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Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape

Hidden Orchestra Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape
Hidden Orchestra - Night Walks On Vinyl Mixtape
(MP3 Podcast on Tru Thoughts, 2011-02-24

To celebrate the release of the Night Walks album on deluxe vinyl (thanks to Denovali Records), Joe Acheson of Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts Recordings) has put together this studio mixtape. Like the preceding Footsteps Mix, this carefully-sculpted selection rewards close listening, and contains numerous exclusive tracks, lots of sound design and plenty of spoken word. Catch the band live on their European tour March-April 2011, and throughout the festival season.

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Tracklisting :
00.00 Antiphon - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
02.04 Dream of a Strange Land (by Graham Greene) - read by Hugh Burden (Talking Tape Co.)
05.40 Thograinn Thograinn (Joe Acheson refix) - MacMaster/Hay (MacMaster/Hay)
07.15 El Presidente (acapella) - Jeru the Damaja (Red Urban Music)
09.21 Strange - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
10.08 (anonymous Ukrainian song) - recorded by Matt Thompson in Kiev 2004
12.49 Outi's Favourite Sound - interview in Jyvaskyla 2009
15.20 Longevity (acapella) - J-Live (Groove Attack)
15.21 Les Gardes Volent au Secours du Roi - Jean-Claude Vannier (Finders Keepers)
15.45 Jean-Claude - Slepton & Public (Double Dope)
16.09 Musst Musst (Joe Acheson refix) - Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Real World)
17.15 Suicide Murder (acapella) - Bounty Killer feat. Jeru the Damaja (Massive B)
21.32 The Mast - Araya (Benbecula)
22.32 The Pit and the Pendulum (by Edgar Allan Poe) - read by Christopher Lee (Listen For Pleasure)
23.57 What Does Your Soul Look Like (pt.3) - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
25.18 Open Spaces - Jonny Greenwood (Nonesuch)
26.05 Tired & Awake - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
30.01 Ganky - Christ. (Benbecula)
30.49 Between Two Worlds (by Yolanda Pupo-Thompson) - BBC R3 drama feat. Owen Teale
31.26 Minor Down (remix of Benjamin Dauer) - Mrs Jynx (Planet Mu)
32.02 The Royal Game (by Stefan Zweig) - BBC R3 drama feat. Paul Rhys
32.29 Joyous Insolence - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
35.09 Sidewinders - Sixtoo (Ninja Tune)
36.27 Flying Officer - Skalpel (Ninja Tune)
37.56 Birds of Prey - Architeq (Tirk)
38.06 Moviedrome pt.2 (acapella) - Life (Zebra Traffic)
40.33 Samurai - Shurik'n (Delabel)
42.11 We Specialize (acapella) - CL Smooth (Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
42.52 Queens Get the Money - All Natural (All Natural Inc)
43.38 (tribute to Ghandi) - Albert Einstein
45.37 Hideyaface Reprise (Shaolin Finale) (Reminder & Prefuse Notate Small Ensemble Version) - Prefuse 73 (Warp)
45.56 (Shout) - Tajai
47.13 Old Molly Metcalfe - Jake Thackray (EMI)
47.21 River Man (Joe Acheson refix) - Nick Drake (Island)
48.03 Nude (acapella) - Radiohead (XL)
50.45 Changes - Lost Twin (Throw Some Shapes)
53.20 Chewing on Glass - Sixtoo (Ninja Tune)
54.24 Rehearsal of Mozart's Symphony no.36 (Joe Acheson refix) - Bruno Walter conducting the Columbia Symphony Orchestra (Philips)
56.18 Dance of Death (Joe Acheson refix) - The Galactic Light Orchestra (Polydor)
56.39 Midnight in a Perfect World (Gab Mix) - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
57.34 Building Steam from a Grain of Salt - DJ Shadow (Mo Wax)
59.15 Live at Spike (acapella poetry recital) - Kate Tempest
61.54 Blah (Moph Refix) - TY in interview with Emily Towers
62.28 Elders (Wadadda Refix) - The Clouds (Jahtari)
63.39 Babylon - Mungo's Hi Fi (Scrub-a-Dub)
64.08 Glory Box (acapella) - Portishead (Go! Beat)
67.47 Terror Planet - Truth (Aquatic Lab)
68.28 Moviedrome pt.1 (acapella) - Life (Zebra Traffic)
69.51 The Book of Right-On (Wadadda 'Shallow Refix') - Joanna Newsom (Drag City)
72.25 Devious Dan - Xploding Plastix (Beatservice)
73.48 Undergrowth - Hidden Orchestra (Tru Thoughts/Denovali)
78.49 Between Two Worlds - feat. Owen Teale and Sandy Grierson

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Info :
Selected and mixed by Joe Acheson / Hidden Orchestra (
Artwork by Chris Knight (, finishes by Djouls (

Links :


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Windkle Windkle ·  25 February 2011, 11:46

really wicked mixtape.

JeanSaintJean JeanSaintJean ·  25 February 2011, 13:45

And .Me Too... Too... Too And Too !

1coolbass 1coolbass ·  25 February 2011, 16:22


pwguy pwguy ·  26 February 2011, 11:47

Pure genius. Really, thank you Joe for sharing your hard work!

kip kip ·  26 February 2011, 13:45

mix 5 etoiles
les refixs sont juste enormes
quel talent

TomKnockz TomKnockz ·  26 February 2011, 17:58


gas gas ·  28 February 2011, 22:17

a wonderful thing. i *heart* parisdj's

JuanitoDiBanana JuanitoDiBanana ·  01 March 2011, 23:55

Va falloir lui momifier les tympans et les décréter "patrimoines de l'Humanité". Une pure tuerieeeeeeee!!!...:)

Hip Sound Hip Sound ·  01 March 2011, 23:57

Download link broken? (download button)
Would be great if fixed.


J-Slyde J-Slyde ·  02 March 2011, 01:43

ADORE IT! Mad props to all involved.
This is a keeper :)

Djouls Djouls ·  02 March 2011, 16:43

Download link corrected. It was supposed to work, but didn't work for everyone, don't know why. So I change the URL and now it should be fine for everybody...

totem totem ·  03 March 2011, 13:50

bah, download still aint working. it just plays the tune
am i missing something, its most likely i am?

Djouls Djouls ·  03 March 2011, 14:44

Yes William, you're missing a few basics, but no worry. The link/download button points to the mp3 directly. So if you clic on it it will open a new window in your navigator and play the mp3 using some quicktime plugin or another... But if you right-clic on the link and select the "save as" or "save link as" or "save link destination as" (somethink like that, sorry my firefox is in french), then you're offered to save/download the mix somewhere on your computer.

paul nolan paul nolan ·  03 March 2011, 22:13

call me stupid - i cant download this amazing mix either - mac user - any advice anyone?
djouls help

Djouls Djouls ·  04 March 2011, 11:53

Hi Paul
don't know what to tell you. i'm a mac user too. just re-tested the link, clicked on it it opened a new window in which quicktime plays the mp3. Or right-clic and then "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" or "Save Link Target As" or "Download Linked File As" and it works. I mean I've just done right now and 5000 people have manaed to get this mix already... You can try going to but the link is the same...

Pablo Pablo ·  10 March 2011, 19:36

Hi friends: Tonight 21hs  (spanish tome) live audio streaming: Hidden Orchestra in Barcelona


bunguini bunguini ·  17 March 2011, 00:48

Thanks for putting old molly metcalfe on, havent heard that since i was a nipper!

mitchum mitchum ·  20 March 2011, 21:10

Incroyable atmosphere
le mix dont je rêve depuis très longtemps
un immense talent

GaryinPoland GaryinPoland ·  22 March 2011, 13:59

Incredible, absolutely sublime, I simply cannot stop listening to this mix. It's a work of art. Pure Genius 10/10 .. Thank you.

Greg Greg ·  28 April 2011, 12:11

wow.......amazing, energetic, magical

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