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Etienne de la Sayette presents Vintage Korean Grooves - Baeshi Bang Picks Vol.1

Etienne de la Sayette - Vintage Korean Grooves Vol 1

French multi-instumentalist and producer Etienne de la Sayette will be playing for the first time in Paris this friday, with his Korean pop project, Baeshi Bang (info here). To celebrate the event, he prepared a selection of jazz, pop & psychedelic rock grooves from 1960s and 1970s Korea, a blend of standards and rarities, digitzed from vinyl Etienne has been digging in Seoul & Pusan. Chances are high you haven't heard any South Korean music from that period yet so enjoy the trip into old school K-pop!

Etienne de la Sayette - Vintage Korean Grooves Vol 1
Etienne de la Sayette presents Vintage Korean Grooves - Baeshi Bang Picks Vol.1
(MP3 Podcast on 2015-09-30

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Tracklisting :
01. Hwang Byung Ki - Peacefully (info)
02. Bae Ho - Imae Moksoli (info)
03. Sanullim - My Soul Lies On Silk (info)
04. Shin Jung Hyun - Beautiful Lady (info)
05. Jani Brothers - Cheonyo Chongak
06. Kim Serena - Sae Taliang
07. Golden Grapes - Please Don't Bother Me Anymore (info)
08. Kim Jung Mi - Igon Nomu Hajanayo (folk-psych chanteuse produced by Shin Jung-Hyeon)
09. Shin Jung Hyun - Long Long Night
10. Bae Ho - Tayang Sali
11. Nam In Su - Eseui Soyagok
Total time : 37mn 10s

Credits :
Selected by Etienne de la Sayette
Mixed and mastered by Grant Phabao (Paris DJs)
Artwork by Djouls & Etienne borrowing pieces from Ben Hito (facebook)

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Links :
Etienne de la Sayette : bandcamp | discogs | junodownload | lamixtape | parisdjs
Paris DJs : | bandcamp | facebook | pinterest | soundcloud | twitter | youtube
Ben Hito : official | discogs | facebook



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