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Kollektion 2011 - Batterie Label Compilation - out on Batterie Records

Batterie Kollektion 2011
Various - Kollektion 2011 - Batterie Label Compilation
(CD/Digital) Batterie 014, 2011-09-02

The Hamburg-based german label Batterie Records will be releasing its new compilation Kollektion 2011 on september 2nd, 2011. As usual with this label, the CD is self-distributed so anyone interested in this music should get in touch with asap... The CD is the continuation of the label's compilation series, the sequel to Kollektion 2010. This time they gave their attention to the electronic recycling - some call it remix... Not only pearls of the past are to be heard, but also exclusive and up to now unreleased tracks. And on the cover you can see, that they take every risk on them to play batterie (french for drumset) to the gallery.

Batterie Kollektion 2011
Various - Kollektion 2011 - Batterie Label Compilation
(CD/Digital) Batterie 014, 2011-09-02

The True Grit (A Green Meadow Remix) by Batterie

Emilys Poem (E.D.V. Alternate Take) by Batterie

Tracklisting :
01. Energie Du Verre - The 20th Century (Rupert & Mennert Raamix)
02. Eden - Uncountable Doors (A Green Meadow Remix)
03. Ensemble Du Verre - Sanctuary For Animals (Energie Du Verre's African Solution)
04. Eden - Solitude (Timo Weiner's Isolated Remix)
05. Ensemble Du Verre - Emilys Poem (Rupert & Mennert Snowbound Remix)
06. Ensemble Du Verre - Short Story About Walt (A Green Meadow Remix)
07. Ensemble Du Verre - The True Grit (A Green Meadow Remix)
08. Eden - When The Song Came (Ensemble Du Verre Remix)
09. Groove Galaxi - Back In The U.S.S.R. (Energie Du Verre Back In The Deep Mix)
10. Energie Du Verre - United Ancestors (Timo Weiner Remix)
11. Ensemble Du Verre - Emilys Poem (Ensemble Du Verre Alternate Take)

Links :
Energie du Verre : official |
Eden : | | twitter
Ensemble du Verre : officialdiscogsfacebookmyspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | youtube
Groove Galaxi : official | myspace
Batterie Records : officialdiscogsmyspace | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube

Press Release :
What's the point about a golden drumset in the blinding headlights of a car on a remote country road in a warm night in July? It is a symbol. It's the symbol for the name of a creative and self secure label called Batterie (french: drumset). With the "Kollektion 2011" (Batterie 014), the next step of the label's ongoing series of releases wich began in 2010, this year Batterie concentrates on new electronic versions of all artists and projects represented by the label.

As there are: Ensemble Du Verre with "The Contemporary Cowboy" waiting to be released in October, two of the pieces have allready been introduced in 2011. There are four totally different remixes on "Kollektion 2011", certainly not only teasers for the fifth E.D.V. release. Eden, the singer/songwriter project around singer Ute Lorenzen is represented with three new creative interpretations. Energie Du Verre, the dancefloor solo project of Mojo Club resident drummer Sönke Düwer, has two tracks to offer which have been released on vinyl in 2009 on the album "United Ancestors". Last but not least Groove Galaxi with a dub version of their smash hit "Back In The USSR". "Kollektion 2011" is not only about the lable's own artists but also about its favourite electronic musicians: Rupert & Mennert from Den Helder/Netherlands and Byte fm radio DJ Timo Weiner from Hamburg, known from his programm "Soundlook".

Finally don't miss "A Green Meadow", the latest elctronic Wunderkind of producer and lable boss Sönke Düwer.

Developed and put together here are an eleventh-hasty set electronics tracks of all complexion. All this is what the symbol stands for, the symbol of a golden drumset in the blinding headlights of a car on a remote country road in a warm night in July...


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