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Lazarus and The Plane Crash - Horseplay - out now on Antique Beat Records

Lazarus Horseplay
Lazarus and The Plane Crash - Horseplay
(CD/Digital) Antique Beat 2012-01-02

"It is a strange hairy thing" says Stephen Coates (aka The Clerkenwell Kid aka The Real Tuesday Weld) about his new project Lazarus and The Crash Plane (an allusion to Gainsbourg's Cargo Culte?) in the interview he's just done for Paris DJs. And it is indeed a weird and bonkers creature, a psychedelic freaky blues beast and in a way a kind of deviant side of The Real Tuesday Weld. But this time Coates leaves lyrics and vocals to The Guillotines' frontman Joe Coles (who's already sung on The Real Tuesday Weld's Songs for The Last Werewolf album) and only composed the music. Coles' voice shows a great talent to interpret his Captain Beefheart-styled texts and ranges from howl and barking to caress and murmur. This is obvious on the sick and mean ballad Violent Men. Other members of the Lazarus crew include Ping Lee on guitar, Mao Yamada on double bass, Pato Vidal on bass, Dave Brown on percussion, Daniele Sammarco on accordion and Heliocentrics' guitarist Adrian Owusa. Together they've built the first in-your-face record of 2012.
Read the Paris DJs interview with The Real Tuesday Weld : in english or in french.

Lazarus Horseplay
Lazarus and The Plane Crash - Horseplay
(CD/Digital) Antique Beat 2012-01-02

01.King of the Village Fete
02. Mating Dance
03. The Clays a Calling
04. Horn for the Whole Damn World
05. Violent Men
06. Naked and Nasty
07. I'm Going Deaf
08. Nasty and Naked
09. Spring Heeled Jack
10. Two Frankfurters
11. My little Tiger

Read the Paris DJs interview with The Real Tuesday Weld : in english or in french.
Lazarus and The Plane Crash : official | facebook | myspace | twitter | youtube
The Real Tuesday Weld : official | antique beat | bandcamp | blogspot | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | wikipedia | youtube

Press release
Lazarus and The Plane Crash is a collision between Joe Coles of The Guillotines, a singer renowned for wild live performance- (“somewhere between Iggy Pop and Captain Beefheart, but stranger and more beguiling than either”) and The Clerkenwell Kid (the man behind The Real Tuesday Weld, a band whose admirers include Anna Paquin and Johnny Depp).

Influenced by George Romero, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Beefheart, Brighton Rock, Cab Calloway, The Cramps, Jurassic Five and Scott Walker. Really.

Their songs mix sweaty garage rock, gypsy jazz, sexual over-excitement, Violence and Torch Song Piano under Joe’s spontaneous versifying.

The live band features Ping Lee, who learned guitar in the brothels of Hong Kong, where he developed a style described as ”Crotch-level noise, like a trashed-up pairing of Django Reinhardt and Poison Ivy Rorschach”. Intense Mao Yamada on double bass powers drives masterly Rockabilly-Jazz lines that throb… on accordion, Sicilian Daniele Sammarco, a street player who has enjoyed playing with the likes of Tom Waits and various masters of Tango. DP Brown, percussion legend, when not playing drums is not just a professional gambler- he is also a mathematical genius with an IQ of 175.

Their first album, which features The Broken Hearts (“London’s hippest DJ queens”) and Adrian Owusa, the only guitarist in the world equally adept at filthy garage rock n roll and Ethiopian jazz (having toured internationally playing with Mulatu Astatke, the father of Ethio-Jazz), will be released as a limited edition album here on Antique Beat in January 2012.

The limited edition CD designed by Catherine Anyango, comes with its own operational Ouija board, Planchet and instructions.

Use at your discretion. We have been using it to work out what will happen to the music industry and it has told us that Joe Coles will become a star...

If you want to see why and are in London, join us at the album launch on January 14th.

The Kid says: “These songs mix garage rock, gypsy jazz, cut-and-paste sampling, sexual over-excitement, violence and torch song pathos under spontaneous versifying. It was put together in a studio by the Thames rather like Doctor Frankenstein and Igor assembling a bricolage of musical body parts from borrowed bits and pieces. Joe would arrive, usually late, and tanked and cranked up after bad wine and tobacco, we’d pull the lever until the current arced across the room and the twitching started. Usually single takes and a subsequent laborious stitching process were all that were needed.”

Joe says: “The words to the songs were all written as they’re sung, its important to me that the sub-concious is allowed to puke out whatever it wants to and that is why I try to avoid a pen and paper. I believe a song should sing itself and any slow thinking that goes into the words will only weaken what’s trying to be expressed. There’s lots in these songs about sex, animals and about a wired, ecstatic feeling like a JG Ballard story, where the pilot of a stolen plane crashes into Shepperton and becomes this pagan demigod fucking everything and teaching the locals how to fly.”

Lazarus and The Plane Crash
Nicolas Ragonneau

Nicolas Ragonneau

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