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Dynamax - Equilibrium

dynamax equilibrium
Dynamax - Equilibrium
(CD/Digital) Les Disques du Telegraphe / Believe, 2008

B-boys and funkateers from Paris know very well who MC Dynamax is, since he's been entertaining them with Erik Rug for 10 years now with the duo's famous WaxGroove parties, eclectic and groovy like no other in the French capital today....

Dynamax Equilibrium
Dynamax - Equilibrium
(CD/Digital) Les Disques du Telegraphe / Believe, 2008

Tracklisting :
01. Entering Equilibrium
02. Lyrical Bumrush (Dee Nasty)
03. The Funhouse Adventure feat. Donald D / Rhyme Syndicate
04. Streets & Rhymes
05. We Want’em Free Now feat. Sticman / Dead Prez (Lord Jazz)
06. N 2 The Future
07. Places feat. El Da Sensei / Artifacts
08. Hey feat. Do It All / Lords of the Underground
09. Code Red
10. Stop The Death Penalty
11. Acknowledgment Drop feat. Afrika Bambaataa
12. On The Mix

Links :

Biography :
Dynamax, American Hip Hop artist from the Bronx, is also part of Afrika Bambaataa's Zulu Nation as an Ambassador and a pioneer to the Hip Hop culture in France since he featured on the godfather of the French Hip Hop scene Dee Nasty's "Le Deenastyle" (Polydor / Polygram).

He was signed for ‘special projects’ with UNIVERSAL France, which allowed him to work with the greatest European producers and artists, like Luc Besson on the trailer of "Yamakasi", scores like "Un Ange", with Cut Killer - Parisian Pit Bulls & P. Diddy’s Bad Boy - and "Gamer" with Saïd Taghmaoui ("3 Kings").

Dynamax, working overseas, pioneered a radio station in Paris called Générations 88.2, providing the first international radio show: "Live From New York". He also made a guest appearance on EMI/Blue Note's Jazz/Electro artist Booster, and worked on the first Hip Hop TV commercial in France: NARTA HOMMES (cover of Missy Elliott's "Get ur Freak On"). He has opened and closed for Dr Dre’s Aftermath first female artist : Truth Hurts in Paris and Martinique.

He has even recorded and performed with legendary group Lords Of The Underground Du It All & DJ Lord Jazz, and most recently was in studio with major artist Sticman/Dead Prez. He has starred with French Universal pop and movie star Ginie Line, whose featurings were Ray Charles and Dynamax. He then launched his first project featuring Chuck D, Guru, Zach de La Rocha and music by DJ 3/5... He’s currently performing live with veteran electro DJ Erik Rug in a concept called Wax Groove, where they have released many singles on labels Main & LDT Records: "Tribute 2 my People"...

Dynamax is employed by an organization called Mix’Cité, as a music teacher, providing the exclusive teaching of the fundamentals of the Hip Hop culture, in two elementary schools in Clermont-Ferrand-France (program sponsored by City Hall, the Local Board of Youth and Leisure and the Auvergne County). The success of his program has made the American Embassy choose Dynamax as the U.S. Ambassador and Cultural Specialist of the Hip-Hop Culture to tour in Africa (Angola, Nigeria, Niger, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Zambia and Senegal).


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