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Happy new year 2014 from Paris DJs!

Djouls, Grant Phabao & Ben Hito main activists behind Paris DJs with Loik Dury (co-founder), Nicolas Ragonneau (special reporter), Aurélien Fache, Duke, Laurent Poinsignon (I.T. team), Miska (hip hop events), Delphine (business affairs), Captain Détendu & Jeanf (historical partners), are all wishing you the very best for 2014!

Paris DJs Happy New Year 2014

In 2013 Paris DJs have put out 52 releases, one per week if you add the few mixes to the list of singles, albums and compilations (check the list below). For this new year we wish to go even further forward. We've already planned many new compilations (psychedelic hip hop, jazzy hip hop, female MCs, afro/tropical vol.5, dub, rock… and more) but we've decided to dig even deeper in 2014. So if you have some tracks/releases from your catalog to submit for some of our upcoming compilations (and singles), if you want to send us some upcoming promotional music, or some unreleased tunes, there's many things Paris DJs can do about and with this music, which is why we have a few questions :

> Can we pick a track from your release(s) for one of our upcoming compilations ?
> For digital, can we sell that track separately or is it bundle-only ?
Our conditions : no advance; non-exclusive; tracks only licensed in the context of the compilation; artists keep 100% of their masters and publishing; 50/50 on all net profits.

> Is there a track in the release you've sent that we may remix using only the vocal parts ?
Our conditions : same as the compilations, excepted that we'll only use the a capella / vocal parts and will compose a brand new instrumental; we'll register at SACEM together a new track with a new name, with 60% publishing for you and 40% for us; we'll release the remix on Paris DJs and will share all profits 50/50; any 3rd party licensing/commercial use of the remix will be split 50/50 but will need approval from both parties.

> We can review your music and relay the information on all Paris DJs' social networks. Promotion costs start at 50€ per release and we also have bundle offers for labels, including free advertising banners, mixes, virtual releases, etc. Would you be interested in that?

Paris DJs, run by Djouls, Loik & Grant Phabao, is one of the oldest groovy/psych music websites out there. It started with in 1996 and evolved into in 2005. Paris DJs is now an institution on the musical web, with 3.6 millions of downloads on the mixes, more than 6000 articles published and an international network of artists & collaborators. Djouls was introduced to James Brown by Phish' management as "a living encyclopedia of modern music" while multi-instrumentalist Grant Phabao has a worldwide reputation of being "the best sound engineer in Paris". Loik Dury was Radio Nova music programmer bewteen 87 and 97 and is now doing movie soundtracks for Cedric Klapisch, among others.  Paris DJs' graphic designer Ben Hito is one of the top 10 illustrators in France. There's a lot we don't tell. Our music is a secret order.

Paris DJs Happy New Year 2014

Paris DJs 2013 : 52 weeks, 52 releases !!

Grant Phabao & The Jays - Stepping Up In Time EP (single)
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents The Silvertones 1965-1979 (mix)
Grant Phabao & The Silvertones - Keep On Rolling (album)
©© Les Frères Smith - Opposite People (Live At Roskilde Festival 2012) (single)
Shawn Lee - The Word Jam (single)

The Cactus Channel - Budokan (Grant Phabao Remix) (single)
Grant Phabao & The Jays - African Man EP (single)
Jungle Fire - Tokuta (Grant Phabao Remix feat. Soul Sugar) (single)
Jungle By Night - Marsvin (Live Dec 31, 2012 at Gloria Theater, Koln) (single)
Grant Phabao presents Horace Andy - Talk 'bout Peace (single)

Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston - I'll Do The Best I Can (single)
Grant Phabao & AFRODYETE - Itchin' For Your Love (single)
Pepe Deluxé - Go Supersonic (Grant Phabao Remix) (single)
Grant Phabao & The Jays - Stepping Up In Time (album)

Grant Phabao & Carlton Livingston - Cramp & Paralyze (single)
Doctor L - Sweet Life feat. Allonymous (Grant Phabao Remix) (single)
Grant Phabao presents The Lone Ranger & Echo Minott - Plant Up A Vineyard (single)

GregSky & Grant Phabao - La Danse Du Shadow (single)
Paris DJs Soundsystem - We Are The Fire Inside Your Mind - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol.2 (compilation)
Grant Phabao presents The Lone Ranger - Take Her To Jamaica Weh The Reggae Come From feat. Carlton Livingston (single)
Grant Phabao & Leroy Gibbon - Wipe The Tear From Your Eye (single)
Brownout - Grant Phabao & Renegades Of Jazz Remixes (single)


Jungle Fire - Firewalker (Grant Phabao Remix) (single)
Grant Phabao presents Quench Aid & John Wayne - Don't Go Girls (single)
Grant Phabao presents AFRODYETE - I Got To Be Free (single)

Paris DJs Soundsystem - Rise Of The Troubadour Warriors - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol.3 (compilation)
Bio Ritmo - Picaresca (single)
Paris DJs Soundsystem - West Indies Vintage Funk Vol.2 (mix)
Bio Ritmo - Verano Rústico Mix (mix)
DustyTape - Go Slow (mix)

Todd Simon's United States of Dub Vol.2 (mix)
Tobias Kirmayer (Tramp Records) - I Got Hope (mix)
Anthony Joseph - West Indies Vintage Funk Vol.3 (mix)
Paris DJs Soundsystem presents Ticklah (mix)

Karl Hector - Psychedelic Breaks Action (mix)
Grant Phabao presents Carlton Livingston & The Lone Ranger - Imitation Sounds (single)
Karl Hector - Soul Sauvage d'Afrique Vol.2 - African 45s (mix)
The Grits - Make A Sound (Like James Brown) (Grant Phabao Remix) (single)

Grant Phabao presents Carlton Livingston - Too Rude (single)
J.J. Whitefield - Strictly 45's Mix (mix)
Paris DJs Soundsystem - Have You Ever Been To Electric Afroland? - Tropical Grooves and Afrofunk International Vol.4 (compilation)

Ocote Soul Sounds & Adrian Quesada - Vendendo Saúde E Fé (Grant Phabao Remix) (single)
Sandra Nkaké and Jî Drû - Journey - The Sound of Nothing For Granted Tour (mix)
Grant Phabao presents The Jays - Agatha (single)
DJ Format - Strictly Hip Hop (mix)
Grant Phabao presents Echo Minott - Push It (single)
Popsanova - Nem Vem Que Não Tem (single)
Masstropicas - Andean-Beat Mix (mix)

Jan Kohlmeyer - Yuletide DJ Mix II (mix)
Jan Kohlmeyer - Yuletide DJ Mix III (mix)
Grant Phabao Reggae Reworks Vol.1 - Masters Of Soul (single)
Los Lobes - Mambo Sapin (single)

George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic website by Paris DJs & Ben Hito (info)
Paris DJs feature on Bandcamp's homepage (info)
The Eclectic Ben Hito Circus exhibition in Montpellier (info)
Kraked Unit "Casse-Tête Chinois" Soundtrack (info)
Analog Africa website on Bandcamp (info)
Paris DJs 'best of 2013' mini-mix for Bandcamp (info)
Paris DJs presents the 20 best singles of 2013 (info)
Paris DJs presents the 50 best albums of 2013 (info)
Paris DJs presents the 16 best reissues of 2013 (info)


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