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Karl Hector - Soul Sauvage d'Afrique

Karl Hector Soul Sauvage d Afrique

The collective that includes the Poets of Rhythm, Whitefield Brothers and Karl Hector & The Malcouns have just put out a series of rare funk, jazz, soul and world-psych singles compiled as an album (info and free MP3 on We're celebrating this new Original Raw Soul III album release with an exclusive Afrofunk mix from the great Karl Hector himself! If, like us, you thought that the Jazz Modal du Monde mix he offered last year was one of the marvels of the Paris DJs podcast (one of the 5 most downloaded Paris DJs mixes of 2011), then you're in for another timeless hour.

Karl Hector Soul Sauvage d Afrique
Karl Hector - Soul Sauvage d'Afrique
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-03-06

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Tracklisting :
01. [00:00] Tony Grey - We Got To Know
02. [04:45] Voices Of Darkness - No One Really Knows
03. [10:03] Los Camaroes - Ma Wde Wa
04. [14:19] Orlando Julius - Ise Owo
05. [17:50] Johnny Black - Mayi Bo Ya
06. [22:52] Lantei Lamptey - Noko Nfeemi
07. [25:45] Cow-Boys - You Never Know
08. [29:09] Afro Funk - Afro-Funk
09. [32:43] Wings - Gone With The Wind
10. [36:30] Noble Kings - Yako Aba
11. [42:13] Ousmane Kouyaté - Kefimba
12. [49:45] Rex Williams - Ererimbot Ayafung Oko
13. [56:01] Afro National - Jokenge
14. [59:05] Les Vaudou Du Flamboyant - Kogo Ni Toulou
15. [64:41] T.O. Jazz - Ouwo Adaadaa Me
Total time : 67:28

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Credits :
Selected and mixed by Karl Hector (
Audio mastering by Grant Phabao (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( with the help of Nicolas Tamisier

Links :
Karl Hector : nowagain | facebook | myspaceparisdjs
Now-Again Records : official | discogs | facebook | myspace | parisdjs | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : official | facebook | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube


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Soysoi Soysoi ·  05 July 2012, 10:24

Hey Julian
I love this mix and it's a great way to get to know this music but it's hard to know what's what?? before the Julius Orland track there seem to be three distinct tracks. Can you tell me if this is the case or am I missing something? Also, before the Cow-Boys there seem to be more tracks that on the play list. I love that kind of James Brown inspired track what seems to go for only a minute - who's that? Is it only one minute song or is it attached to the tune before or after it? Can you let us know what's what? Sorry to be a pain, but you are the oracle.

Djouls Djouls ·  05 July 2012, 12:52

Hey Soysoi. You're right, one song was missing from the tracklisting. Grant Phabao re-opened the file from the mastering session, the mix was split into 15 tracks... So after checking, the mistake was at the beginning: track 3 is unknown... So I've asked Karl Hector, who told us he had forgotten track 3 which is Los Camaroes - Ma Wde Wa (Editions makossa 45)...

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