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Hexstatic presents Video Remixes & Rarities

Hexstatic Video Remixes and Rarities
Hexstatic presents Video Remixes & Rarities
(CD & DVD) Ninja Tune ZENCD145, 2008-12-01

Hexstatic Video Remixes and Rarities
Hexstatic presents Video Remixes & Rarities
(CD & DVD) Ninja Tune ZENCD145, 2008-12-01

Tracklisting CD :
01. Red Laser Beam (Gamebreaker remix)
02. Hexstatic vs Kris Menace - Invader
03. Wonka (previous Japan only release)
04. Freak Me (Michael Fakesh remix)
05. Bust (NinjaStar extended remix)
06. Gits (previously unreleased)
07. Wonka (DJ Kentaro remix)
08. TLC (Ivan L. remix)
09. DJ Kentaro - Tasogare Highway High (Hexstatic remix)
10. Vector (Si Begg remix)
11. Coldcut - Space Journey (Hexstatic remix)
12. Hexstatic Mega-Mix (mixed by DJ Lord Fader)

Tracklisting DVD :
01. Natural Rhythms Trilogy (Hexstatic and Coldcut)
02. Deadly Media + Remix (Rewind 2000)
03. Stylophonic (Rewind 2000)
04. Robopop (Rewind 2000)
05. Communication breakdown (Rewind 2000)
06. Ninjatune(Rewind 2000)
07. Vector (Rewind 2000)
08. Machine toy(Rewind 2000)
09. Bass Invader(Rewind 2000)
10. Auto,(Rewind 2000)
11. Salvador feat. Organic audio (MasterView2005)
12. Distorted Minds feat.Juice Aleem (MasterView2005)
+ Guerrilla Gigs-Zero DB remix (MasterView 2005)
13. Perfect Bird (MasterView2005)
14. Pulse (MasterView2005)
15. That track (MasterView2005)
16. Newtons cradle (When Robots Go Bad 2007)
17. Red Laser Beam(When Robots Go Bad 2007)
18. Bust (When Robots Go Bad 2007)

Links :

Press Release :
Please be upstanding and prepare to freak in a monstrous funk 'n' vision explosion.

Hexstatic are the original kings of audio-visual mayhem and this is a DVD and CD set of some of the very best of what they've done. Covering over 10 years, there is more wit, invention and electronic funk contained here than in a lifetime of watching MTV. The DVD contains the pick of Hexstatic's AV videos going back to early experiments with Coldcut including the Natural Rhythms Trilogy 1996-98, on through cut-up classics like "Ninja Tune," through world psych-funk on "Salvador" and up to the computer animation of their later work. Seriously, it's like "Why Don't You..?" where instead of you having to do anything, someone else does it for you.

Watch with mother, or on your own, or invite friends round for a kind of Tupperware party except way better. Do it now. You won't regret it. The rest of your life is empty and hopeless and maybe this offers a way out. If not, there's always robot sex…

To mark this auspicious release Robin Brunson and Stuart Warren Hill will be headlining an audio-visual launch party at the London IMAX on November 15th, with support from Light Surgeons and D-Fuse - hosted by the eminent "onedotzero" organisation. As part of the show Hexstatic will be broadcastinging their hilarious remix of the Diesel XXX campaign.


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