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Kologbo - Wearplay EP#28 - Cool Down feat. Monkuti (T-shirt/Digital single bundle, Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2018)

Paris DJs Wearplay EP 028 Cool Down feat Monkuti

We nearly missed KOLOGBO DAY. Every 6th of the month is Kologbo day at Paris DJs, which means we're celebrating our friend Oghene Kologbo, who was Fela Kuti's tenor guitarist in Afrika 70, who played with nearly everyone from the worldwide afrobeat scene ever since it emerged in the late 1990s (thanks to Antibalas a a few others), who released an album a few months ago on our Paris DJs label… So on sunday, may 6th, we could only reveal the visual poster artist Ben Hito had done for a new Wearplay T-shirt in the Kologbo monthly singles series. Thankfully we're back on track today with the tune illustrated on this musical T-shirt: "Cool Down", featuring Parisian afrobeat band Monkuti and production by the Grant Phabao relentless music factory. The message is clear, as Kologbo tells it: "Cool down everyone, use your brain, and think something right for the sufferation of people. Everything is going astray so we need to cool down and do something"...

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Nous avons presque raté le KOLOGBO DAY. Tous les 6 du mois c'est le Kologbo day chez Paris DJs, ce qui signifie que nous célébrons notre ami Oghene Kologbo, guitariste ténor de Fela Kuti au sein du groupe Afrika 70, qui a joué avec presque tout le monde de a scène afrobeat mondiale depuis que cette dernière a émergé à la fin des années 90 (grâce à Antibalas et quelques autres), et qui vient de sortir un album sur notre label Paris DJs... Donc dimanche dernier, le 6 mai, nous n'avions que le visuel que l'affichiste Ben Hito avait fait pour un nouveau T-shirt Wearplay dans la série des singles mensuels de Kologbo. Heureusement, nous sommes de retour aujourd'hui avec la chanson illustrée par ce T-shirt musical: "Cool Down", avec en invités le groupe d'afrobeat Parisien Monkuti et à la production l'inarrêtable Grant Phabao. Le message est simple à saisir, comme l'explique Kologbo: "Cool down everyone, use your brain, and think something right for the sufferation of people. Everything is going astray so we need to cool down and do something"....

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Paris DJs Wearplay EP 028 Kologbo Cool Down feat Monkuti

Kologbo - Wearplay EP #28 - Cool Down feat. Monkuti
(T-shirt+Digital EP bundle) Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français WEARPLAY028, 2018-05-07

Tracklisting :
01. Cool Down feat. Monkuti 5:45

Credits :
Oghene Kologbo : Congas, Guitars, Vocals
Thibus Bentho : Vocals
Mario Orsinet : Drums, Backing Vocals
Alfred Sonou : Douns
Mathias Pirollo : Tablas
Daniele Martini : Tenor Saxophone Solo
Yann Lou Bertrand : Upright Bass
Julien Matrot : Trumpet
Benoit Crauste : Baritone Saxophone
Marin Galan : Tenor Saxophone
Marcia Gudo, Annie Brosteau, Nebil Mannai : Backing Vocals
Recorded by Alistaire Beaufils, Mario Orsinet and Grant Phabao
Produced, mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao at Paris DJs
Illustrated by Ben Hito
A&R by Djouls
℗ 2018 T.I.M.E.C./Paris DJs

Links :
Listen/buy on
Kologbo : Bandcamp | discogs | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter
Monkuti : official | facebook | soundcloud | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Le T-shirt Français : official | bandcamp | facebook | instagram | issuu | twitter | youtube
Artwork by Ben Hito : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook


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lexxykitty lexxykitty ·  13 May 2018, 06:32

Have some fun with this petite sweetheart!

Jule Bledsoe Jule Bledsoe ·  24 May 2018, 17:55

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Miguel Kushi Miguel Kushi ·  24 May 2018, 19:15

Hi. I want to ask a little something…is the following a wordpress web log as we are planning to be switching over to WP. Moreover did you make this template yourself? Thanks a lot.

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