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Jess & Crabbe present Bazzerk - African Digital Dance - out on Mental Groove Records

Jess and Crabbe present Bazzerk African Digital Dance
Jess & Crabbe present Bazzerk - African Digital Dance
(2xCD/2xLP/Digital) Mental Groove Records MGCD022/MGLP022, 2011-07-11 (EU/JP) 2011-08 (USA)

"Bazzerk is an experimental, global and upfront dance music & entertainment project"... I would rather summarize it as "Jess & Crabbe's new Kuduro project, a double CD/double LP compilation of mainly exclusive tracks featuring the very best of Kuduro artists, newcomers and confirmed talents alike, from Angola to Portugal by way of South America." That's when you'll probabaly add a question about what "Kuduro" might be... Basically, it's a combination of traditional Angolan culture (melodies and dances) with raw electronic instrumentals aiming straight to the dancefloor. And I must admit this music is quite contagious - after a few minutes you should be more than willing to go out and DANCE!! Those bass vibes coming straight from the African continent are quite hard to resist. The selection is surprisingly eclectic (some productions even come from Portugal, Franc or South America) and constantly frenetic. Get in the groove, this is waht you're gonna dance on in the coming years!

Jess and Crabbe present Bazzerk African Digital Dance
Jess & Crabbe present Bazzerk - African Digital Dance
(2xCD/2xLP/Digital) Mental Groove Records MGCD022/MGLP022, 2011-07-11 (EU/JP) 2011-08 (USA)

BAZZERK - African Digital Dance V-A Compilation (CD1 Trailer) by BAZZERK

Tracklisting CD1 :
01. DJ Ketchup - O Babo
02. DJ Zizisso - The Revolution
03. Dj Nedwyt-Fox - Hino Dos Mil Mambos
04. Dj Marfox - Radio Oxigenio AM
05. Diamond Bass - Stereotype (Original)
06. Pacheko - Lamissy
07. Dj Ketchup - Um Ano de Namoro
08. Dj Du Marcel - 2º Round
09. Cabo Snoop - Windek
10. Bruno M - Takule Kuya
11. DJ Nigga-Fox - E Para Vacalhar
12. Braulio ZP - Xtraga
13. DJ Santiago - Melodia de 2011
14. Braulio ZP - Do Maiorao

BAZZERK - African Digital Dance V-A Compilation (CD2 Trailer) by BAZZERK

Tracklisting CD2 :
01. Captain Bubbles - Nerima Funk
02. Dj Patrick Ft. Os Vagabanda - Tarefa
03. Laton 2 Segundos ft. Heroy & Paraiso - Carambola
04. DJ Wilson - Nosso Regresso [2O11]
05. DJ Rick & DJ Wilson - Na Paz
06. DJ PM - O Ultimo Grito
07. Dj Santiago - Batida Com Emocao
08. Batida - Tribalismo (Instrumental)
09. Bruno M - Danca do Scomba
10. Dj Patrick Ft. Black Power - Mo Choro
11. Zaza Twins - Instru Coupe decale (Bonus)
12. Diamond Bass - Stereotype (Global Bass version) (Bonus)
13. DJ Wilson - Doutro Mundo (Bonus)

Lamissy (Forthcoming On Mental Groove's "Bazzerk - African Digital Dance" compilation) by pacheko

Tracklisting 2LP :
A1. Dj Marfox - Rádio Oxigénio AM
A2. Pacheko - Lamissy
A3. DJ Wilson - Doutro Mundo (Bonus)
A4. Diamond Bass - Stereotype (Global Bass version) (Bonus)
A5. Dj Dú Marcel - 2o Round
B1. DJ Santiago - Melodia de 2011
B2. Dj Nedwyt-Fox - Hino Dos Mil Mambos
B3. Captain Bubbles - Nerima Funk
B4. DJ Zizisso - The Revolution
B5. DJ Rick & DJ Wilson - Na Paz
B6. Dj Santiago - Batida Com Emoção C1. DJ Wilson - Nosso Regresso [2O11]
C2. Cabo Snoop - Windek
C3. DJ PM - O Último Grito
C4. DJ Nigga-Fox - È Para Vacalhar C5. Batida - Tribalismo (Instrumental)
C6. Dj Patrick Ft. Black Power - Mo Choro D1. DJ Ketchup - O Babo
D2. Bruno M - Takule Kuya
D3. Bruno M - Dança do Scomba
D4. Brâulio ZP - Do Maiorão
D5. Brâulio ZP - Xtraga

Links :
Bazzerk : tumblrfacebooktwitter (Crabbe)twitter (Jess) | soundclouddailymotion
Mental Groove Records : officialfacebook | soundcloud (1) | soundcloud (2) | myspace | bandcamp
Distribution : modulor (1), modulor (2) (EU/JP) | traffic (US/CA)

Press Release :
Mental Groove Records team up with DJ duo and curators of this release, Jess & Crabbe, to present "Bazzerk - African Digital Dance", a unique compilation showcasing extensively the real sound of Kuduro over two discs and a total of twenty-seven tracks.

The genre first appeared a couple of decades ago in Angola, as European and American electronic music influences reached the African continent. Combined with traditional Angolan culture, it rapidly birthed Kuduro, a dancefloor movement based primarily on raw efficient electronic instrumentals but also encompassing melodic vocals and dance. From the mere instrumental + vocal animation formula that was Kuduro in its first decade (late 80's to early 90's), it has evolved into a legitimate movement and specific genre of its own. Vocalists migrating from the Angolan rap scene to Kuduro enriched and empowered the scene with quality vocals to compliment and complement the instrumental productions. An energetic dance style influenced by the daily life in Angola and traditional dances such as Ladjum or Milindro was appended as another crucial element. If you can't make the audience follow your dancing, you've failed. And there you have it, Kuduro as it is today: a worldwide-spreading phenomenon based on the three key ingredients that are a blasting electronic track, stimulating vocals that can range from rapping to singing, and frenetic infectious dancing.

From Angola throughout the world, Kuduro has already found new homes in other countries such as Portugal, Cape Verde, France, and Brazil amongst others who adopted the raw style and added their own distinctive twist to it.

Precursor Geneva-based label Mental Groove has a history of unearthing the music you'll be dancing or listening to next. Meanwhile, Jess & Crabbe have been extensively researching and promoting the Kuduro genre for the last couple of years, putting out mixtapes and putting on parties. They presented the label with a compilation project that Mental Groove couldn't be more thrilled about, and two years of thorough research later finally comes "Bazzerk - African Digital Dance Music", a comprehensive and genuine portrait of the singular Kuduro movement, from its original Angolan form to the various Portuguese, French, or South-American declinations it incepted.

About Mental Groove Records :
Primarily an electronic music label, Geneva-based Mental Groove Records was founded in 1989.

The first releases, all from local talents, immediately met positive echoes and critical acclaim on a worldwide level. Ensued a string of new relations and exchanges, and collaborations and remixes were soon organized between local and foreign artists. The Mental Groove label we now know of was born.

The artistic line of Mental Groove aims to be open yet coherent. The musical policy that the label defends implies that Mental Groove cannot be categorized or reduced to a single genre, the catalogue truly demonstrates this will to remain diverse, open to new horizons, to experimentations, and to a boundaries-free mixing of musical styles.

French Info :
Le label précurseur genevois Mental Groove a l'habitude de dénicher la musique sur laquelle vous danserez ou que vous écouterez prochainement. Pendant ce temps, Jess & Crabbe ont largement contribué à la diffusion et à la promotion du genre Kuduro durant les deux dernières années par le biais de mixtapes et de soirées. Mental Groove s'associe à ce duo de DJ pour présenter "Bazzerk - African Digital Music", une compilation unique présentant largement le vrai son Kuduro sur 2CD et 27 morceaux.

Le Kuduro est aujourd'hui un phénomène mondial basé sur trois éléments clés qui sont : un morceau électro détonnant, des vocaux stimulants rappés ou chantés et une danse frénétique contagieuse. Venu d'Angola, le Kuduro a désormais trouvé de nouveaux terrains de jeux dans d'autres pays comme le Portugal, le Cap Vert, la France, le Brésil et bien d'autres, qui ont adopté le style brut et y ont ajouté leurs propres signes distinctifs.

Bruno M - Dança dos Comba

Pacheko - Lamissy

Cabo Snoop - Windek

DJ Rick & DJ Wilson - Na Paz

Bráulio ZP - Do Maiorão

DJ Ketchup - Obabo + Um Ano De Namoro


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shook shook ·  05 July 2011, 18:34

finallly i heard this over 3 months ago! good to see its finally getting the proper release. big ups to these guys, its a great comp.

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