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Franck Biyong - Wearplay EP#27 - Afro Bikutsi Live! (T-shirt/Digital album bundle, Afrolectric Music/Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français, 2018)

Franck Biyong  Wearplay EP 027 Afro Bikutsi Live

"We were booked to perform at this outdoor festival in Orleans and as we were about to depart from Paris, our percussionist still was nowhere to be found. We eventually had to travel without him, as we couldn’t afford to miss either our soundcheck or our performance. Playing African Music without ANY percussion is considered to be sacrilegious by many, even a complete blasphemy to some (which I perfectly understand) and we weren’t that thrilled to perform without one of the key members of our musical unit being present. Strangely enough, we wound up playing with more raw and bold energy than ever and this potentially lame show turned out to be one of our finest moments on (and off) stage. This show was promoted and produced by Mr. Pierre Perrault and his ABCD organization (whom we hereby thank), and attended by probably the best and most enthusiastic crowd we have had the experience of playing for" - Franck Biyong, December 2017

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"Nous étions programmés pour jouer à ce festival en plein air à Orléans, et alors que nous allions partir de Paris, notre percussionniste était introuvable. Nous avions donc dû voyager sans lui, puisque nous ne pouvions nous permettre de rater les balances de notre concert. Jouer de la musique africaine sans percussion est considéré pour beaucoup comme un sacrilège, et comme un véritable blasphème pour certains (ce que je peux parfaitement comprendre). Nous n'étions pas très emballés à l'idée de jouer sans un des membres essentiels de notre groupe. Curieusement, nous nous sommes retrouvés à jouer comme jamais, avec une énergie brute, et ce show potentiellement boiteux fut in de nos meilleurs moments sur scène (et au-delà). Ce concert a été promu et produit par M. Pierre Perrault et son association ABCD (que je remercie ici au passage), avec probablement le meilleur public et le plus enthousiaste pour lequel nous avons eu la chance de jouer." - Franck Biyong, Decembre 2017

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Franck Biyong  Wearplay EP 027 Afro Bikutsi Live

Franck Biyong - Wearplay EP #27 - Wearplay EP 027 Afro Bikutsi Live
(T-shirt+Digital EP bundle) Paris DJs/Le T-shirt Français WEARPLAY025, 2018-04-15

Tracklisting :
01. Africadelic (in Zanzibar) 05:14
02. Anywhere Troublou 04:06
03. Fai Mbuh 04:44
04. Shuffering and Shmiling 07:21
05. Mbengue Rising 02:25
06. Big Blow 07:39

Credits :
Drums & Vocals : Desire Nkouandou
Keyboards : Brice Essomba
Bass : Maurice Biyong
Lead & Rhythm guitar : Julien Pestre
Baritone Sax : Nicolas Sakelario
Tenor Sax : Olivier Ikeda
Aalto Sax : Alban Lico
Trumpet : Aristide Gonçalves
Backing Vocals : Coralie Wembe, Sandra Ellama
Production, Rhythm & Lead Guitar, Vocals : Franck Biyong
1 & 6 written By Manu Dibango
4 written by Fela Anukulapo Kuti
3 written by Francis Ndom
2 & 5 written by Franck Biyong
Recorded at Le Festival de Loire
Scene de la Belle Equipe - Quai du Chatelet - Orleans
Recording Engineers : Benjamin Thimel, Nicolas Legrand
Mixed & Mastered @ Square Down Studios (Nairobi)
Mix & Mastering Engineers : Wanyoike Kimani & Franck Biyong
© 2017 Afrolectric Music Ltd. / Akhetaton Records
Artwork by Ben Hito
© 2018 T.I.M.E.C. / Paris DJs

Links :
Franck Biyong :official | official | facebook | instagram | parisdjs | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | juno | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Le T-shirt Français : official | bandcamp | facebook | instagram | issuu | twitter | youtube
Artwork by Ben Hito : official | bandcamp | discogs | facebook


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