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Erykah Badu - Honey (Grant Phabao remix)

Erykah Badu Honey Grant Phabao Remix

The recent soul/hip hop classic Honey by Erykah Badu gets the Grant Phabao reggae rework treatment to make it an instant reggae soul classic, sounding as if it was an original recorded 30 years ago in Kingston and the 9th Wonder production was the remix...

Erykah Badu Honey Grant Phabao Remix
Erykah Badu - Honey (Grant Phabao remix)
(Exclusive MP3 download on 2000-01-24

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Direct MP3 Download :

Note : DJs may want to contact us for a 256k MP3 version

Links :
Watch the remixed video on

Supported by :
Ali B (Air Recordings) "Nice One"
Darren Bodytonic (Scribble Records) "Would really like to play it"
Diesler (Social Beats/Freestyle/Tru Thoughts) "Eryka downloaded and the Stevie booty too if you don't mind!! BIG CLUB TUNES!! Great work lads!!"
Earl Blaize (Antipop Consortium) "The remix is hot!!!"
Erik Rug (LDT) "Sweet.. like honey.. merci le Colonel!"
Fat City Record Shop "This available on vinyl?"
Gregsky"Trop bon le remix et la vidéo!!!!"
Lawkyz (UHT°/Freshpoulp) "Yéééé Cool le remix"
Mo'Horizons ( "great track - Mercy + salute to your beautiful city!"
Nick (Record Kicks) "Far better then the original!"
Nick V (Guys&Dolls/Best Friends) "Il est mortel!"
Oliver Wang ( "Shit is hot!"
Paul Gamblin (Heavy Mannas/Black & Blue Radio Show) "You know I NEED this!!"
Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts) "Thanks for the link!"
Selectah Malachi "Been loving this tune real clean rmx vibes!"
The Jewel School (Radio Active 89FM Wellington, New Zealand) "Feeling this remix all the way down under..."

Also supported by Ruckus Roboticus (Grease Records/Solid Steel), Jon Sheppard (The Big Chill), Franck Descollonges (Heavenly Sweetness)...

Blog quotes :
"Another, perhaps my favourite remix of Honey. Dope"
"Fresh from Paris, this remix of Honey by Erykah Badu has a reggae vibe to it bought to you courtesy of Grant Phabao."
"In a move little short of genius, French DJ/Producer Grant Phabao has reggae’ed up Honey - rendering Badu's neo-soul track into a dead-ringer for the sound of sixties Kingston. The sort of thing that causes impromptu bumping and grinding, it’s free to download and you can check the vid. too - what's not to like? Click the link and drop some smooth moves! Heretic DJs who play with mp3s can even hit up for a higher quality sound file"
"Grant Phabao: Parisan Dubmeister - Grant Phabao is a producer and DJ from Paris, France who puts out some heavy riddims inna di dub and roots tradition. Unfortunately, his cuts are quite difficult to come across and are mostly distributed in highly-limited 7″ pressings or featured as remixes on 12″s. Below are a few cuts of his that are simply outstanding. Most recent is his remix of Erykah Badu’s "Honey", next up is his reworking of "Uptight" by the legendary Stevie Wonder, and the final record is "Fever" featuring the mighty Lone Ranger of Studio One fame. Other vibes I have of his, but not listed here, are two killer Alice Russell remixes; "Humankind" (Tuff ‘n Uff Skank Remix feat. Lone Ranger) and "Seven Nation Army" (GP Remix). Definitely grab these slabs of pure fyah below and if you happen to have any other pressings of his, send them my way. It’d be much appreciated."
"I'm really late on this one, but it's a great addition to any DJ set, especially as a segue into a reggae set. You can pick it up at "The recent soul/hip hop classic "Honey" by Erykah Badu gets the Grant Phabao reggae rework treatment to make it an instant reggae soul classic, sounding as if it was an original recorded 30 years ago in Kingston and the 9th Wonder production was the remix... "
"Parisdjs ексклузивно ни поднасят лежерен и мелодичен реге микс на Honey от Grant Phabao. Досега парчето съм слушал във версии на Dj Day, Aeon, Captain Planet, Little Brother, Clueless (dubstep) и кой ли не, но представената преработка попада сред най-добрите."
"Okay, so it’s the gazillionth remix of this tune,but its some tasty reggae styles..."
"New reggae remix of Erykah Badu by Grant Phabao"


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Rick Rugged Rick Rugged ·  26 January 2009, 16:22 honey..merci le Colonel !

vito vito ·  22 February 2009, 10:43

Une turie made in...Telegraphe.....!!
Big up aux Paresseux fous....

Andor Andor ·  20 April 2009, 15:24

Bless up! I'm a reggae selecta from Helsinki Finland. Playing all round Finland and Helsinki. Sometimes at radio too ( next show 7.2.

Please send me some nice tunes fi play. I found your site through Jamworld867 link. And yes, I would like to get a bigger version of the Badu Honey RMX. Was a sweet one! Gonna play it at tonite's gig.

Big up!

Jonathan Arnold Jonathan Arnold ·  20 April 2009, 15:27

I play out in Cape Town and would love to be able to grab a copy of that Erykah Badu track to play out if possible:)

Olli Olli ·  20 April 2009, 15:27

Hello good people of the paris dj's community!

I'd like to request a 256kbs (or better :) version of the new phabao remix so i can spin
it in clubs here in helsinki. And if possible i'd like the Fever remix too. Both of them are killers!
When are we going to see a full length album from Phabao?

PS. Loving the site!! keep it up

Azer Azer ·  20 April 2009, 15:29

Hey, loving that Erykah Badu: Honey - Grant Phabao Remix would it be possible to send me a link to a better quality file so i could play it in my sets?

Simon Winkler Simon Winkler ·  20 April 2009, 15:32

Dear Paris DJs,
I hope all is very well. My name is Simon Winkler and I'm working as the Music Co-Ordinator at the metropolitan radio station 3RRR in Melbourne, Australia, and also co-present the program Breaking & Entering I regularly check your excellent site for music updates and recently downloaded the Erykah Badu Honey remix by Grant Phabao which is great. If still possible, I'd love to request a high-quality mp3 version of the Erykah Badu remix, as I'd appreciate the chance to play this on my show and add it to the New Releases rack in the studio library for other presenters to access as well. Thanks very much in advance.
Best regards,

davince davince ·  20 April 2009, 15:38

mortel remix !! du grand phabao !! sur que le track sera joué !!
merci ....; @++

daniel daniel ·  20 April 2009, 15:39


just fund ur page and i really like ur remixes, would u please send me the tunes in good quality?!

respect & keep up the good work

Mike Nice Mike Nice ·  20 April 2009, 16:02

Hey, I'm lookin for a higher quality mp3 of the Erykah Badu "Honey" remix if you don't mind emailing it to Good work!


Madison Hayes Madison Hayes ·  20 April 2009, 16:06

Hey, would appreciate a copy of that remix. Good Ish


bodoo bodoo ·  20 April 2009, 16:08

I would love to play it everywhere.
Mr Please bo'
merci bocup

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