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Loik - Afro Dope

Loik Afro Dope
Loik - Afro Dope
(MP3 Podcast on Kraked, 2009-02-08

A mix coming from web-digging sessions, thanks to the passion and culture of a few people, one may discover today unkwown pearls which any other way would be reserved for rich collectors (I won't dare to imagine the price of the 'African Fiesta' 45). 70s African music beating prices records on E-bay these days, we only have labels like Soundway, Kona, Analog Africa, Honest Jon's, Strut, etc. and their amazing compilations...
In order to dig deeper, go back up to the source and find information, we'd advise to begin with those must-not-miss four Blogs (of course sound is sometimes not that prefect but frankly there are bombs in there). Maximum respect.

Un mix issu du web-digging, grâce à la passion et la culture de quelques-uns on peut aujourd'hui découvrir d'insoupçonnables perles qui autrement seraient réservées à un marché de riches collectors, (je n'ose imaginer le prix du 45t d'African Fiesta). La musique africaine 70's atteignant des prix records sur E-bay, ils ne nous reste que des labels comme Soundway ou Kona et leurs brillantes compiles.
Pour aller plus loin, remonter à la source et trouver l'info commencez par ces quatres Blogs incontournables (bien sûr le son est parfois pas terrible mais franchement y'a de la bombe). Maximum respect à eux.

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Tracklisting :
01. The Funkees - Too-Lay
(from 'Too-Lay / Cool It Down' 7 inch, 1975 / Contempo) NIGERIA
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02. The Peace - Peaceful Man
(from 'Black Power' album, middle 1970s / ) ZAMBIA
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03. De Frank & His Professionals - Psychedelic Man
(from 'Psychedelic Man' album, 19XX) TOGO
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04. Orchestre African Fiesta - I Got The Feelin (James Brown cover)
(from 'Chantal Komonela Ngait Te / I Got The Feelin, 19XX / African Sukisa) CONGO
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05. Aktion - Groove The Funk
(from 'Groove The Funk' album, 1975 / Clover Sound) NIGERIA
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06. BLO - Mind Walk
(from 'Step Three' album, 1975 / Decca) NIGERIA
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07. E.T. Mensah & His Tempos Band - Mensah's African Rhythms
(from 'Mensah's African Rhythms' album, 1969 / Decca West Africa) GHANA
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Original record covers :

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Credits :
Artwork by Djouls (, photo by foundphotoslj under a Creative Commons license
Selected, mixed and mastered by Loik (


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Mike Mike ·  10 February 2009, 14:21

I downloaded it twice as in the first copy there was no sound from about minute 30 up to minute 33. Alas the same in the 2nd copy. Something wrong on my side?

Djouls Djouls ·  10 February 2009, 19:26

yes there was a mistake with some blank minutes and a track which had nothing to do there in the end.

I've re-uploaded the version without those, so two versions might appear in itunes... you can delete the first one

sorry about that

Mike Mike ·  11 February 2009, 12:06

Tnx a lot, instead of iTunes I use for download what has some advantages for me at least.
And tnx 4 all the effort you put in the site and in the mixes, it is an extension of Couleur3's formerly broadcast on Sunday: Afro- and South-American beats.

Pieter Pieter ·  12 March 2009, 15:13

thanks for the praise. i'll be posting more soon. internet here is just too slow/erratic to upload so am sending files (on cd) via regular mail to friend to upload

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