an anonymous friend who decides to lend the money to the band, but halfway through the recording, the said friend decides to marry, leaving Los Amigos Invisibles with a recorded album and a video but no way to distribute it. Fortunately through Caplis (friend of the band and bass player to Desorden Pœblico a local Ska Band) they contacted EMI Venezuela, who offers a distribution deal thus releasing "A typical and autoctonal Venezuelan dance band".

1991 In answer to the many rocker and dark acts frequently found in theaters in Caracas, a group of friends decide to form the best or rather the only Venezuelan dance band. In a crusade to convince the owners of forgotten discotheques that dance is not only salsa and merengue and that electric guitar is not the same as Punk, Los Amigos Invisibles start to conquer the club scene in Caracas thus offering their friends a way to party.

Los Amigos Invisibles son :

Mauricio Arcas: Percusión
Julio Briceño: Voz
Armando Figueredo: Teclados
José Luis Pardo: Guitarra
Juan Manuel Roura: Batería
José Rafael Torres: Bajo


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