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Karl Hector - Jazz Modal du Monde

Karl Hector Jazz Modal du Monde

Karl Hector plays in various bands we admire at Paris DJs: The Poets of Rhythm, The Whitefield Brothers, Afrobeat Academy with Ebo Taylor... He released with The Malcouns in 2008 one of the albums of the year, Sahara Swing, and has just issued Tamanrasset on Now-Again Records, a fantastic EP with 5 new tracks of Afrodelic kraut-funk. He'll be paying with Ebo Taylor in France and Europe this summer (check the rest of this entry for the tour dates). All this calls for celebration so here's an exclusive new mix, all trippy modal jazz, the perfect soundtrack for a Paris DJs night mood...

Karl Hector Jazz Modal du Monde
Karl Hector - Jazz Modal Du Monde
(MP3 Podcast on 2011-06-03

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Tracklisting :
01. Nadi Qamar - After Glow
(from 'The Nuru Taa African Musical Idiom: Played on the Mama-Likembi' album, 1975 / Folkways)
02. East New York Ensemble De Music - Mevlana
(from 'At The Helm' album, 1974 / Folkways)
03. Art Blakey - Obirin African
(from 'The African Beat' album, 1962 / Blue Note)
04. Sun Ra - Mayan Temples
(from 'Of Mythic Worlds album, 1980 / Philly Jazz)
05. Okay Temiz / Johnny Dyani - Sark Gezintileri
(from 'Witchdoctor's Son' album, 1976 / Yonca)
06. Claude Delcloo / Arthur Jones - Africanasia (Part 1)
(from 'Africanasia' album, 1969 / BYG)
07. Bilal Abdurahman - Tone Poem Mysterioso
(from 'Innovative Rhythmic and Tonal Textures for Developing Creative Motor Skill Activities' album, 1976 / Folkways)
08. Maffy Falay / Sevda - Tamzara
(from 'Jazz I Sverige '72' album, 1972 / Caprice)
09. Toni Esposito - Processione Sul Mare
(from 'Processione Sul Mare' album, 1976 / Numero Uno)
10. Lloyd Miller - Hue Wail
(from 'Oriental Jazz' album, 1969 / East West)
11. Mulatu Astatke - Kulunmanqueleshi
(from 'Mulatu Of Ethiopia' 1972 / Worthy)
12. Girma Bèyènè - Ene Negne By Manesh
(from 'Enken Yelelebish' 7 inch, 1969 / Amha)
13. Sun Ra - Aiethiopia
(from 'The Nubians of Plutonia album, 1966 / Impulse)
14. Munir Bechir and his Quartet - Iraqui Dabka
(from 'Babylon Mood' album, 1972 / Parlophone)

Original Cover Artworks :

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Credits :
Selected, mixed and audio mastering by Karl Hector (
Artwork layout by Djouls ( with the help of Nicolas Tamisier, using the cover artwork from Le Peuple LP

Links :
Karl Hector : |
Now-Again Records (label) : | | | |
Karl Hector on Paris DJs : Karl Hector Show Part 2.a | Karl Hector Show Part 2.b | Tamanrasset, the new EP from 2011 | the Sahara Swing album

Ebo Taylor & Afrobeat Academy on tour this summer in Europe :
25th May - Gotakaellere, Stockholm, SW
26th May - Circolo deli Artisti, Roma, IT
27th May - Novarra Jazz, Milan, IT
28th May - Hiroshima Mon Amour, Torino, IT
03rd June Radio Nova Les Nuits Zébrées - Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint-Ouen, FR
04th June - Jazz Sous Les Pommiers , Coutances, FR
09th June - Festival Contretemps, Strasbourg, FR
10th June - Festival Alter-Ego, Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, FR
17th June - Festival Les Invites, Villeurbanne, FR
21th June - Jazz a la Defense, Paris, FR
28th June - Sommarscen, Malmoe, SW
01st July - Eysines Goes Soul, Bordeaux, FR
02nd July - Sun Flower Festival, Fleurus, BE
05th July - Jazz à Vienne Festival, FR
06th July - Jazz Festival, Copenhagen, DK
10th June - Maribord Festival, Lent, SI
14th July - Barbican w/ Fools Gold, London, UK
24th July - Festival Musica Do Mondon, PT
28th June - Tempo Rives, Angers, FR
31st June - Womad Festival, UK
04th August - Fiesta Sete, Sete, FR
05th August - Imaginafunk, Andalucia, ES
06th August - Art d'Afrique, Les Vans, FR


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