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Easy Star All-Stars - First Light - out on Easy Star Records

Easy Star All-Stars First Light
Easy Star All-Stars - First Light
(CD/LP/Digital) Easy Star Records ES1025, 2011-04-25

is the first full-length album of original songs from Easy Star All-Stars. The Easy Star All-Stars have built a huge following around the world, having sold over 350,000 records and played shows in over 30 countries on 6 continents. The band - a collective from the NYC scene overseen by producer/guitarist Michael Goldwasser - has always played original music in its live set, some of which was released on Until That Day, an original EP in 2008. First Light is an important step in the band's story, demonstrating a wide range of approaches to reggae, from progressive to classic, roots to futurist, confirming the All-Stars place as one of the most influential acts on the US reggae scene. The album includes 12 songs and one dub, with guest appearances by The Meditations, Cas Haley, Junior Jazz, Lady Ann and Tony Tuff. Download the best track from the album, Don't Stop The Music for free on!!

Easy Star All-Stars First Light
Easy Star All-Stars - First Light
(CD/LP/Digital) Easy Star Records ES1025, 2011-04-25

Tracklisting :
01. Don't Stop The Music [4:18]
02. Break Of Dawn [3:41]
03. First Light (Ramblin' Fever) [3:52]
04. One Likkle Draw feat. Junior Jazz and Daddy Lion Chandell [4:11]
05. Something Went Wrong [3:49]
06. Easy Now Star feat. The Meditations, Tony Tuff & Lady Ann [4:02]
07. Universal Law [3:24]
08. Paid My Dues [4:32]
09. Reggae Pension [4:16]
10. In The Light [4:13]
11. Unbelievable feat. Cas Haley [4:16]
12. All The Way [3:32]
13. I Won't Stop [4:20]
14. Don't Stop Dub Music [4:24]

Note : The FIRST LIGHT LP features 10 tracks from the CD along with a download card that will allow you to download the entire 14 tracks from the CD version digitally.

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Promo France :

Press Release (English) :
On April 5th, The Easy Star All-Stars will release FIRST LIGHT, their first full-length album of original songs, which will coincide with the First Light Tour. Look for much more detail on the album itself to come in the next few weeks, including info on special pre-orders for the album.

The band worked on the album over the past six months in between the extensive touring schedule. The All-Stars are very excited to put out an album that features original songwriting and contributions by every member of the collective group. Fans at Jam Cruise and the Pai Festival in Thailand last month were treated to live sneak peeks of tracks from the album including "Don't Stop The Music," "Paid My Dues" and the title song, "First Light." The band can't wait to play more tracks from the album on the upcoming tour.

The First Light Tour officially begins March 31 in Baltimore (with one early show at Mt. Snow in Vermont a few days before as well). The tour runs the entire length of the Atlantic Coast, from Canada to Florida and back. The first 10 shows features support from the biggest up-and-coming band in reggae today, Hawaii's The Green, as well as from Easy Star artist Cas Haley, who just released his latest album, CONNECTION, last Fall.

After those first dates, Cas Haley will support all of the remaining shows, which makes sense considering he also is a guest artist on FIRST LIGHT, singing the song "Unbelievable." This leg of the tour runs through April 26 in Burlington, VT, with more shows to be added soon. One highlight comes April 20 in New York when the All-Stars will co-headline a show at the Highline Ballroom with label mates John Brown's Body.

Biography (English) :
Combining musical versatility, instrumental prowess, beautiful vocal harmonies and a superb rhythm section, the Easy Star All-Stars have established themselves as one of the top international reggae acts since their live debut in 2003. Thanks to their best-selling tribute album releases, Dub Side of the Moon (2003) and Radiodread (2006), as well as Until That Day (2008), an original EP, the Easy Star All-Stars have built a growing, dedicated fan base throughout the world, bringing together fans of reggae, classic rock, dub and indie rock into one big family. Their latest release, Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band, released in April 2009, tackles the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in complete reggae fashion. It cracked the Billboard Top 200 twice, becoming the first reggae album to do that in over two years.

Originally formed in 1997 for Easy Star Records' earliest recordings, the Easy Star All-Stars existed mostly as a studio entity until releasing Dub Side of the Moon in 2003. The group, which operates as a collective with a rotating cast of musicians and singers, was put together by Easy Star co-founders Michael Goldwasser, Eric Smith and Lem Oppenheimer. These three have directed and managed the band ever since. In 2009, the All-Stars played 125 shows in 25 countries on 6 different continents, truly establishing themselves as one of the top reggae touring acts in the world. The band was nominated for a UK Festival Award for its three-day, three-stage performance at Glastonbury 2009.

The other members of the Easy Star All-Stars, past and present, read like a who's who of New York's reggae, ska, dub and jazz scene. The core of the touring band has remained largely intact since 2003: Ras I Ray (bass, vocals), Ive-09 (drums), Kirsty Rock (vocals), Jennifer Hill (saxophone, flute) and Buford O'Sullivan (trombone). Menny More has handled deejay vocals since 2006. The current touring line up is filled out by Elenna Canlas (keyboards, vocals) and Shelton Garner Jr. (guitar, vocals), with either Justin Filmer or Amotz Nachmany handling dub engineering and sound. The band also rotates in Cliff Simpson (drums), Matt Bauder (saxophone), David Luther saxophone), Joanne Williams (vocals), One Drop (bass) and Curtis Fowlkes (trombone) depending on the tour. Other members of the collective - including vocalists Tamar-kali and Stephanie McKay, Groove Collective's Jay Rodriguez, Antibalas's Stuart Bogie, reggae legend Ranking Joe, trumpet player Pam Fleming (of the Burning Brass), deejay Dollarman, guitarist Junior Jazz, and keyboardists Ticklah and Jeremy Mage - all continue to make appearances or toured extensively with the group at one time. Producer/arranger/guitarist Michael Goldwasser still joins for occasional gigs, but spends most of his time in the studio working on the band's musical output and his own outside productions for artists such as Rebelution, Umphrey's McGee, Hatikva 6 and Corey Harris.

The Easy Star All-Stars - in any combination of members - have been a resounding success. Their worldwide album sales have surpassed 300,000 units since 2003, with Dub Side of the Moon staying on Billboard's Reggae Chart since its 2003 release. MOJO picked Dub Side as the second best cover album of all time. Radiodread spent almost 2 years on Billboard's Reggae Chart and earned praise from the members of Radiohead themselves.

Press Release (French) :
Avec "First Light", les membres du Easy Star All-Stars franchissent une nouvelle étape dans leur carriè̀re avant- gardiste, montrant au monde combien ils ont à̀ offrir au delà de leurs albums hommage trè̀s ré́ussis. Les Easy Star All-Stars se sont formés il y a une dizaine d'anné́es et ont été́ à̀ l'origine d'une vague grandissante de Reggae ni Jamaicain, ni anglais en redé́finissant le son du Reggae moderne. Avec la sortie de leur premier album, les All- Stars entrent dans une nouvelle ère. "Nos tribute-albums sont trè̀s amusants à̀ jouer en live mais ce groupe a tellement de compositions originales prêtes à être entendues» dit Michael Goldwasser (Co fondateur / producteur et guitariste), "First Light" est un grand projet pour tout le groupe". La majorité des fans des All-Stars ont connu le groupe grâce à̀ la sortie de leur succeès international "Dub Side of The Moon" mais le groupe existait depuis quelques années déjà. En 1997, les fondateurs d'Easy Star - Michael Goldwaser, Eric Smith et Lem Oppenheimer - rassemblent des musiciens Ska et Reggae basés à New York pour jouer sur le tout premier album du label "Easy Star Volume 1". Ici, ce premier album de compositions iné́dites est produit par Goldwasser et le groupe nouvellement repensé́ accompagne des artistes comme The Meditations, Sluggy Ranks, Junior Demus, Sister Carol et le grand Sugar Minott (qui participera à̀ tous les projets du label jusqu'à sa mort en 2010). Les deux années qui suivent, le groupe devient le backing band de Johnny Osbourne et Sugar Minott, pour ne citer qu'eux. La rencontre avec le succès s'est faite à la sortie de "Dub Side of The Moon" en 2003, une ré́interprétation du "Dark Side of the Moon" de Pink Floyd. Grâce au bouche à oreille, cet album est devenu un véritable phé́nomè̀ne international. Cela a conduit à̀ une sé́rie enchainant avec "Radiodread" en 2006, ré́interprétation de "OK Computer" de Radiohead, suivi de "Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band" en 2009 qui parle de lui-même puis un remix de "Dub Side" en 2010 : "Dubber Side of The Moon".

Ces albums ré́unis se sont vendus à 350 000 exemplaires à̀ travers le monde. Au milieu de ce succè̀s, "Lonely Hearts Dub Band" a é́té́ le premier disque de Reggae à̀ rester dans le Top 200 pendant deux ans. Le succès de "Dub Side" a dé́clenché́ une trè̀s forte demande sur scène, ce qui a poussé les fondateurs du label à créé un groupe pour les tournées.
Etant donné que certains musiciens originaux tournent encore aujourd'hui, on ne les entend pas sur "First Light". Finalement, les Easy Star All-Stars ont joué sur six continents, dans trente pays et se sont forgés une solide ré́putation autant sur des classiques que sur leurs compositions originales. Ce sont donc ces cré́ations originales qui ont la part belle sur ce nouvel album "First Light". Goldwasser, qui a produit et arrangé́ toutes les sorties précé́dentes des All-Stars est à nouveau aux commandes. Il a contribué́ à̀ de nombreux titres et arrangements sur l'album mais ce nouvel opus est aussi là pour rassembler tous les membres actuels da la famille Easy Star ayant participé à sa façon en qualité de musicien, chanteur ou auteur. Les titres chanté́s par Menny More, Kristy Rock et Joanne Williams montre la puissance vocale du groupe que tous les fans reconnaitront puisque Menny et Kristy ont participé́ à tous les albums pré́cé́dents. La saxophoniste et fondatrice de la section cuivre "Burning Brass" Jenny Hill est aux arrangements cuivres sur le disque et a écrit les paroles du titre éponyme tandis que son acolyte Buford O'Sullivan à̀ la trompette a apporté sa contribution dans la composition. Le guitariste Shelton Garner Jr. (également directeur artistique sur les tournées) montre ses talents de chanteur sur "Reggae Pension". La section rythmique est assuré́e par Ivan "Ive-09" Katz et Renard "Ras I-Ray" Shy, tous deux All-Stars depuis le dé́part de l'aventure. Eux aussi ont participé́ à̀ la composition avec le claviériste Elenna Canlas et l'ingénieur du son Justin Filmer. Enfin, Cliff Simpson, un vé́té́ran de groupes comme The Skadanks est à̀ la Batterie sur la majorité́ des morceaux. L'album parvient à̀ remettre sur le devant de la scène des chanteurs comme Junior Jazz sur l'hymne à̀ base de plantes "One Likkle Draw". Goldwasser rend également hommage à Sugar Minott en incluant des performances originales de son partenaire Tony Tuff (African Brothers).

Le groupe continue à̀ faire le tour du monde pour ré́pandre le message et présenter "First Light" sur sceène. Trè̀s vite, Goldwasser retournera en studio pour se pencher sur le prochain tribute-album des Easy Star All-Stars.


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