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Kactus Hunters - Born 2 Fight!

Kactus Hunters Born 2 Fight

A psychedelic project re-unifying old pals Doctor L and Mister Baby (from french funk band F.F.F.), Kactus Hunters is quite amazing... Melting psyched pop, astral rock, abstract hip hop and free jazz into futuristic downtempo funk, the album Unlimited Land released in 2006 has been blowing minds ever since with its malicious audio and visual hallucinations. Collectors might want to try to file this between Funkadelic and Funkstörung, or between Pink Floyd and Autechre.
We're happy to offer here another piece of the Kactus Hunters puzzle, with an exclusive unreleased take of Born 2 Fight!, all rough and trippy, soulful abstract hip-hop.

Kactus Hunters Born 2 Fight
Kactus Hunters - Born 2 Fight!
(Exclusive MP3 download on Mind Service, 2009-08-29

too late this mp3 is not available anymore sorry

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