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Jon Kennedy - We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix)

Jon Kennedy We Milk Life But Skank Smooth Grant Phabao Remix

Jon Kennedy learned to play the drums at the age of 12 or 13 and started to record his own crazy tracks on a 4 track straight away.. Before that he was listening to War Of The Worlds OST and my brothers rock music, strumming along to them on his guitar, Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, Kiss etc. After 3 really cool trip-hop-like albums on Tru Thoughts and Grand Central Records, he'll release a new album, "14", this summer on Organik Recordings. Expect Rock, Hip Hop, Soul, Funk... all of a heavy nature from the drum perspective. This skanking (and exclusive) Grant Phabao remix takes a song from his previous "Useless Wooden Toys" album into Jamaican territories. The Bristol beatmaster dressed with dreads... Enjoy!

Jon Kennedy We Milk Life But Skank Smooth Grant Phabao Remix
Jon Kennedy - We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix)
(Exclusive MP3 download on 2009-03-06

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jon kennedy jon kennedy ·  07 March 2009, 12:57


simona simona ·  07 March 2009, 13:54

love the bass

bodoo bodoo ·  07 March 2009, 15:19

Indeed!!! Very moody very soft and silky good bass vibration good voice good feelin

Mark Mark ·  09 March 2009, 02:46

Love it! I'll be contacting you soon to grab a 256 copy and play it out on my show if cool with you.

jazzmadass jazzmadass ·  09 March 2009, 04:10

nice on, will play it in my show

Djouls Djouls ·  09 March 2009, 12:53

Link to this post is

Lady J Lady J ·  09 March 2009, 17:07

Dig it! :-)

Rich Rich ·  20 April 2009, 15:47

You say there's a chance of getting this as 256kbps? That would be great!

Thanks for all you do.

M.W.D. M.W.D. ·  20 April 2009, 15:48


Lovin the jon kennedy remix, and do wanna contact you for a high quality copy to play in my show.


James Bamberger James Bamberger ·  20 April 2009, 15:49


I was just diggin' the Jon Kennedy - We Milk Life But Skank Smooth (Grant Phabao Remix)
and thought I'd inquire about the 256 version for us disc slingers. M'self and a chum have some evenings over here in Toronto where that vibe would go down splendidly..
Keep it up!!

James Bamberger (Mogpaws)
Simmer Down, Toronto

Aset Aset ·  20 April 2009, 15:51

May you send me this track to 256 Kbps quality?.
Thanks so match.

slimpickens slimpickens ·  20 April 2009, 15:51

Hello, I am a resident DJ at a club here in Iowa City, IA and I always try to introduce new music to the patrons here and would like to be contacted about new releases and any DJ promos available. Also would like to get links to your higher bit rate to include some of these songs in my sets.

Thanks for your time!

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