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Kûtmah - Dusted Soul - Excursions in Dirty Beats

Kutmah Dusted Soul
Kûtmah - Dusted Soul - Excursions in Dirty Beats
(CD) Mochilla MOCD011, 2008-12-16

Kutmah Dusted Soul
Kûtmah - Dusted Soul - Excursions in Dirty Beats
(CD) Mochilla MOCD011, 2008-12-16

(Dusted Tracklist / some joints are renamed cuz Kûtmah doesn't know all the names)
Madlib - Music - Raw Cake 2 - Unreleased
Dakim - The Slop - Unreleased
Spacek - Take Her Away - Unreleased
Beat Konducta - Tearz - Dill Cosby Joint - Stones Throw
Pete Rock - Bonus Beat - Ny's Finest Intros
Shafiq - 12''poo - Bah Records
Samiyam 12'' - Hyper Dub
Heralds Of Change - Unreleased
Waajeed - Get Live - Unreleased - Bling.47.Com
Lioux Bourdeaux -
Hudson Mohawke - Are U Feeling High? - Unreleased
Madlib - What A Day - Unreleased
Samiyam - Unreleased
Dilla - Body Movin - Kutmah Re:Edit
Madlib - No No No - Dill Cosby Joint - Stones Throw
Ghost+Dilla - Fishscale
Dilla - Hey Kids - Unreleased
Beat Konducta - Take It Back - Dill Cosby - Stones Throw
Zackey Force Funk - Zackey Bump - Unreleased
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Red Light -
Mr Iozo -
Dibia$E - Knock Out - Unreleased
Pudge - Break Your Neck_ - Unreleased
Hudson Mohawke - Listen Motherfukkers! - Unreleased
Exile - One For Dusk! - Radio - Plug Research
Dill Clinton - Live Wire - Unreleased
Madlib - Unreleased
Dilla - While Your Weeping - Unreleased
Nosajthing - (Name?)Unreleased
Exile - Were All In Power - Radio - Plug Research
Samiyam - Heaven - Unreleased
Madlib - Do Do - Dill Cosby - Stones Throw
Ohno - Unreleased
Flako - Unreleased
Shafiq - 12''poo - Bah Records
Ras G - Rockers - 12''poo - Bah Records
Dibia$E - Payback - Unreleased
Madlib - What??
Fuzzface - The Chant - Unreleased
Jneiro Jarel - Twilight - Unreleased
Ohno - Call Out - Unreleased
Dilla Clinton - Wokawokawoka - Unreleased
Bahamadia - Funky For You - Jay Dee Remix - Unreleased
Apex - Higher - Unreleased
Flako - Unreleased
Andre 3000 - Pink N Blue - The Love Below -
Padded Cell - Dc Recordings
Rustie -
Modeselektor - Feat:Puppetmasters - 12''
Zackey Force Funk - Zackey Style - Unreleased
Computer J - What Do I Think Of You - Unerleased
J - Laine - Ahhh - Unreleased
Pilooski - You Know Love
The End

Note : Recorded Live @ Dublab In Mid September 2008 By Matthew David. Mix CD from Mochilla 'Feito Em Casa' series. Uncredited. Sleeve note says: "No language, just sound, that's all we need know. To synchronise love to the beat of the show. - Ian Curtis"

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Info :
Kutmah is the founder of Sketch Book. Sketch Book was the club that nurtured into being Flying Lotus, Ras G, Gaslamp Killer. It was an oasis every Tuesday night for heads of the "made this at the crib earlier, lets play it variety". Many a great left field record got its Los Angeles debut there. Kûtmah was always there with a new crazy blend and a sketch you wouldn't believe. His graphic arts skills are legendary, he is mean on the wheels and with a pen. Dusted Soul is him on blast live at the Dublab studios. His energy is evident and his esoteric taste is the way you know for sure it's him.


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